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Thursday, September 03, 2009


It's not every day that I make an interesting sandwich.. Infact, if you look at the sandwich in photo, you could really say that it is practically BORING! So why should you eat this sandwich?
Well, for one thing, it is made of the best ingredients and the sandwich creator did it for LOVE.. hahaha...
Well, technically, when I do wonders FROM MY KITCHEN, it is always done out of LOVE, not only for food but for the people I am going to serve them to--- I think I have mentioned that in my previous blogs... 
So what makes this sandwich stand out? The bread is from Goldilocks.. and the spreads used are imported from DAVAO CITY, THE LAND OF THE FAMOUS DURIAN--- waah---
So  it is uniquely "Durian" in everything, minus the Durian smell that some people do not like.. well, actually, there is a bit of Durian scent in the sandwich, it's just that the smell of  Peanut almost overlaps---
And how did I make the sandwich? Well, when I spread them, I did it in a pattern... Peanut Butter, Durian Jam, Peanut Butter on one slice and Durian Jam, Peanut Butter, Durian Jam on the other...
And when the two slices were closed like a book, the Peanut Butter and the Durian Jam kissed in perfection---

Lili and River loved my creation--- and that's the best part of making this treat---

In this photo, the other slice was done by the kids so they had a sense of achievement helping...

Truly YUMMY! And fun too--- Submitted this as my entry for FROM MY KITCHEN...  

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