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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Destressing in this time of the Pandemic through Solitaire.Org

In this time of the pandemic, we all have developed anxieties and stresses. Whether it's coping with the new normal, be it school or work related, or life in general. Going online has never been stressful than seeing condolences in your newsfeed and timeline. A lot of people are dealing with losses, not just stress and anxiety brought about by the pandemic. 

As for me, I have found two ways to deal with my anxieties. First, I stayed in the farm, where I can grow things and smell fresh air on a daily basis that wearing face masks and face shields aren't the trend. I love the farm feel. It's peaceful and calming. I spend most of my time planting or growing the plant, fruit or vegetable that I like to grow. When I am tried, I take a rest. Either I sleep, read a book or simply sit still and admire the bountiful view around me. And when I am tired doing all that, I play games online. 

One particular site I visit when I want to lay online games is Solitaire.Org which has most of my favorite online games such as mahjong gameshidden object gamescard games like Gin, Rummy, Crazy Eights, Euchre, Hearts, etc,  connect 3 games like Zuma Ball Shooters or Candy Crush type of games and  other fun online games like PacMan, Tennis, Billiards, etc.

So far, this is what I like playing after doing gardening and tending my rabbits.

Pyramid Solitaire is actually a game my grandmother played when she was still alive. She played with actual cards while I watched. I was truly amazed when I saw it in Solitaire.Org that I have not stopped playing it even if I lose. It just makes me want to play again and win. Ha!

Anyway, I am sure you guys do other things to destress. But why not try playing solitaire online or other online games. My mother loves Candy Crush. I have introduced the site to her and she is happy to find lots of games to pass the time.

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