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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have seen on the news that parents who are out of the country and will not be able to see the graduation of their kids as they happen, can now watch the said ceremony live via stream online. It is more than just web video conferencing, but witnessing a complete program as they happen. All public schools in Luzon have adapted such eGraduation streaming so that OFWs can be rewarded by witnessing their kids' graduation ceremonies on time, or even watch the replay online. One parent even cried because for so many years, she has never really witnessed any of her children's graduation, except for her son who graduated with honors. She was so happy, she cried. 

So, if said live streaming had been adapted by all public schools, as well as the private schools, then OFW parents around the world, would have seen their children march and graduate online.. 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loot Bags for Cadayunan Primary School Christmas Party

Last December, CDO Bloggers Inc went to Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan for our Christmas Outreach Program. But then, when we went there, the toothbrushes from Firefly Toothbrush had not arrived yet. They did arrive three days after. So we resolved in going back to Cadayunan Primary School for a Loot Bag giving during their Christmas party which was scheduled on December 16, 2011.
However, in the evening of December 13, 2011 we received word that the kids will be coming to the city on the 16th, and that their Christmas Party had been moved earlier by a day, December 15, 2011. Because the schedule was moved, we have not been able to go there for each of our personal reasons and schedules plotted beforehand. So instead, we opted to simply send the loot through their adviser, Sir Joseph.

 We were so lucky that Guard Insect Repellent Lotion was added to the loot.
And while toothbrushes were given by Firefly Toothbrush, blogger friend, Dhadha Garcia, provided the toothpastes that we added in the Christmas pack.
I met Sir Joseph at Jollibee Carmen, which was the meeting point during the previous trip to Besigan.
I was so thankful that Lili's Christmas party was scheduled December 19, for most of the members were busy with kids' Christmas parties at their schools, and all other Christmas related engagements that day. At least, I was able to meet their adviser as early as 6 A.M., and when I met him, I learned that he and Teacher Reyn were still busy cooking food to be brought to Besigan.. 

Well, we all know that December 16 midnight and December 17, 2011 was the infamous TS Sendong tragedy. This is actually a long overdue post due to TS Sendong complications from December 2011 onwards.

It was only in February 2012 that I saw the pictures of the kids during their Christmas Party.. 

I am glad that the kids are okay after TS Sendong also hit some parts of Besigan. I am happy that they liked our small token of love.. 
And they are all thankful to all sponsors too. Thank you so much for making the kids at Cadayunan Primary School happy..
Aside from the items above, included inside the loot are candies, toys, biscuits and cookies and money tokens for each kid. Below is what each child will get inside the loot bag...

Thanks to my friend Amy for the money tokens. The plan was to give them inside Red Pockets, but changes went with the changes in the schedule.. We are glad Teacher Joseph made it possible for us to still send what we all wanted to give..

I would also like to thank Mommy Raya, another mommy blogger who lives in Thailand for the candies. The biscuits and cookies were from our own stock at home. My daughter told me that she wanted to give them away for the kids at Cadayunan Primary School, after seeing all the photos of our previous visit.


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Things To Look For In A Freight Shipping Company

Some things that you need to consider when looking for a freight shipping company.

Sending and transporting cargo via freight shipping is no simple matter. Various factors can affect not just the delivery time, but also the overall condition of your cargo. This is extremely important especially if your cargo is of sensitive nature, of great value, expensive, fragile, or of personal importance.

To make sure you get the best freight shipping services available, here are some of the things that you should look for.

·         Local pickups. An excellent shipping company takes the responsibility of transporting your cargo from the source all the way to its destination. In other words, a good shipping company takes the worry of taking the package from your house to the company or to any other packaging center away from your hands. No, it’s not supposed to be an extra service. It’s more like a show of confidence on the company’s part. If they aren’t even confident enough in transporting your package from your house to the delivery or packaging centers, then what more to the cargo’s intended destination?

·         Versatile packaging services. Second, freight shipping companies should cater to its customers’ needs and requests. They should be versatile enough to be able to accommodate any type of package and have the appropriate means to safeguard the cargo. Freight Dynamics, for example, offers custom packaging services like foam-in-place packaging, palletizing, or completely customizable crating. Others, however, are limited to just standard-sized crates, bubble-wraps, and shrink-wraps. If you’re looking for a secure shipping company to take care of your valuable cargoes, go for the one that offers you the most choices of security and packaging systems.

