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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey guys, do you have any idea what 4438 is about? I was told that this is something good for all Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers and Globe & TM users like me and my entire family. . including our household helpers and even my assistants and teachers in our small business.

I was told about it by a fellow blogger and she mentioned that we will know what 4438 is all about on April 4, 2010.. Hmm.. 4 more days and I will know.. but quite frankly, I can not wait any longer...

Ever since I have been with Globe, I know that if they have something BIG to wait for, it will really be something BIG! I wonder what this is this time. Free calls abroad? Free domestic calls for a year? hehehe.. Freebies that have their logo? Will it be a contest to win us millions? OMG! WHAT????

Anyway, I know it will be burdensome to prolong the agony of such wait, so I just had to look for added information online. The you tube video was all I found...
Perhaps we can get hints from it..

I guess we just have to wait huh? 4 days to go.. counting....

Station of the Cross

Lili and I have been doing the station of the cross since she was 3. It was funny when she was younger because she could hardly pronounce words to sound the way they should. You know how it is with children, "yungit".. but I try hard not to show her my amusement because I do not want her to feel laughed at. That would have a great impact on her personality. That is why, she is eager to learn. Unfortunately, sometimes she becomes shy to the point that she do not want to participate anymore.. She just likes to hold my hand as we walk through the different stations.

This week, we will not be able to do the station of the cross because we can not leave the house. The window jam had to be replaced, but the carpenter my father commissioned to look into my concern will come on Monday yet.. So I guess, our station of the cross would be done indoors.

Grandma's Dream

Teddy's grandma dreams of going to Las Vegas. At 75, her only dream is to experience a game at the casino. But Teddy tells her that USA casino is better minus the cost of leaving her home to play a casino game. But of course, apart from the game, she would like to experience ho it is to be in Las Vegas. So Teddy joked that she should just practice at the site since online casino is similar to playing actual casino games. Lucky for him, his grandma agreed. But only if he will teach her how to do it. Which is not a problem actually, since he had been playing at the site since teh day he discovered it. He says that unlike all other online Casino, USA Casino is better and more player friendly.

pet seat protectors

Guys, do you know that your pets can now enjoy your company without you worrying about the aftermath of their joyride in your car? Well, pet seat protectors are the very helpful tool or accessory in this process.

At least now you need not worry about follicles of hair falling from your pet's body, and unto the couch, or the car seat, or the sofa, as the tan and black dog seat cover can easily be secured with elastic bands, keeping it in place, and in place all the time.

The protector, as you can see, is lightly padded and made of durable 600D Oxford fabric. It has a PVC coating. For aftercare, rest assured that you can easily have this cleaned as this dog car seat cover is machine washable.

Now, one very good idea that this pet seat cover is made for, apart from protection from dogs, is the fact that you can also have this worn by someone who is not as equally clean as most of the people riding the car or the guests you have has just finished fighting with the bull, lol, or fresh from the beach, the extra passenger is terribly dirty and wet. This is also a good protection as you protect your seat from other dirty travelers, keeping it free of dirt, stains, and spills.

Gifts for Mother

Have you thought of the gifts you will give for mother's day? Most of us may opt mother's day flowers to give our dear mommies. But of course, there would be other options. You can actually choose any brand named fragrances or chocolates or even jewelries.The choices are endless.

Some can be as creative as making their own cards or baking their own treats to give. Of course, whatever gift is given, I am sure mommies will surely appreciate.


Getting what we want in whatever endeavor entails a lot of concentration and focus. We must stay focused on goals to achieve them. Otherwise, we will end up in circles and actually not finish what we want to finish. If that is your dilemma, then obviously, you need to improve concentration and at the same time improve focus. It takes quite some practice and effort, but it sure will be worth it in the end..

Intelligence & Intelligence Boost

Do you know how to activate right brain thinking? That said part of the brain is for creative thinking. And if you know how to boost intelligence in creativity, it would surely benefit you all the way. Being creative is not limited to the arts and art appreciation, it entails a whole lot more. In fact, being creative can enhance whatever aspect of life that can somehow make a difference in the world..


Can you possibly enumerate workplace distractions in your office? Because if you can, then you will be able to deal with distractions thereat. And when you do, work output and productivity will surely rise and work flow becomes automatically fast and effective. If distractions and interruptions are eliminated, or if they are non existing in the office, the workforce will have more time spent for the job.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Imagine waste-water sludge and bio-organic waste transformed and made into alternative energy.... Can you even think it's possible?

