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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

After Birthday..

I am now back to regular programming.... hehehe.. Aloe, Tea, Shake with ppp, exercise and lots of daimoku..

Thank you UNIVERSE for all the wonderful people who sent their love the other day, yesterday and even today; for remembering me on my birthday, for all the messages that flooded my inbox, email and phone calls from important persons in my life. I am so blessed.

Thank you to my family and relatives, thank you to all my friends; close friends and acquaintances. Thank you to my SGI friends too. Thank you to my colleagues. Thank you to all my blogger friends from PH, Malaysia & Singapore & US, friends in media, jobie & amaranth sisters & demolay/mason brothers from PH, Argentina, Brazil and US. Thank you to all friends in theater especially from Pasundayag. Thank you to all friends from XU College Glee Club. Thank you to all classmates & school mates from MDO, Lourdes Grade School, XU, LDCU, CTU (CSCST). Thank you to all my students from XU, BSU, Marymount Academy and MOGCHS. 

Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you.. 

My 38th birthday was not celebrated in a grand fashion, but for me, it is the best because on my 37th bday last year, I started getting sick which went on till summer. But it was a good thing, I guess, because it lead me to H. This year, I celebrate it with good health and the abundance of love.. There is really so much to be thankful for.. Thank you UNIVERSE for another chapter in my life.. 


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Sunday, March 09, 2014

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Almost Ending Stress

So all of us are busy right now. Every teacher in school is busy with grades, checking of assignments and projects, and the making of the necessary documents just in time for the almost ending school year, recognition and graduation. I wonder if anyone of us will still have time for the selection of guy harvey jewelry to wear during the big day.. Hmmm.. Oh well, whatever accessory, I am sure everyone will look perfectly adorable.. 

What's important is that we can deliver and we can be free from school related stress in a month or so.. Vacation, here we come.. 

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