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Friday, September 18, 2009


All of us should go for intrinsically safe fans. Just like the one on the photo above. That's the Explosion Proof Ventilator Fan / Blower  with a 25 foot Static Conductive Duct Fan whose general function is to redirect stale air from hazardous location areas.  This is quite unique because it is certified for all groups. Now, for confined spaces that require a powerful ventilator that meets strict hazardous space standards, there is a specific fan called the EPF-30P which delivers high-performance with uncompromising safety. It uses pneumatic operation, which means that this fan requires a compressor to operate it. This unit will not be powered by an electrical outlet, instead, it will be connected to a compressor that can feed it 38 CFM at 100 PSI.  The intrinsically safe design of the EPF-30P ensures against dangerous sparking. I guess, that is what we should always look into when choosing a fan. The energy-efficient, high performance motor is totally enclosed, giving the assurance that the fan will work safely. The EPF-30P can provide all the continuous circulating airflow you need to get the job done. Ah! What a wonderful piece of information I gathered online today.. Thanks Google..

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