·         Complete packaging, storage and transportation system in one. Most freight shipping companies partner with cheap freight moving services and other third party movers to complete the transfer of their cargos. In other words, they outsource some of the work that they promised to deliver. How exactly does this affect your package? Since third party groups don’t necessarily have the same commitment as the original freight shipping company you chose, you cannot expect them to place the same amount of care on your cargo as the first shipper you talked to. In contrast to this, if your shipping company is a complete system on its own, complete with movers all the way to local delivery crews, they are the only ones who would handle your cargo. They would put better care of your things.

·         Warehousing and Distribution Services coupled with real-time Inventory Monitoring. For special cargoes that require inventories, only a limited number of shipping companies offer warehousing services and meticulous distribution services. And even for the few who do, even fewer real-time online access to inventory monitoring. So if your cargo is of the same sensitive type, better look for these specialized shipping companies. 


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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bathroom Lighting..

Ever since Sendong happened, we are at the mercy of our tight budget. However, when it comes to bathroom lighting, and all other important things in the house, we do spend wisely. Sometimes, we are able to spend a huge sum, if only, it's for the best benefit. I mean, yes, contemporary bathroom lighting is nice, but if you speak about lights that can drive away mosquitoes, then it will come more appealing. 

 On the contrary, since my parents are about to plan the design for the new house that they are going to transfer to, in May, lighting, and decor are two important things they are actually considering. So from time to time, we do visit websites that offer ideas, and those that actually sell lighting and fixtures that are within the budget range. 
My mother saw this really nice golden bronze bathroom lighting which is on sale now at half the price. It is a lovely piece that can add not only beauty, but light to a bathroom. What's more, it gives a bathroom personality and charm. Surely, anyone would love to stay in a bathroom with such lighting fixture. Of course, there are other designs to complement the aesthetics of any room, be it a bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom or even the kitchen. But if it's more on bathroom lighting, I suggest you too should explore The Bathroom Lighting Outlet. I think I will need to explore some more so I can find more designs at the site, that I can suggest to my parents.


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Being an Online Media..

I received an invitation to be in Butuan City this weekend for some media event. This is what I love about my current occupation. You get invitations to travel for free, and get the latest news and updates too. What's more, we get to be part of the media, being that bloggers are actually online media people, minus the fee of course. Anyhow, we get the greatest advantage as our scope is infinite.

Actually, this invitation is not the first. Two years ago, we were also invited to be in Manila for the launching of a certain program by Alaxan and the Department of Labor and Employment. Locally, we do cover certain events too. We've been to openings of establishments, installation of important persons in certain organizations, and many others. Aside from doing tasks and finishing online assignments, these offline gigs surely make happy.


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Must Be...

The other day, I met doctors and nurses who are on duty but are not wearing their medical uniforms. Well, technically, they are on duty because they are doing some outreach tasks in one of the evacuation centers. I noticed that they are quite young to be doctors and nurses. They look like high school students or college students in their freshmen year. 

But then again, maybe they just look young. I was staring at the identification card of one of them just to ensure that I am not dreaming. But while one of  the lady doctors opened her bag, I noticed the food she had inside, which was actually what she was trying to get anyway. She took out a sandwich, an apple and a chocolate drink of some known brand of food supplement. So it got me thinking that the said brand of food supplement truly works. Hahaha.. Are you thinking what I am thinking?

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Calling college kids! Help transform communities with the Filipino youth

Young minds coming together can spark great ideas. 

Believing in the youth’s ideas and their desire to make a positive difference, Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing clinic and competition-in-one, provides a venue for college students to share their innovative and sustainable ideas to address the health and wellness concerns of their communities—and turn those ideas into reality.

To help the youth turn their ideas into concrete health and wellness programs for their communities, Unilab Ideas Positive provides them with:

•a 3-day social marketing boot camp, where they learn and understand social marketing approaches from a pool of experts using current and relevant social marketing practices and case studies, and
•a seed money so they can implement their social marketing programs within six months.

Now on its third year, Unilab Ideas Positive gets even better with a focus not only on positive ideas, but also on positive outcomes—creating a difference where it matters, in partnership with the Filipino youth.

