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Monday, May 28, 2012

Future In Beauty Schools

I saw this old beauty school somewhere in the city, and I wonder if they are producing graduates who can be likened to the products of any of the  Regency Cosmetology Schools in the United States. I heard that they have had good students in the past, who now own their own beauty shops and parlors in the city an even some place else. But of course, those who do not have the funds enroll in government programs like that of the Alternative Learning Systems, or at TESDA. But I wonder if said graduates can boast of high quality education from said schools/training.  Beauty schools need not be expensive, and if it's offered by the government, it should produce quality graduates such like the expensive ones with quality workmanship and service-wise, near perfect. In that manner, graduates will have jobs  and not defeat the purpose of their training.. 

Regency, which was founded more than 50 years ago in Minneapolis, have proven to the world that they are the leader in beauty education, because they have produced graduates who are sought after in all places in the United States. As a fast growing beauty school in the country, Regency has expanded from two Minnesota schools back in 2002 to what is now, 80 campuses across 19 states in America, and counting. This continued yearly growth every year, proves that the network of campuses and placement relationships, from salons to cruise ships and runways have also grown. Meaning, Regency graduates who are recognized and sought after throughout the United States, as I mentioned earlier do have a future in the industry they have chosen. For more information, visit This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

School Supplies for Manobo Children

More than a month ago, I saw this segment of Report Card on GMA 7 about Philippine Education and the plight of teachers as well as the learners. They were all noteworthy of attention and support but this one about the Manobo children of Surigao del Sur breaks my heart the most.

Why? I am 50% Manobo from Agusan del Norte, born in Butuan City, raised and educated in private schools since Kindergarten in Cagayan de Oro City. I have been fortunate to have educated parents and grandparents who were able to assist me in the learning process alongside my teachers, and a life, though humble and challenging, far from theirs. We're not rich, but I had everything I need. I never experienced writing using charcoal and banana leaves. And that's just the point of this post. I was lucky enough, and these kids, until today, may still be using charcoal and banana leaves in their efforts to learn. 

Since last month, after watching the said segment of Report Card, I have wanted to do something for them, but I do not know where to start. Yes, my organization, CDO Bloggers Inc. may have adopted Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan for our regular outreach and feeding, [and as a matter of fact, I have personally taken care of the loot bags for Cadayunan Primary School from sponsors to preparation, last December 2011,] but I wanna extend help for the Manobo Children in Surigao del Sur too. I may have given away my daughter's learning materials, bags, shoes and school stuff, but surely, there may be something we can do, though humble. I asked my mother about  helping them, since she works at the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples in Region 10, and she told me that we can actually get in touch with NCIP - Surigao del Sur, if we need to send help for these children. I am thinking of school supplies: pencils so they will learn to write using pencils, and papers, so they will learn to write on them. 

So that is it, the start of my campaign for help: School Supplies for Manobo Children. If given the chance to go and visit them, I will surely do so.. My friends and I from CDO Bloggers Inc. have reached Besigan, the farthest point of Cagayan de Oro City, on a garbage truck that hauls peoples to and fro. I do not see anything wrong or difficult with going to Surigao del Sur for this.. But of course, when I get hold of the mailing address of the teacher, Teacher Jenalyn Trinidad, volunteer teacher from the Tribal Filipino Program, the one in the video above, then I will perhaps send my humble gifts for the kids through her.. I just hope the good person from GMA 7, who I asked help from, will be able to give me the said  details. 

If you wish to help them too, do let me know. I will let you know the address when I have it. And I thank you in advance for your desire to help Manobo Children in their plight for Learning.

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Microphones Galore

My father brought the dvd player he bought four months ago, back to the store for replacement as it is under warranty. The store didn't accept it, saying that it's against store policy. In other words, the 1-year warranty that the player has is not at all acceptable in their store. Had we known about that, we would't have bought said item from them. Now that my brother is in need of m-audio microphones, definitely, the store is not what we have in mind.

