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Monday, September 21, 2009


Have you ever worn a pair of juzo stockings? I was told that they are the best stockings so far.. So to find out why most of my chat friends are raving over juzo stockings I searched it online. Google gave me and I found more and more about Juzo Stockings..

Well, I found out that Juzo is not only for comfort, or quality but also for therapeutic effectiveness.. It is the primary thrust of this medical stockings. WOW! That is great! Juzo compression stockings are designed to allow natural freedom of movement, and are so comfortable, one will forget about the fact of wearing them. To top that, every garment, aside from stockings, that Juzo manufactures, must adhere to Juzo's strict requirements for quality, comfort and therapeutic effectiveness. So I guess that is quite a handful of reasons that no one should argue about... 

Hmm.. When ordering for your pair, the site where I found Juzo guarantees 2-3 days shipping. And of course, they are available for all sizes. That's even the best news any woman of any size would love to hear---
Not to mention the colors that are available to match your daily routine.. Ahh.. I would love to get a few pairs of mixed and matched black and natural knee high, panty hose and and thigh high stockings for me.. 

You know what? They could also make as good Christmas presents.. oh well, just some thought there..

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