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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I love this site...

Lili and i were surfing the net last night before her Ina (my sister Sweet) came for a sleep over. We were actually looking at lovely hats and baby banz swimwear because she wants some. I guess you could say that my baby is now very much oriented with the net and she knows that if we want something, we easily find them online...

So we searched Google and he lead us to this really nice baby site, I like browsing through the site because it is easy to move from page to another as all pages load easily. Plus they have baby travel tips that would surely be useful. You can actually read Infant Tips, Crawler Tips, Walker Tips and Multiples Tips... And if you are a mom who wants to be a member at their site, you can actually make a baby blog and it will be featured for all to see. You can post pictures and write about your baby and the wonders he or she brings in your life.. The blog is actually categorized four ways: Beach Baby, Adventure Baby, Snow Baby and Wild Child... Of course the baby boutique that Lili and I were looking at are categorized as Bath Gear, Sleep Gear, Seasonal, Diaper Bags, Travel Gear, Strollers, Baby Carriers, Feeding Time and Safety. So under these categories, you will find so many things that could help in your travel with baby... 
Lastly, this site can help you book your trip and they have link for United States Hotels, Canada Hotels, Australia Hotels, Europe Hotels and International Hotels...So, if you wish to travel and find all these things in one site, go to
As for Lili, she just wants the pink hat and shades.. wink..wink..

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