Before I even tell you, do watch the video below:

Align Center

N-Viro International Corporation develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies. With the use of their patented processes, they are able to convert waste to energy. So if we even think about drought, less produce in the market, polluted rivers and seas, fishes dying in water and many other environmental issues brought about by global warming and the ill effects of poor waste management, I am sure that like me, you will rejoice at this information. This technology that will help turn waste into renewable and sustainable energy surely deserves our praise..

For a comprehensive review, do visit for more information.

Short Player..

This is a table hockey game at Hiros in Gaisano Mall. River and a classmate played with this after having done with all the rides his tokens can allow him to. To play this game, two players need to spend 2 tokens and the game table with matching scoring machine will turn on.

River and Paolo played thrice and although River was quite short, he was still able to enjoy himself.. Lili and I watched as the two battled of them seriously played..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarah the Flag Collector

When you walk inside and around her home, you will notice that it isn't just the American Flag that's hanging. In fact, she has an entire wall converted into a display area for miniature US Flags, all 50 state flags to be precise. She even has some military flags too. At the end of the curbed hallway, another wall was converted and on it are other flags from all other continents of the world. Wow. What a hobby, flag collecting is so colorful and educational. At first I thought Sarah's house is a flag museum, but since they are just miniatures, then it does not qualify.

Seeing the many different flags made me wonder where she got all of them, and counting.. Sarah says she still has many more coming.. My friend Sarah has been making friends with people from all other parts of the world. And she requests each of her friends to get her flag miniatures in exchange for other stuff that are only found in the Philippines. And some of her friends are still in the process of sending that is why she said more are coming..

Then it hit me, if you want to buy the real flag and have no idea where to get it, would you ask a friend to buy it for you? I searched online and a website seemed to have answered it. The site,, seem to be the only site to look for if you need help in finding all kinds of flags. I read from reviews that they are, by far, the largest flag distributor in the world. The flags they distribute come in a variety of sizes and types to choose from. You can actually get from them, state flags, international flags, military flags, custom flag designs, flag cases and other accessories to choose from.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Scenes from the Recognition Program..

Lili and River, both successfully completed Kinder 1 with Academic Excellence..
This is a part of the program where Lili and River danced while their classmate did a song number.


When we ate at Peking House, they had Green Mangoes and Bagoong (sauteed shrimp paste) served along with the other foodies to enjoy.. There were other fruits and salads but I only took a sampling of this. I love green mangoes, and i like their bagoong..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Check Your Eyes

The #1 online Rx glasses store, Zenni Optical, has always been discussed in my friends' blogs. Is it already the trend these days-- To wear some eye wear whether corrective eye glasses or for radiation protection? Well, it is indeed a wise thing to do. I read further from Eric's Review of Zenni Optical that by far, Zenni has the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses.

I think that is such a good thing, because while I read from my friends' blogs that they are wanting to have their eyes checked and to get eye glasses, I find that Zenni Optical eye glasses can really help people save too. As a matter of fact, when I checked their site, I found that for as low as $8 you can already get your eye protection and even have them in trendy designs to match your style. That is absolutely getting your money's worth..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sonnet 116: William Shakespeare...(Let me not to the marriage of true minds )

Loving brings good to each of us, it helps us find our center, our focus. Amidst the storm, and after its calming, one will realize the importance of love and loving...and the person whose existence makes us feel the strongest emotion of all---
My favorite sonnet from my favorite William Shakespeare...
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error, and upon me prov'd,
I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FatCow Review

Anyone heard of a FatCow Review? It actually talks about the latest FatCow web hosting Promo Pricing. And since FatCow is considered as the winner of the 2008 Top Web Hosting Award, it sure is a good idea to know how to get hosted by them.

A lot of my friends ask me how and where to get the best hosting, and since I just read about FatCow, then I also included it in the already long list of proven hosting companies to choose from. Previously, it will cost $7.33 for hosting, and now, with the promo pricing, it will only cost $ 3.67 a month. That's actually a lot of savings already. Plus, one gets a free domain for life. Meaning, domain is free and need not be paid monthly as it is already included in the hosting package. 

If you guys are interested too,  below are their contact support numbers: Phone: 888.278.9780 and E-Mail:

Now, if you want more information, I suggest that you go ahead and read  the review yourself. Simply visit and you will read it from their reviews. That's where I read about it and I am convinced that it is good. If not, call them or send them an email..

Friday, March 19, 2010

The NEW DNeero..

OMG! Dneero's got a new look.. See it to believe it!

If you wish to create surveys or answer surveys at the same time earn from it, then JOIN DNEERO..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Need Help in Algebra?

