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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

microsoft training courses

Remember my previous post about the Microsoft Boot Camp? Well, would you guys laugh at me if I tell you that thinking about microsoft training courses last night did not make me sleep at all? That I was awake the whole night just thinking about it... I am serious!

Imagine yourself being trained by the professionals at Microsoft, and classes are led by certified instructors in all disciplines including Cisco, Oracle, UNIX, Microsoft training, Wireless, Security, and much more! And not only that.. You can actually train in the field of your choice, with personal appearance and up close with your mentors and of course, online! What I love about this distance learning method is the fact that it allows you to attend computer classes without the expense and hassle of travel. There are live instructors who will lead these online courses in real time with plenty of interaction between students and teacher. Isn't that marvelous? And with this in mind, I tell you, I am frantically overwhelmed because I have long wanted to learn more about these courses. And I can do it even here at Honeysweet, wearing only my pajamas, lol.. AH! What a life that would be.. No worries, no more hurried pace.

I wish I could enroll soon.. Hmm. I guess that calls for one more round of a sleepless night, lol..

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