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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wanna buy cheap wheels? I know I would.. In fact, I wanna buy cheap anything and everything.. wink..wink.. Guess you can call me the "cheap queen".. yeah, cheap, without sacrificing quality that it---  I guess I got that attitude from my father. He is never really mindful of brand or status quo or peer pressure when buying stuff. And proof of that are the cars that we have. We have three now. All of them bought as second hand because my father says it is cheaper to buy second hand cars. But of course, having known different kinds of vehicles and modes of transportations, I trust that my father really knows what he is doing. In fact, as proof of the worthiness of such second hand vehicles comes when they are tested on the rode, whatever the weather. Our white Ford pick up truck weathers any stormy weather. In times of waters rising and most cars' engines die on the rode, ours survives and ultimately becomes the rescuer of other unfortunate souls from the cold and hard rain... Ahhh.. And in times like that, I could not help but be awed about the price of our handy dandy pick up truck if we compare it with those that didn't survive the battles of the rode in a storm.. Surely, that alone is proof that cheap wheels are never really cheap.. They are in fact priceless, when their purpose is discovered, lol..

Online, there is a site that caters to cheap and affordable wheels, regardless of the brand and without sacrificing quality.. If you are interested, please go to to find out more about this... and when you are done, do share it with me...hehehe


rachaelgking said...

I WISH I could have a car... if only it didn't cost a kidney in DC!

GIOVANNI said...

God bless darl..