I am also thinking of buying a new microphone for our weekend karaoke sessions. See, my family loves to sing, and having only one microphone in session makes it less fun. We have loved singing in duets and even in groups, especially when the song calls us to the floor, and I mean literally. Talk about performance level, that's just how we do it. So that is why we need a good microphone to match the energy being released every time one sings. 

We used to have lots of microphones, but after Sendong, we lost them all. Karaoke singing was part of the family's debriefing procedures. I think that was the reason why everything was smooth for everyone, even though things were rough. Our weekend Karaokes truly gives us an opportunity to have fun together as a family and we should have the right accessories like microphones and stuff.

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Thank Firmoo...

Finally, after days of waiting, all fifteen sunglasses arrived courtesy of Firmoo. Soon, I will hold a give-away on this blog for lucky winners to receive one of the sunglasses below.

If you want one, keep posted for the give-away post.. It will be open for all persons with Facebook and twitter accounts.. 

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Lili's Beads...

Lili has been busy making beads this summer. She has acquired the beads from my sister, and she has started making bracelets, necklaces and all other accessories for each of us in the family since the middle of April. All we bought were new strings and locks. We also bought some decorative beads, Pewter beads, and some nice artificial pearls and gems to add to her creations.

Although she is just a beginner, I love all of her creations. They may not be perfectly done, but somehow, that's what drives her to make more, so she can practice making better batches. It's a better pastime and a better alternative than all other bead-related activities that were suggested. I will show you her beads when she is confident enough to allow me to show to the world her creations. 

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Everyday..

My wall, private inbox and phone inbox had been flooded with"Happy Mother's Day" greetings. And I too, have sent messages to friends and relatives for this monumental day for mothers..

But really, mother's day is a daily fair. Just like Valentines day and Christmas, Mother's day is not counted just once a year, but on a daily basis..
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wanna Order This Yummy Pie?

My mom bought this Pineapple pie from the bakeshop where she usually gets the Buko pie we all love at home. I so love the simple yet effective presentation of the pie inside its box made from recycled material.

What I love about the pineapple pie is the flaky crust and the chewey, gooey filling..

If you wanna know where to get this pie, leave me a comment...


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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Girl and Her Love For Her Car

Most girls grew up with dolls and girly things. But some, like my good ole buddy, cousin, friend and playmate,  "she who does not want to be named", who now lives in the US, grew up with tractors, cars and all kinds of vehicles in her tender age. Not only that, she practically played with pliers, hammers, screw drivers and some mechanics tools. While she is not a tomboy, she just loves spending time with the boys in the family. And while most girls got busy with boys in their teens, she was already busy helping her dad fix her beetle, which was at that time, the car that she was dying to have. Classic taste, but soon after, she has developed a taste for the modern. My cousin told me that she is selling her beetle. Well, it has not been used ever since she left, but was kept in good condition somehow. But how she told me about selling it seems unbelievable now. It was said in a rather not so important manner, as if it was not her all time favorite. Little did I know that she has also been checking St George Car Dealerships for a new car there. My uncle said it she has taken this new liking for a car they saw at Hyundai Dealerships Utah, when he visited her, but is still currently looking for a chance to change her mind. Hahaha, as if she can easily change her mind, once she has set her heart on something. But the thought of her selling the beetle still leaves me thinking. How on earth can a woman sell the car she has married for life? I mean, she has taken a vow to keep it forever. And if someone touched it, she would wage war as if it were some kind of a tyranny upon her and the car, lol. That's just how much she loved that beetle. Does it mean she is not coming home anymore?

Hmmm.... Anyway, I think it's a good idea that she get herself a new car. Change is good. But I think she will get one that she will perhaps marry into again, lol. Seriously, she is like a soldier and his gun, and that's her and her car, if we put it. She can't seem to leave the car behind that if I am to think in a crazy manner, I would say the car had life.  Now, I can not imagine why she has become a nurse when she should have become a car racer or a mechanic with such passion for cars. Oh and the beetle actually has a name. Hahahaha.. So if and when it gets sold, I am imagining a funeral for her beloved Patrick.. 


