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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Anyone here know who Buddy Gancenia is? Well, if you are familiar with his style in wedding videography, then you must know him. I saw this video on you tube and that's where I got to see how good he makes every wedding video:

As a wedding videographer, he takes into detail making the best if not the perfect wedding videography that would last a lifetime. If you are getting married and gets the service of Buddy Gancenia, then you must really be a bold and daring couple who would go for his wedding videography services in reality wedding video style. If you ask me, it is one of the greatest documentations ever. AH! If I was the bride and I am able to see the videos 10 to 15 years later, I would definitely be able to relive the special  moment once again. Hmm.. That is if the marriage is successful. If not, then I am sure it will make me  think of the wonderful things that happened in the beginning..  I think that is what these video documentations are for...  To relive a moment filled with all the positive things in our lives.. On another note, it is but a good way to share your happy moment with someone who lives far away or some distant relatives who were not able to make it during that day... And if you choose a Buddy Gancenia, it will be like having them there, or making them feel they were there also..

Ahh.. Weddings.. Watch out for a wedding is set to take place soon.. Someone close to me will be marching down the aisle soon.. Hmm.. Should I call Buddy?? Anyway, take a peek of his website 

That's my favorite in his website..  And the one below is the one on the rates and services..

If you want to visit his page, go to

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