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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A great family holiday at Breezes Resort

Are you tired of the way you live your life in the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you want to taste different cuisines, share thoughts on different recipes with your mom or grandmother, or simply be crazy with your siblings? Want to relieve yourself of stress? Ah, sounds like it's me who wants all that. Seriously!

I want to enjoy every bit of luxury that a vacation spot can offer me, whether it's outdoor fun or indoor relaxation. Perhaps after that, a great meal as I dine and travel to the different places and localities in every corner of the world.

Well, I am sure anyone here will agree with me when I say that life would be greater if and when we see and enjoy sights and sounds and have a gastronomically charged feast as we go along. To explore and learn different cultures and traditions --- Ahh ... but that is way too expensive. I know that! To enjoy great amenities and have a relaxed and peaceful state while traveling is not at all affordable unless, our grand escape offers family all inclusive vacations that will help enable families to love and understand each other better.

Rich or poor, we need to be closer to our kin and have great relationships within our family circle. A happy family will always be complete with an element of fun, and laughter, as part of the bonding process. Laughter alone allows each family member to get to know and enjoy one another. But since it comes with a price, affordable family vacations are most often offered by resorts and vacation spots. Breezes Resorts have all inclusive vacation packages to help in this area. Guests have great deals to choose from at, and an easy budget scheme to make their load lighter.

So dream of a vacation, and it can be yours. And if you are undecided, go with Breezes Resorts, and you'll never go wrong! By far, they are the answer a great family holiday that seems impossible to have.


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Friday, January 28, 2011

PR 2 is BACK! Yahoo!

I was busy writing about a client's advertisement on shoes womens, and shoes for men, which will be sent to three media when I discovered a great change that had me jumping for  joy.. Well, almost, hehehe. My client is building his site for his shoe company somewhere and I am just so happy to be of service, since I love shoes.. But this love for shoes technically, was forgotten for a couple of minutes as I floated into bliss. Of course, I am busy, but learning that the PR or page rank of this blog has come back, it's a different story.  I no longer have time to check important matters such as PR. ow I knew mine went up again was a matter of chance. I was checking my client's site's PR and well, it got good results too. Then out of the blue, I checked mine, and voila! It came back.. Imagine, this blog lost its page rank for almost a year.. It was middle of January 2010-- and I thought it will come back again after a few days, but it didn't. So I let go of the possibility of it coming back in the middle of the year. Actually, I checked from time to time, but, it really went down to ZERO-- none! To avoid heartbreaks from expecting its return, I simply chose to forget about the PR of this blog-- and now? Well, I am so happy it's back to PR 2.. whew.. Thank you LORD!

For us bloggers, page rank means a lot.. just so you know.. 


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I could not help myself but share what I have discovered at Facebook tonight. Well, it so happened that my former boss was tagged in some of the photos shared, and the title of the photo album was catchy enough, that I looked. 

The issues presented upon the photo album is not something we just can brush aside and say nothing of.  So, I feel that I must do my part as a person living in this same city, even if I do not belong in that said barangay. I know I have some  friends and relatives living in the area. And even if I do not, I will still do the same.

Below is a thread, kindly read..  The owner of the Album is Mr. Oscar S. Salcedo..

And below is a printscreen of one of his photos:

I guess this is my way of helping.. I can not think of any other way but to disseminate important information, as provided..

For the rest of the photos, CLICK HERE.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's Wrong with DFA CDO Window #7?

My sister and her father in law were at the Department of Foreign Affairs office this morning to process passports as well as claim a renewed passport, respectively.Her father in law was about to pay for newly applied passports when they heard a loud sound similar to a fired gun, but was actually a man who broke the glass of window #7. The cashier had to close on the paying public as matters may become worse due to the said incident. My sister on the other hand was caught in between people she did not know due to a semi-stampede that happened. All people who had gotten afraid rushed to go outside the building.

It took twenty minutes before the police came along with ABS CBN people. The security guard from DFA did not even cuff the man saying that they do not have any hand cuffs. When the police came, the man was escorted towards the patrol car, business resumed at DFA in the afternoon. 

So what triggered the man to do what he has done? According to the people who was near window #7, the man presented all his requirements but was told that by the employee at DFA that he still lacked one of the requirements. The man, who showed him the list given by the office complained that he has brought everything that was listed, so he should not have missed any one of them. But he was brushed off by the employee, thus, out of frustration, he smashed the window. 

