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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's a Holiday!

It's a holiday here in our country, although not all Filipinos are Catholics or Christian, majority of the population are, so that makes this week a religious holiday for all. Well, I am glad we have this time to recharge and enjoy with the family, for the non-Catholics and non-Christians, but for them who will use this time to reflect, this is a great spiritual break to recharge the body and the soul.

Regardless of religious affiliation and belief, may we all have a peaceful week ahead of us.. 

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I prepared these with my own personal funds for my adopted advisory class...  of course the certificates prepared by the school are the ones with very colorful print.. the one I prepared were just simple... I bought two medals only because there were only two left at the store I went to. I was glad to find ribbons in lieu of medals.. 

They may not be expensive looking rewards but I know they have made my adopted class happy. I saw their smiles during our awarding this morning.. Simple joys to make them happy and proud of themselves for their accomplishments...


I am happy because I have made them happy today..

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Monday, March 25, 2013

In The Olden Days...

I saw a man this morning and he was piping a cigar. I do not know for sure if it was an avo cigar or any of those branded kinds. But one thing is for sure, he is piping a cigar. I have not seen anyone in this part of the city where a man would pipe a cigar. It seemed strange at first, but really, it also astonished me at some point. Back in the olden days, it is only the well to do or the learned who could afford to use the pipe. But some centuries ago, a pipe is not necessary for tribal folks to enjoy tobacco... 

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

Yesterday was a very busy day. I missed two events because we were busy.. Anyhow, I was still very happy to be able to cook...

I am also very happy as I am playing Candy Crush Saga now.. bwahahaha.. call that a very shallow joy for me, but really, it does relieve me of stress.

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Men's Choices

If women can be very specific about beauty products, men can also be as choosy as women. This I have understood when my friend talked about the I coloniali sampler pack he received, and how much he wanted to buy some more because the product is just right for him. Then he talked about the clothes that fit perfectly on him, as well as the food and exercises that he does. Don't get me wrong, my friend is straight and has a girlfriend for quite some time, but he does take care of himself. I guess I have not been able to observe this from other men because some of them are just not into self-love. Men who give more time and attention to themselves are most often regarded as metrosexuals. They are the men who choose to keep themselves well dressed and presentable at all times. 

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Oh yeah. It's the beginning of summer... Is it really? For most teachers, yes, but for some of us, no.. er.. not yet. I still have to report on Monday because we are not yet done with the clearances and I have to give my students class awards. They also have to clean the classroom and fix as well as clean their chairs.. Oh and our clearances-- teachers have to be cleared in order to be paid for summer.. 

Anyhow, I am still happy because I do not have to wake up early or do so many other stuff.. I can give more time to my online gigs now, as I have left them untouched due to my busy schedule.. 

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Earn more rewards-

Why does is seem that some people can get so much out of their rewards program, while the rest struggle to collect any type of rewards for a long period of time? Often, it has to do with how you use your rewards program. There are different types of rewards programs out there. Some will allow you to get immediate discount upon presentation, while others encourage you to collect points on goods and services which you can then redeem for something that you want. If you are using a points based reward program, here are some ways that you can boost your earning power. 

Use it where you shop: The best way to earn rewards is to use the program a lot. If for example you have a card for a place that you do not frequent a lot, it is quite obvious that you will be unable to collect that many points. Make sure it is convenient for you to get there; if it’s a hassle you are less likely to do it. 

Earn rewards on credit cards: Many rewards programs are now partnered up with credit cards. This is very convenient to the customer. You can use your credit card pretty much anywhere you shop, therefore significantly increasing your chances of earning rewards. Try to use this card exclusively, even if you have your debit card or cash on hand-just remember to pay it off in full at the end of the month. You will be surprised how quickly your points will add up. 

Look for points or rewards days: Many places will offer special days for their rewards program customer. On these days you can often earn a lot of points for the same purchases that you usually buy. It makes sense to try to make the most out of those days, as the points accumulated can be significant. Additionally, many establishments have special days where you can get more bang for your rewards program buck if you redeem at a certain time. 

Have fun: Earning rewards should be a lot of fun. So makes sure to start with a goal in mind. Whether big or small make sure to reward yourself once you get to your goal. It is best to not wait years for this gratification, as you may lose your focus. It is wonderful to see all your work result in something tangible in the end.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Men's Rings

I used to see men wear tungsten rings only for fashion or for simply looking good in casual settings, but gone are the days when tungsten was treated that way. In most jewelry shops online, tungsten is now the better favored alternative to silver or gold bands and rings for weddings, and all other formal occasion.  It is cheaper yet stronger and would outlast just about anything, given the same quality of care as how much we would for a well priced jewelry. 

Anyhow, it's not what the ring is made of that makes it special. It's who is giving the ring and what the intention is behind the act... 
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Lovely Kiddie Rooms

Lili wants a room separate from mine. I think at this time, she is already becoming more and more independent and wants to have her own identity, even in the choice of design, color and decorating her own space. We found two images shared on Facebook, and she just loves these two.  

 She told me earlier that she would really be very happy if she will have a room with a combination of these two..


 Well, what do you think?

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Healthy Cat, Happy Cat

As I'm sure many pet owners realize  a healthy cat is a happy cat. Like all animals, cats get their essentials nutrients and sustenance from their food. So ensuring that your cat has a good diet is key to their health. Cats, given the chance, are greedy creatures. So it is important to take into account not only the nutritional value of their food, but the amount they are fed. If you give a cat the opportunity to eat dry food throughout the day, and varied amounts of wet food each day there is a high chance that the cat will put on weight. Much like humans, cats that are overweight are usually at a higher risk of developing heart conditions, which could prove costly in the long term.

One way you can improve your cat’s health is by buying the Hill's Feline brand of cat food. There are a variety of products available from this brand to suit the different needs of each individual cat. For example, the Hills Science Plan Cat Food is available for kittens as well as adult and senior cats. This product is suitable for cats with no dietary restriction. It has a rich taste that your cat won't be able to resist, as well as being full of minerals and nutrients to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Another of the Hill's range is the Prescription Diet Cat Food. As cats get older, certain systems within their body begin to worsen. Some cats have gastro-intestinal issues, whilst some have cardiac issues. These cats are left with specific needs, certain minerals become more important for the body. With the Prescription range you can tailor your cat’s diet so that it can attain the specific nutrients it needs from its food.

If you would rather feed your cat with all natural nutrients, rather than giving them food which contains preservatives and added colouring, Hill's have a product for you. Their Natures Best cat food is brimming with naturally occurring antioxidants, which are essential in keeping the immune system healthy. This product is completely organic and provides your cat with a well-rounded, balanced diet.

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