Does your son or daughter need help in Algebra 1? K12 or college tutoring may be too difficult to come by and embarrassing too. But somehow, Algebra 1 Help is indeed as easy as counting 123. Where can you find it? Do you know? Well, if you visit the site, you will see a lot of Algebra 1 Answers for the said queries. The same goes with Algebra 2, if you need Algebra 2 help for your sons or daughters, then drop by the said site to find Algebra 2 Answers... is by far, the only site that can provide high-quality one-on-one supplemental education for K-12 and college students, specifically in Algebra 1 or Algebra 2. They have a system where they give assignment help and online tutoring services that are convenient and affordable. If one will use their services, every student can connect to a tutor as often as they need help. All they have to do is go online. And when they are ready to learn, the tutors or teachers are there for their beck and call.

It Came..

Paid for this last Saturday, arrived Monday morning. WOW. Air21 is truly amazing. It just seemed that I did not buy the stuff online. Loved my birthday gift for myself..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Join a consumer forum today..

Have you ever tried to join a consumer forum? Well, today is in fact my first time to see what an online shopping forum looks like and I am really amazed at how effective it seems to me. I read this thread about an online shopping complaint and boy, am I glad I have read it. As a person who likes to purchase online, I am forewarned that shopping hassles happen too. So with this thread on online shopping complaint, I can be very careful next time I shop online.

Which reminds me, I have to buy my mom a present for her birthday. Ah, now I am confident that there is a consumer forum where we can air out our consumer concerns online.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Caesar Salad

This is the Caesar Salad from Pizza hut. Lili, Carmz and I went to eat there after their Thanksgiving mass practice last Tuesday. I ordered this because I like eating this salad. But of course, home made Caesar's Salad is better and healthier.

For more of Yummy Sunday, visit my cousin's blog at Perfectly Blended.

Pet a Hermit Crab

Lili has always been outspoken. Darn the things that kids would say. She hits me point by point, and sometimes, I can say that she is more mature than all the adults who say they are. lol. Anyway, one day I was shocked to hear her tell me something that is really childlike-childish.. She told me she wanted a pet. A SEAL! I laughed on the inside and told her that a seal can only be found in cold regions like the antarctic. She then told me, the seal can stay in the bedroom, and have the air conditioner on the whole time. hmmm.. Yeah, that would be a good idea, but an expensive one, I explained to her about the expenses and she said we should just live in the antarctic, lol..

Anyway, I read about a Land Hermit Crab owned by some one's kid, and it shocked me too. I checked Google and he gave me the site, where hermit crab lovers can actually go for some information about their passion. The site is actually an educational resource for owners of pet hermit crabs and they sell an educational Ebook covering Hermit Crab Care. Hmm. I wonder what Lili would say if she sees this site...

Clean Up the Vines

The "haunted house" at our left had all these strong vines growing up our roof. I commissioned Amay, a trisikad driver to take them off and the pictures here show how much he has taken from our roof alone. The haunted house has them all over the roof and basically covers the entire space of the house.

I am afraid snakes would thrive there and climb up the walls and drop by and say hello to us here at the orange house.. whew.. I hope the caretaker will do something about it...

Anyway, good that I have done my part. But it sure cost me a lot just to have the vines trimmed. I wish the root would be cut, but of course, we can not do that as we may be charged with trespassing if we do try.

On the right too, is a plant that annoys me as well. Darn neighbors do not know how to take care of their environment. Much more so, leaving all the leaves and debris on the other side of the fence.. Our side of the fence that is.. grrr..


In this day and time, Mailboxes are crucial in everything. Although there is now the internet, and emails are faster than snail mail, but documents are still best delivered through the latter. Commercial Mailboxes are used in business, while at home, regular mail boxes are used. But mind you, an ordinary mailbox are not as ordinary as they may seem. Residential Mailboxes can be as grand as any commercial mailboxes would be. Take a look at the image here. That is noticeably a residential mailbox, but it definitely is a good looking mailbox, so to speak.

I searched the web where I can a mailbox such as this and I found that there are lots to choose from at They range from small to gigantic mailboxes, residential to commercial mailboxes. And wow! They are truly a sight to behold. I want one for my house. Well, they may just be for the bills and such, but I love to see one outside the orange house.