Hmm.  I was not there, my sister was not near enough, so we do not really know for sure what could have transpired. But there were lots of hear-says and rumors that the employee at window #7 is such a pain in the neck. Some of the people in the semi-stampede even related other incidents where friends and their relatives were also given a difficult time by this said employee. One person in the crowd said that a cousin who is supposed to leave for Canada, lost a job opportunity because the employee at window #7 gave her a difficult time. The cousin lacked, according to the employee, her baptismal certificate. That and that alone, which, according to the list of requirements, are simply

Other Supporting Documents

Please bring the following if they are available.
  • Marriage Contract
  • Land Title
  • Driver's License
  • Government Service Record
  • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with dry seal
  • Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship
  • Voter's Registration Record from COMELEC Intramuros
  • Baptismal Certificate with dry seal
  • Seaman's Book
  • Income Tax Return (Old)
  • NBI Clearance
In other words, they are simply listed as  "other".. The main requirements are NSO Birth Certificate and original Valid ID, and Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate (Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar with dry seal if BC SECPA is unreadable) and of course, Marriage Certificate of Parents in SECPA. For full list of requirements, CLICK HERE.

This is quite sad, what happened today. In other countries, there is a system that is followed and only one instruction is relayed. Here in the Philippines, the process of application for passports, even professional license and many others, are taken to be so complicated. Mainly because there is no uniform instruction from employees. Different windows have different characters attending people who are confused and frustrated about the kind of service and system that we have here. Some are too strict, while others are approachable and friendly. And I wonder why. Yeah, why are some employees hard on people for a passport? Isn't that reason enough why some people resort to those midnight market for passports? I think that that is a reason too. Aside of course for those who have records that do not allow them to legally get a passport.

While in Singapore, I have met and been to their government offices because of my uncle's business. He is now a Singaporean and why he likes Singapore better than the Philippines, is the fact that Filipinos are not treated properly here. In Singapore, they are very strict with their laws. Their rules and regulations are strictly followed and citizens, residents as well as visitors will really get what they deserved according to the law, should any rule be broken. Whether rich or poor, the rules apply. But here's the thing, they may be very strict, but they never cause frustrations and I have not heard anyone getting angry at the government. Why? Because people there are satisfied with how service is conducted, regardless from the government or the private.

Why can't we be like them?? I guess it's because we have lots of unhappy workers in the government., or even in private offices. One unhappy person affects everything. It's a domino effect. 


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Saturday, January 22, 2011

17 Casualties

This is the latest accident we have here in Cagayan de Oro City. Sad, the head-on collision between a passenger jeepney and a 10-wheeler truck on a highway in Tablon last  Thursday, has now claimed five lives while others are still 50/50. Roy Montecalbo, the driver of the Isuzu truck, has already surrendered to authorities around 5 p.m. Thursday after he fled.

News links Here, Here and Here. Photo was borrowed from Facebook as it was uploaded at DOTA All Stars.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Gifts Received..

Last Christmas I received a few gifts, mostly beauty products and perfumes. Yes, they may be a few, but they are my favorite brands.My daughter received dolls and bags and watches. And they made her really happy. My sister Sweet received perfumes and colognes mostly from Victoria Secret. Uhm.. I gave three, and one is an advance birthday gift for her as she will soon be celebrating her birthday this January.  River received toys and watchjes, while Ira clothes, watches and toys. They all loved their gifts. 

How about you? Did you like what you got last Christmas???


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A friend's father died due to canker sore. You may think it is not possible since canker sores are minor impediments. But it was how the canker sore was dealt with and how it has come to worse. I was told that a day before he died, the family went to the mall and shopped for a new dehumidifier. Unknowingly, the manner in which the canker sore was supposed to be treated was the cause of death. I learned that "tawas" powder was placed that complicated the matter. So while the "tawas" powder was working its way to supposedly heal, it went into the bloodstream, which eventually became the cause of death.. 

So as a word of caution, we must be very careful what we use to heal ourselves. The "tawas" powder, which is traditionally used to heal canker sores may not be a good solution after all.


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Anyone can recommend diet plans that work to anyone. Question is, will it be followed through? Will the person follow to the letter or to the dot what was shared? Some take shortcuts, others cheat the process.Others, well, they simply go to Vicky Belo, hehehehe..

