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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Employee monitoring

While I was working at the Bureau of Immigration years ago, I learned that the best way to clean up the corrupt practices of every employee is to monitor their daily office activities. That includes the time spent using the computers and the Internet. I learned that the IT department has set up tracking systems in each computer and that hidden cameras were also set up in every spot possible to monitor each department. And soon enough, all that bore fruit and the corrupt officials and employees were one by one found out and charged accordingly. With the new commissioners however, I wonder if they have continued said monitoring. Perhaps they have installed newer and more advanced systems. Which reminds me, I have found this really good employee and student monitoring that could work perfectly well even in the home. It allows for checks and monitoring of computer activities that will soon help bring about more work done than time wasted on other unnecessary computer activities not related to the job..(Like playing farmtown in facebook instead of doing what the boss tell you to do-- hahaha..) Anyway, if I were the owner of the company, I would really install the  Employee monitoring tutorial to help me learn how to completely go about with employee monitoring.But you know, ActivTrak can also be used in the house, especially if you are a parent of relentless teenagers.. If you wish to know more about this, go to

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