Big companies actually have them in the company buildings for every employee's mail. But wait! I have an idea. Did you know that you can actually make a business out from this mailboxes? Well, I was thinking, since they come in different slots and each box would have a separate address, why not lend the address for a fee.. I am sure those who live away from the city would love this idea. Similar to post office boxes but only privately owned.. Oh well, it's just an idea.. But who knows, it might work right?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

CDO Power Interruption Schedule: 03/07/2010

Actual Interruption Schedule: 03/07/2010
Time Start: 8:00AM - 1:30PM; 8:00AM-9:00AM [switching]; 12NN-1:30PM [switching]
Interruption Details:

A. Interruption Time:
8:00 AM – 1:30 PM (5 hours and 30 minutes)

Affected Areas:
1. Del Monte Philippines, Inc., Bugo
2. Cagayan de Oro Oil Company, Tablon
3. Cagayan Corn Products, Tablon
4. Mitimco, Baloy
5. Ororama Megacenter, Lapasan
6. Gaisano City, Recto Ave.
7. Lim Ket Kai Mall, Lapasan
8. Lim Ket Kai Plant, Puntod
9. Nestle Philippines, Inc. Tablon
10. Alwana, Cugman
11. HCH Corporation, Tagoloan

B. Interruption Time:
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM (1 hour); 12:00 noon – 1:30 PM (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Affected Areas:

1. Portion of Camaman-an near and including the San Jose and St. Vianney Seminaries, greater portion of Camaman-an proper towards Bontong, Bolonsori up to Upper Camaman-an and Hayes Subdivision including Tipolohon.
2. Part of Limketkai Center, Lapasan including Mc Donalds, PNB and Allied Bank.
3. Along Recto Ave. from corner Agora Road towards the new bridge including COCACOLA Plant & Osmeña Ext..
4. Portion of A.Luna St. towards all of Mabulay Subdivision including portion of the Provincial Capitol and Provincial Hospital Area.
5. Medical Center area along and bounded by Capistrano St., Echem St., A.Velez St., and Recto Ave., including all of Consolacion.
6. Corrales Ext. from Recto Avenue towards most of PPA area.
7. J.Pacana St. from Recto Avenue towards all of Macabalan area.

1. All of RER Subdivision Phases I & 2 including Dolores compound; towards Fortune Express Shop along Maharlika Highway; including all of NHA-KSS Subdivision and portion of Bayabas near Manila Broadcasting Radio Station.
2. Greater part of Bulua from Bulua Rotonda towards all of Iponan.
3. Greater part of Patag including Calamansi Drive, Apovel subdivision, Terry Hills subdivision and Anhawon, Bulua area.

1. Portion of Upper Carmen, Upper Balulang and all of Brgy. Lumbia including; PNR Sawmill, Shop and transmitter; Pueblo de Oro, Camella Homes, Xavier Estates, Xavier Heights, Xavier High School, La Buena Vida, Frontiera and Montana subdivisions; CAA-BAT Lumbia Airport & Rio Verde.

1. Greater portion of the City Poblacion along and bounded by Hayes St., Mortola St., JR Borja St. including S.Daumar St., Aguinaldo St., D.Velez St., Yacapin St..
2. Along Pabayo St.; including portions of C. Pacana St., JR Borja St., Gomez St., C.Taal St., T.Neri St., Abejuela St., Hayes St. and Gaerlan St. from Pabayo St..
3. Hayes St. from corner A.Velez St. towards City Hall area & Burgos St., along T.Chavez St. from Burgos St. up to Tiano Bros. St. - including portions of Tiano Bros. St., Rizal St., Capistrano St. from Hayes St.; and; Dolores St..
4. Along Burgos St. from T.Chavez St. up to corner Gomez St. including portions of Abejuela St., T.Neri St., Cruz Taal St. and Gomez St. from Burgos St..
5. Surroundings along Mabini St. from corner A.Velez St. towards Capistrano St. up to corner Gomez St. including portions of Tiano Bros. St. from Mabini St.; Yacapin St. from Capistrano St. towards Burgos St.; and; C.Pacana St., JR Borja St. and Gomez St. from Capistrano St.
6. Along Pabayo and T. Saco Streets from Dolores up to T. Saco /16th Street Nazareth.
7. Greater portion of Macasandig, including Tibasak and Taguanao.
8. Along Hayes St. from Camaman-an towards V.Roa St. up to corner J.Ramonal Ext., including Pinikitan, Adela, Balangiao area, Quirino St. and Yacapin Ext..
9. Along J.Ramonal Ext. from Sto. Niño, Cogon towards V.Roa St., R.Chavez St. up to Corrales Ave. corner A.Luna St..
10. All of Ramonal Village, most of Nazareth and PV Plant.
11. Along Corrales Ave. towards FICCO, Nazareth, including Yacapin Street Towards Capistrano St.
12. Portion of T.Chavez St. from Corrales Ave. up to Tiano Bros. St. including portions of A.Velez St from Hayes St.

Power will however be restored immediately without further notice when hot spot correction works of NGCP are completed earlier than scheduled.