There is so much reason why people wanna lose weight. Why people wanna beautify bodies by dieting. But whatever reason, and however it is done, it will only be successful when the person doing it is happily doing it. Just like in any endeavor, if you are just forced to do what you are doing, chances are, success is too slim to achieve. But if you really really want it, you will be able to achieve it. It's all about will power..


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Reduce, Reuse Recycle..

I am always happy to see stainless steel barrels as I connect them with proper garbage disposal. They are recycled to be used as garbage drums or barrels that hold bottles, papers or other trash.Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, garbage segregation is hardly implemented, especially in far flung areas, so seeing drums and barrels denote that trash is being burned inside it or that garbage is dumped into it without proper segregation.
I wish all of us in teh entire archipelago will Reduce, Reuse Recycle.. for a better life, a better world..


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Would You Use Diet Pills?

Do you really think that diet pills work? Well some doctors are now recommending diet pills and even tell their clients to read diet pill reviews to match their queries.Well, why not? For as long as it is not harmful to the body, it must be good. I am talking about diet pills with less or no harmful ingredients of course.

My father, when he had a mild stroke, was recommended to use some kind of diet pill to lower his cholesterol and lose fats. Coming from his doctor, he followed through..


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I wish ab workouts are simple and fast. I find them to be really time consuming on my part and well, that is the reason why I have the same belly as when I had given birth.But I am trying hard these days to eliminate the tummy and get back to that boobsy feeling (feeling only, okay.. ) way back when my tummy and boobs are not meeting yet. Well, consider it as a joke, but i do not wanna hear that from other people. I only tell that to myself, so do not laugh. Hahahaha.. Crazy me.  But really, I am serious on this plight..


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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Would You Work in Afghanistan?

I heard that people from the army, constabulary and the marines, retired and enlisted personnel, are now being recalled for duty, and will be hired to work in Afghanistan. Hmm. Our passports say we are not allowed to land into Afghanistan so I am guessing that these people will have special passports for their jobs or their so called job description.

Anyway, one hopeful applicant said that the pay is about $2000 to $3000. That is quite huge already, especially if it will be spent here in the Philippines. But of course, there are risks involved. I am sure of that. I just wonder how many hopefuls there will be...


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Found Blackberry

Consider yourself lucky to find a new blackberry phone at the public comfort room in a mall. A lady owned, really new blackberry phone. How's that sound to you?

I know of someone, though not personally, who found a new blackberry at a really expensive mall in Singapore. It was pink and had accessories and stuff that you could not imagine. She was of course hesitant to pick it up at first but then she thought,  if she will not pick it up inside the comfort room cubicle, someone else will and the owner will never really know who took it anyway. Well, finders keepers huh? But then when she told us about it, she was already bound for the airport and she was to give that newly found loot to a friend of hers from the country she is from..


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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cagayan de Oro City Post Office on Fire..

A few hours ago, my DeMolay bro Titus Velez shouted on FB that the Cagayan de Oro City Post Office was on fire. I asked further and learned that Postal Bank was also included in the fire.What a start of the year 2011. Fire! For two days, Cagayan de Oro had been gloomy and rainy, who could ever expect a fire to happen? Well, fire is worst than a thief in the night. Rain or shine, it comes... I wonder how it all started and how everything was handled. I wasn't there. I am here in our very home, blogging and making money online. Whew...
 Judging from the photos taken by John Thomas Obnial, a friend of Titus who gave a link of his photos in that same shout-out comment thread, where I learned this information, the firefighters of Cagayan de Oro City have taken care of the problem..
I am sure we will all hear about this fire on the news tomorrow morning. And perhaps some debates about some facts that may be of interest to some, and concerns to others. 

It may be an extended vacation for all employees at the post office. And, I fear for some packages that I am supposed to receive this week. Hopefully they are not shipped yet as I do not want them burned. Whew..  They are products I have ordered online as well as items/products from the US, Australia and Canada that are set for review..

The Cagayan de Oro City Post Office has long been in that spot for ages, maybe it's high time they move to a better location, and a better building that is air-conditioned, lol.. Seriously,  if the government can find a budget, I am sure a new building will rise soon. On the other hand, with technology and all, maybe we should just have a computerized system for package deliveries like that of Singpost in Singapore where a singular office is found in every locality with mobile delivery staff . Imagine, it will make lives better and deliveries cheaper. But then again, we go back to the question of "the budget".. Ouch!

Will keep myself posted for updates about this fire.. and will share further on this post later..


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