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Friday, September 04, 2009


My friend Aleema says she wants to buy gold.. I didn't quite understand her at first so I pointed her to a pawnshop, silly me. She was actually talking about wanting to buy gold coins... Ah, so my friend is collecting them... She had always been on the look out for a great find, a good place to buy gold coins since she graduated from college. She also wants to buy gold bullion as it is also a good investment. It was actually her Swedish ex-boyfriend who taught her how to buy bullion and gold coins at the rate that should be profitable, thus Aleema makes a good deal of business out of her collection.

When I first met her in chat, I thought she was simply faking or joking about it, but soon my research proved that Aleema is indeed in a very good profitable business. I started asking her how it should be done and how to go about it. AH! The interest is now urging me to know more... Hmm.. It may require a bigger capital or so but I think it will be worth it. Just what Aleema told me, nothing in this life, especially in business, career or love life, will take flight for as long as the wings are clipped... Ah.. from Gold to golden thoughts..

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