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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas For Men

Valentine's day is near. And I am sure many men and women will be busy looking for gifts for their partners and loved ones. Valentine's Day ideas for men's gifts are more difficult to come by than Valentine's Day gifts for women. That is a fact. And I am sure many people would very much like to know where to get gifts for men and what to get the important men in their lives. Good thing is that, has given many ideas on this matter. I wish you guys can visit the site to know more...

My father loves the site so much because he gets to see what’s available for him to receive, lol.. My mother loves the site because she is given new ideas about what to give my father. That makes sit more exciting. And the best part is, it’s not only couples who can benefit from the site. It’s more like a family thing. See, my siblings and I love the site because it gives us a whole new perspective of gift giving for men..

How about you? Care to visit the site and use it as how it can benefit you and the men in your life?


A day early for Yummy Sunday. This is Honey Lemon Fried Chicken we cooked for lunch. This was marinated the night before so the flavors just sipped in the meat.. For more visit www.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Godspeed Kiddo...

Joseph del Gallego, or fondly called as Kiddo by friends and loved ones have passed on. The photo you see above is proof that even in a not so good state physically, Kiddo lived his life like normal people do. He never complained, nor became depressed about his situation. And with that many people were inspired by his attitude and perspective of life.. He kept the fight going without surrender at the same time lived life as normally as he could. His friends and relatives appreciate this very much as well as every person, although stranger to him or his family. Every person who will be able to know his story ends up inspired to live life with a better attitude towards everything.

Personally, Joseph reminds me that I have nothing to complain about life, whatever it gives me. It's all a matter of perspective really. No more, no less. And I thank Kiddo for such inspiration...

I do hope his family, his wife and kids especially, will be strong in his passing.. Kiddo will always be remembered as a good friend to everyone. Helpful and always happy to lend a helping hand... I guess that is why many people loved and continues to love him...

Godspeed Kiddo...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Put while you poop..

Have you ever used a potty putter before? Well, I haven't. And when Louise asked me about it, I didn't even have any idea until I saw the image below.

Then the idea hit me. It made me laugh so hard. But, I guess it has some good points pointed out. Yeah, why not make use of the time that you are using the toilet to practice putting.. After all, when you use the toilet, you only sit and do nothing else. Ain't that a swell idea for time management?

Tell me what you think..


Our first Family Outing for 2010 was spent at the beach. And we caught these 3 little crabs swimming with us. My little brother caught them by hand and placed them in their pail. The crabs lived 4 days and died on the fifth.. Lili and my little brother cried. Hmm.. That's their first encounter with death.. And we buried them at the front yard of the orange house..

web hosting provider

Many of my blogger friends are now looking for the best web hosting provider. Thank God there's to help us. The website gives in-depth and up to date information when it comes to hosting providers. I really appreciate the fact that they have the top 10 Web Hosting Providers, ranked and discussed thoroughly so clients will be able to see how they fare.. What I most like is the fact that I am able to discover other web hosts that are just as good as or even better than those I have already known. Isn't that cool?

How about you? Have you considered a web host to take care of your hosting needs? If you are still in doubt, better read everything in webhosting geeks website, and like me, I am sure you will really learn so many things there.

The best part is knowing that you can trust webhosting geeks because they have been multi awarded since 2004. Why not read their blog and their awards as well. For 2010, they got awards again and they are as follows:

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Watch out for the shows that we will be producing in line with VDAY 2010. I am so happy that we are finally moving. Should you wish to join, whether as production staff or as an actor, or even as part of the marketing team, so send me a message here..

Monday, January 25, 2010


I found this really cool website that allows you to make collage online. My friends have been able to create collage and I always wondered where they were able to do it because I wanted to try them for myself. Then when I discovered the site that allowed me to create collage online, I was more than happy. The site is easy to navigate and creating images and collage are fun and easy too. Take for example the one below:

Funny Pictures

What do you think? It is cool, don't you think so? These images you can actually place in your website or social network. And the best part of it all, there are codes already that can be used readily and hassle free to generate.

What I really like is the fact that it has no hidden links and nothing pops up in your window when you use the site even though it's free. Other websites do just that. They have hidden links and pop ups and sometimes viruses too. But this one, I find this to be clean.. If you wanna try it also, simply visit and see how fun and amazingly easy everything is..

Too Early For Rants and Curse..

