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Saturday, September 05, 2009

slatwall accessories

Since Bisa left without ever saying that she'll come back or not,I had been busy cleaning up and organizing the orange house. Turning the house up side down and rearranging stuff-- whew-- That explains backlogs and lots of jobs undone here online.. Anyway, I am not yet done but I will be soon after I install slatwall accessories to fully organize everything at the orange house. I think I will need to buy more so I will drop by the mall today and get some more. I will need two more for the bathroom, three more for the kitchen and of course, a few more for the two bedrooms. Not to mention that the play area would definitely need a few more also. Ah.. I could just imagine it now. All things in place. Lili and River would just have to get their toys and school related stuff placed in the baskets on the wall, or the little bags and stuff of my little girl properly organized in her room. Wouldn’t that be heavenly?
Last night, while I was online, I kinda looked for designs of slatwall accessories and I found this really interesting site that sells them. I love the designs of their slatwall accessories. If you are interested also, drop by to see what I am talking about here.

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