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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The photo here is a screen capture from I am actually in the process of searching for a new host for my new blog, I BLOG U CDO, since I am planning to get a domain and have it hosted as well. So the site has the ten top hosts and I think I am going to see which one will best fit my need.
The site, webhosting choice, is actually a free research guide that could help users, like me, choose the right web host for  personal or business websites. In my case, of course, for my blogs...
They focus on providing a simple, easy to follow site to help us users choose what may be the  best web hosting plan that is  most suitable for  our site, whether it is a small site or  a large e-commerce website. What I specifically like is the fact that the possible fees and terms are also presented so we really can see how each host will fair and how each host can be helpful to us, both in service and in savings... wink..
There are reviews provided and prices too. So we just have to do a few more clicks and read some more and decide.. Truly, this site is amazing and helpful for me.. If you want to know more simply visit site...

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