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Business As It Is..

We went to a local seller of ceiling fans, and realized that this summer, their prices have actually increased. Wow.. It's become a great business for some people-- this heat! But of course, whatever is the need for the time is indeed a good business venture. After TS Sendong, when people started cleaning their homes from all the mud from the flash flood, boots, gloves and masks were sold out everywhere. Doxicycline was nowhere to be found for a week or so, and water was scarce. With fans, manual fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, and all others are not scarce, but they come in surging prices. My daughter has a funny way of resolving this problem of heat without using a fan. She simply dipped herself in a huge vat in the bathroom. Hahahaha.. If business people would know about that, they may go high on their prices too. 

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Back From A Short Vacation, Now Working Again...

Last week, we stayed at our parent's place in Opol. It was like a mini vacation in a place that's near, but that which also seems far. We had to buy ingredients like top sirloin and all others for my brother's birthday, which we actually celebrated not just one day, but for all the time we stayed there. It was a breather for all of us. A short vacation of some sort. Well, it wouldn't be a FULL vacation for me if SMART and SUN internet connections were cooperative enough in that location. I was never able to finish online tasks for so many days, and now I am facing deadline, lol.. Hahaha.. Anyhow, I loved the fact that we were able to rest from online work for a couple of days... 

We arrived in the evening, and in the morning of the next day, the day before my brother's big day, we witnessed a FUN RUN as runners passed by my parent's house, then we headed towards the beach. We actually had breakfast there, and went back home at eight.

We usually buy fresh seafoods from beach vendors like the lady in blue in the photo below... See that portable scale to weigh the food?

Well, that's what vendors do before telling you the price, and then advising the client to have them broiled for an extra fee of P 50 per kilo... You do not pay until the cooked food is delivered... 

So after buying the food, we go back to the water, until the food arrives and we eat breakfast...

Well, that's what we had.. Some salty sweet fresh fish broiled to perfection, as well as the huge squids...

It's totally different eating broiled food at the beach than indoors.. I so love that, and looking forward to another short vacation sometime soon.. but for now, I am working on a Sunday to make up for the lost time to finish all my tasks...


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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Know Your Weapons Against DUI Charges

When you get arrested for driving under the influence or DUI, you have a lot of potential problems on your hands. At the worst case, you might end up going to jail for awhile. At the very least, this can be a dark smudge on your record, bail money you are never going to get back and the temporary loss of your car to the impound lot. However, you are not defenseless, and the following can help you out.

Your Social Network

When you have a good social network to back you up, your defense is a lot stronger than if you try to go it alone. In fact, a dui character reference letter may even be able to sway the court in your favor. If it comes down to a question of whether to charge you or not, a one-time breach might be forgiven if enough people support the fact that you're a generally good person. Unfortunately, many people frequently forget DUI laws. For these kinds of serial offenders, there really is no saving them.

Your Lawyer

With a bad lawyer or no lawyer, you have a hard row to hoe. For some people working a simple case, this might be marginally passable. But for most people, the law is far too complicated and the legal process is far too scary to navigate individually. So when it comes time to use an attorney, make sure it's someone who is dedicated and experienced. Relying on a public defender is primarily for the indigent, and it carries consequences.
A good lawyer, on the other hand, can make your case very successfully. When your attorney has a solid case to work with and your record is reasonable, your weapons in defending yourself against this kind of charge become even stronger.

Your Past

Your past can ultimately be a very strong indicator of your future. If your past experience has not been good, your future may involve a lot more court appearances and even some time on the inside. If your attorney and the other people in your social network don't have a very good past to work with on your part, they may not be able to defend you.
However, your past can also do very well for you. If this is your first offense, it should be a minimal charge. If there was nothing to exacerbate the problem such as an accident, this also works in your favor. The more good time you've had in the past, the better your time is likely to be in the future.

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