Also, areas scheduled for interruption due to load curtailment might still experience their scheduled interruption, depending on the NGCP load curtailment levels on Sunday, March 7.

We hope the affected customers and the public in general will be guided by this announcement. Thank you.

Released by:
Ms. Marilyn A. Chavez
Senior Manager
Customer & Community Relations Dept.

Online Casinos?

Online casinos are not my cup of tea. But my friend Jill seems to be getting more and more excited in convincing us because of all the fun she has. In Cebu, she was also responsible for convincing us to go inside Casino Filipino.. Well, every once in a while, experience just have to conquer a moment. And even online, we conquer moments.

Way to go Jill. We have all these experience because of you.. So since you are the master of these casino moments, better tell us where to go that won't get us in trouble. All the fun, but not the trouble okay?

Seriously, I went through the site you told us to visit and well, I had fun, yes! Thanks girlfriend.. See you next month.. Will visit your favorite site in a while..

Friday, March 05, 2010

Gifts for my Birthday..

OMG! I can't believe that I will be turning 34 this March 18. WOW! It's truly a blessing and it is quite amazing how God continues to bless me after all these years. I am truly grateful.

Anyway, if there'd be kind souls out there, hehehe.. what I want for my birthday, apart from world peace, is a set of personalized bowls from, or some pink and mint green personalized pillowcases to match my new curtains. A green and yellow striped nap mat is also good..

Darn, I better start a formal list here as anytime soon I will start wanting many more items from the site. They are all so tempting.. Visit the site and see what I mean..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

ATTENTION: hbc exclusives cdo divisoria branch manager

Since the day it opened in Divisoria, I am an avid patron of your branch not until yesterday when your cashier/attendant Zue Bongat and the male attendant on duty with her at 3:18 pm disgusted me with their poor customer service and poor customer relations.

Please find my reasons below:

While my sister and I, along with our house-help, were browsing for things to buy, and Zue gladly attended to us, I specifically told Zue, not to punch the items yet because we are going to pay everything at once and that we have an HBC card (under my name of course and I had applied for it in your branch);

When we have decided what to buy from the back of the store, we went to the cashier’s post, I gave her the items that was with me, and asked her the total tentatively, and gave her some money for the items, but we were still out looking for things to add since we saw a few more deals near her post;

When finally we have decided that we are not adding anything anymore, I asked from my sister the card that she was holding for me. And when I handed it to Zue Bongat, she told me she had already punched the items and that there is no way that I could have my card used for that transaction because she already punched in the items. And she and the guy told me, they can not reverse the process, which is not true, because anywhere you go, the manager just have to over ride the transaction and credit the customer back with what was lost. The guy even told me that I could bring the receipt and have another customer use it at another time, which I did not quite understand, which I do not really want to happen anyway!

I have five points in this complaint.

#1. I specifically told Zue before we even came to the second item we picked up, that “I HAVE A CARD, IDUNGAN RA NA UG PUNCH TANAN!—didn’t she listen enough to hear that?

#2. While we were in front, I may have given her the items and some money, but she obviously saw that we were still thinking of buying some more items, so she should not have punched them yet.

#3. WHY DID SHE PUNCH THE ITEMS WITHOUT ASKING FOR MY CARD? Getting the card from my sister and giving it to her signals that we were done and that we are ready to make the final payment. Just because I gave her the money before hand doesn’t mean she can punch them in because we were still looking for more things to buy.

#4. It was not my fault that my card was not punched in together with the payment, because technically, a cashier would always ask first if the customer’s purchase is final and a cashier would always ask if the customer has a card, which she did not do!

#5. Is it just plain laziness that they both should lie about not being able to override such transaction to give what’s due for a regular patron? And they were cajoling me like a child that I was given the freebie (that is just worth a measly P 49 compared to the 324 points I lost) already so it’s just okay that I do not get the points that I rightfully deserve as a member with the card.

If you find this deliberately funny and that you should not take action, well it’s up to you. This is not merely about the 324 points that they denied me during this transaction, but the totality of your service at HBC Divisoria branch. Instead of apologizing, the two attendants made me feel like a child whose lollipop fell down on the floor and there is no way of getting another lollipop because according to them I was given the freebie already, which by the way, I was entitled to because I reached the amount they specified to be able get it..

I hope you take action into this because somehow, I feel cheated during that last transaction; I was not a happy customer. And I guess I will never be. We went to Watson’s afterwards, and I swear I could compare people working there with yours. They are more professional, especially the cashier.

Remember this, one happy customer always brings back other happy customers, word travels fast.