What’s new this 2012?
Unilab Ideas Positive is now expanding from Metro Manila to the entire Philippines, covering North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. More college students will, thus, have an opportunity to help transform their chosen communities with their social marketing ideas.

And because more positive ideas will be developed, more communities will benefit. Fifteen (15) teams will each be given Php100,000 seed money from Unilab Foundation for the implementation of social marketing programs—a total of Php1.5 million seed money.
Indeed, it’s an even more exciting Unilab Ideas Positive this year with bigger prizes at stake. But more than the prizes, it’s the opportunity to come together for a shared goal of a healthier nation that makes Unilab Ideas Positive a rewarding venue for the Filipino youth to make a significant contribution where it is needed most.

Want to be part of this transformative journey towards a healthier Philippines? It’s time for you to team up for a healthier nation! Start sharing your idea by visiting

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Need Energy?

Have you heard about party enhancers? I read about K6 herbal incense and some Spiritual powders that help increase or decrease energy levels. A friend of mine even told me about a certain brand, Herbal City LLC products, which are said to be safe. Well, they can not be considered as legal mood enhancing herbal products,if they aren't. The said products help people feel good. That is quite literal. People who go for recreation, people who love the night life, and those who need to be in one place when they feel so tired already. So said products help ease one's stress, or decrease stress levels until relaxation is achieved. They are also said to help depression, as well as anxiety. Workaholics need this, if I may add. 

Anyway, why the interest in Herbal City LLC products? Lately, I have been feeling down. I read that they do not have harmful side effects, so I guess they're worth a try. But of course, I wouldn't want to rely on the product only. I have engaged myself in exercise and some adjustments in the food intake. More energy giving foods for me.. And lots of positive thoughts...


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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Women's Day 2012

Wishing You Very Happy Women's Day | Women's Day | Forward this Picture
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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Accomodations Within The Budget

Has anyone tried reservations online for accommodations anywhere in the country and abroad? I once tried booking a reservation online, and I really saved a lot of money doing so. It was during my trip to Davao City, last year, when I joined the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010. Then I read about iBilik Philippines. I looked at the different reservations on the list, and somehow I have now another option as well as another idea where to have online reservations, the next time I travel where I will need accommodations. But of course, if we go to places where we have close relatives, it will not be necessary. 

I have also learned that we can actually make a business out of room rentals, as there are now many homes which offer home rentals or room rentals, and they prove to be very helpful for budget travelers. No need to rent an apartment for really long periods of time because there are cheap room rentals on a daily basis. Cool idea, isn't it? And with this I wonder if there'd be people who would be interested to have their homes rented, or offer their extra rooms for such business.

If our house hasn't been included under TS Sendong property damages, I could also include it in the list. Who knows, someone may just be interested in it. After TS Sendong, we realize how beneficial and lucrative the home rental business is. Imagine, our previous apartment takes P 3,700 from us monthly, and the pad is just small with only one room and not so comfortable living space. In this new apartment, the owner took P 16,000 for deposits and down payment, plus all other deposits like maintenance deposit and the like. Apart from that, she will get P 4,800 monthly from me. Sure the apartment is better than the previous one, with two rooms and a bigger living space. But still, it is not as comfortable as we imagine a house to be. But then hey, we all sure can make a compromise. I think when traveling on a budget, we also can do the same.


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Friday, March 02, 2012

Hello March 2012

Hello March 2012. You came so suddenly. I can't believe that in a few days I will turn 36. Whew. What a ripe age for everything in life. I am happy that despite all the challenges and ordeals, I came through them alive and well. Most importantly, I came through with a better perspective and lots of positivity that I am still a happy person regardless of the circumstance. My family is better too. My father finally shaved his beard. Now he does not look like Ramon Mitra, but Virus, the school director from the movie 3 Idiots. Hahaha.. Kidding aside, I am happy that he has done so. It is an indication that he is now okay with his living condition, though he is still naturally coping from the TS Sendong devastation. I can't wait to use the grills with my father's recipe on grilled meat and fish. Now that he is back to his cheerful self, I am sure he will be back exploring in the kitchen, like he's done so before Sendong.

So dear March, cooperate. Please be kinder than December, January and February. Please allow us to fully recover...

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