I was awakened by my neighbor's ranting and cursing.. Too early for such lewd comments and shouts, and too un-motherly to be doing them towards her grade school kiddies.. Well.. Time to get up anyway, so here I am. Lili is still sleeping soundly. I looked at her before rising up and I swear, I could never do the same to her.. Children, no matter how misbehaved they become, do not deserve to be ranted on and cursed. I remember a book that I read, which I forgot the title, that emphasized that if we parents shout ill words upon children, that is exactly how they will grow up to be.. Of course, with psychology and special education background, I know that for a fact too.. On the other hand, the mother should seek help if she warrants it, because for sure she is stressed and burned by her situation that is why she has become so irritable and lacked patience already... Or maybe, she is on the brink of menopausal... ah.. whichever.. I just wanna say that whatever we communicate to our children, it should be communicated with love and respect because they are people too..

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Have you ever heard about InvestmentForge? My cousin Rick mentioned about it on chat today. He even gave me the website,, to follow through. For those who do not know yet about Investment Forge, it is a registered and certified name for "Investment Forge Gmbh" which is an investing control management team that is registered in Cyprus. And being online, it allows for many people worldwide to join.

Rick said that if one is familiar with trading, then Investment Forge is no longer new.. The only difference is that it is done online..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This was taken two days ago, after the fire that hit the vehicle you see on the photo was put off by the fire brigade and some residents of Villa Nena Subdivision Phase 2, of Barangay Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City...

The owner of this said vehicle is the home owners' association president and the space you see is not his, but the area covered as recreational area which also included the basketball court and darts lounge..


Children were playing with PICOLO and eventually, after lighting the said firecracker threw the still burning matchstick to some garbage mound near the vehicle and eventually burned it..

Points to ponder:

Who should be blamed for this incident?
  • the boys-- under 18 so that makes them MINORS?

  • the boys' parents? guardians?

  • the homeowners association president, for parking his vehicle there? (It should have been parked in his property, don't you think so?)

  • the school? It happened at around school time, 2:30-3:40 pm

Hmm.. This minor misdemeanor by the boys will clearly root in them some trauma, shame and may even cause them to develop low self esteem later on, if and when this issue is not addressed properly.. or this may lead to some other mishaps in the future...

Ahh.. the enlarged photo from my distance to the scene.. I was standing outside my gate here at the orange house.. And I thought the sirens were for robbers caught stealing in broad daylight.. Darn! I was busy doing my blogs and tasks when this happened and when I heard unusual noises outside, I locked the doors, as my imagination was already running wild.. Silly me

Anyway, I hope we get some lesson from this..

Monday, January 18, 2010


Beat the cold weather with this yummy treat...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Great Love...

The first time I saw you, I felt it.. You were my first and probably my last.. The love of my life that changed me and my beliefs...

Auto Transport Brokers

Guys, guess what... Pippa is considering to join her friends who are all seeing Auto Transport Brokers in her quest for the best Auto Transport... Hurray for Pippa!!! I heard that Chicago Express offers the Best Broker Deal. They offer a Personalized Service! For every client, they will assign a coordinator who works diligently as a consultant who will ensure courteous planning assistance. Unlike other brokers who will just list the client's car on a centralized website. Of course, they do the legwork themselves! They will of course offer shipment to the entire industry, including our their competition, so clients get the best deal, without having to shop around.. And the best things is that their service is Risk-Free! If they cannot find transport for a specific client at a satisfactory price, he or she may ask for his or her fee back and they will refund it in full. Hmmm.. Come to think of it, I have never heard of any other company that offers this. Both the client as well as the company take the RISK out of Auto Transport.

To confirm or ask for more information, you can reach then at 800-566-9316 or visit their site at

higher ground

This is the song I have been singing and humming as early as I woke up today and even until now that I have not been able to sleep yet...

Walk me over
this horizon
let the sun's light
warm my face
once again the times are changin
once again i lost my way
well the words of ancient poets
fall like dust upon my shoes
grief has robbed me of my vision
turned my heart from higher truths
so take my hand
and lift me higher
be my love and my desire
hold me safe
and honor bound
take my heart to
higher ground
I have walked
too long in darkness
I have walked
too long alone
blindly clutching
fists of diamonds
that i found were only stones
i would trade the world of ages
for a warmer hand to hold
the path of light is narrow
but it leads to streets of gold
so take my hand
and lift me higher
be my love and my desire
hold me safe
and honor bound
take my heart to
higher ground

in this world
we move through shadows
never sure
of what we see
while the truth that lies between us
come and share the truth with me
so take my hand
and lift me higher
be my love and my desire
hold me safe
and honor bound
take my heart to
higher ground

hmmmmm hmm hmmmm hmmmm

Below is a video shared at You Tube...

Nice Song! Love the lyrics..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need A Tutor?

