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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trace That Number

Have you ever experienced being harassed or mistreated on the phone by someone who do not exist even in your imagination? How would you like to be able to Trace That Number online? I am sure you will agree with me that people, callers or texters or even fellow bloggers who bother you by continuously stalking you anonymously online or making outrageous phone calls even at the wee hours of the morning or the unholy hours at night and send insulting and harsh text messages anytime during the day, are way too dangerous to be allowed to continue with what they are doing. Technically, they are already causing disharmony in your ever peaceful realm of existence. Not to mention, chaos, when things get worse. So to be able to trace these unlawful nuisance, go to and trace the owner of the said number.. And when that person is found out, legal matters follow. Ha! That will be the day...

As for me, the blogger you keeps stalking my blog is still around. She has not updated her blog anymore...Maybe it's because she has already been found out.. What a loser!

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