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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watching [Les Miserables] 10th anniversary on You Tube.. (and crying)

Below are just a few scenes that I love about Les Miserables.. My sister Honey and I have grown to love this Broadway hit, not only because of our background in theater and at some point in our theater lives we were able to  do a scene or so.. but mostly because this tragic story almost all people can relate, and we are a sucker for tragedies.. Oh Shakespeare, what have you done to us? lol..
Anyway, I could always relate to Eponine.. I think her story is the most tragic.. Imagine, the happiest day of her life was when she was about to die..All because she is dying in the arms of the only man she has ever loved..

Cosette's Life is not that bad... Although, it started out as bad..

Fantine, Cossette's mom, lived a life that  was as sad as that of Eponine's, lived and died a tragic death..

And Marius...

Valjean's life story, although tragic, turned out good in the end..

So there.. Shared with you guys a few videos.. If you want a complete play list, subscribe to this account in you tube..

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