Liza left me a private message over plurk that her son needs Math Help and no amount of Online Tutoring can help him. Another good friend of mine, Feona, asked me for Algebra Help and Algebra Tutoring for her son Bastie and would like someone from Honeysweet. Ah.. Math and Algebra.. Many mothers really find it difficult to see their kids having difficulty in these two subjects... I feel for them...

With Feona's problem, I can readily help but Liza's had me searching and researching, lol.. Of course, how can someone from Honeysweet go to her when she is oceans away, lol.. So the good friend that I am, consulted Mr. Google and he led me to the website of Guaranteach..

Guaranteach is by far the best online tutoring solution that I have found.
I like how they emphasize the tutoring for less clause. So parents can stop paying tutors and learning centers by the hour. Hmmm, not a good idea for Honeysweet, lol.. But then again, Guaranteach stands firmly that for just $9.95 anyone can get UNLIMITED math tutoring for an entire month, at their website... I guess that is a good idea, especially for Liza.. The best thing is that anyone can open a trial account before deciding to enroll in a month-long program..

Hmm.. That is one good idea there.. I like it! So guys, if you are in need of tutors, why not visit their site today.. That's enjoy!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I just arrived from TNT Forwarders. I got my package from their office since no one was at home when they tried to drop my package off yesterday afternoon. This was my prize which I won from a blogging contest last year...

I will update this post later to show you what is inside.. But of course, for some of you who have been following my blogs, I know that you know what is in it...

Bye for now.. I will get back later...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am still in the process of looking for a Free Article Submission Service online. I am thinking of submitting some finished projects that I have done and the only way to have them published without me paying is by getting it done through a Free Article Submission Service.. Anyone here have any idea?

If you do, send me a message. Please. Thanks..

wow, free press release..

Angeline opened her catering business last week and because she is out of budget, she opted to have the announcement through a free press release, in one of the local papers in this city. It is good to have friends in the media who readily gives free press release when needed...

How about you? Do you have friends in media?


Have you ever considered enrolling in one of the many make up colleges in the country? I have often thought about that. A few years back, I even took up cosmetology at Non Formal Education, or now the new Alternative Learning Systems of the Department of Education. But seriously, if you want to make a career out of it, there are specific schools who would give you the best instruction, the secrets of the trade. I heard that the famous hair and make up icons of the country also opened their own learning centers to cater to those who have the drive to learn from them...

The said cosmetology schools offer programs that could help anyone interested to become a licensed cosmetologist through studies in hair, skin and nails. As a cosmetologist, one will be prepared for an exciting, creative and lucrative career in a variety of settings, including those in salons and day spas, with beauty product manufacturers, or within the entertainment industry. But of course, they also have a chance to be their own boss if they open their own beauty centers.

As for me, I am happy to have the knowledge and the skill to use whenever it is called for in the family or for personal reasons.. I usually do not go to the parlor to beautify myself, except when I need a haircut or a manicure or pedicure. But when it comes to hairdo and make up, I do it by myself. I even do my sisters' and cousins' hair and make up, when called for... All I do to update myself is to visit websites like or read magazines and other media...

In this tough financially challenged times, it helps to knows a few tricks or two in making one's self beautiful.. Saves you a lot of money...

Feast of the Black Nazarene

The photo above was shared by fellow cdo blogger, Rob Bana. It was taken during the feast of the Black Nazarene... I did not expect that devotees here in Cagayan de Oro are as many as that in the photo..

As shared by Rob, "the Black Nazarene is a life-sized, dark-colored, wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ held to be miraculous by many people, especially its Filipino devotees. Its original carver is an anonymous Mexican carpenter, and the image was transported by a galleon from Mexico".

Saturday, January 09, 2010


When I started blogging, earning and upgrading my blogging knowledge, I did just rely on blogs, blogging reviews, work from home reviews, web hosting reviews, and all other reviews. I joined networks of people who have managed to survive the challenges called for by the said blogging profession. And when I am able to grasp little knowledge here and there, I gladly pass it on to those who also seek my help. I have gained friends and fellow stay at home moms who share the same challenges and dreams in teh blogging journey. And it's funny because at times, I find myself encouraging many others to join us and make profit to help the family in financial challenges...

If there is one thing I have learned from fellow bloggers, it is the thought that we are all one and interconnected. We share the blogosphere and have made it our home online. It is but natural that we move forward in such environment, hand in hand in support of each other..

Anyway, for you ladies and gentlemen, mommies and daddies and even teens and retirees, I am inviting you to explore the world of blogging. And if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask. We’ll help you in anyway we can…

3 hours 56 minutes

At dawn today, Ed and I spent 3 hours and 56 minutes on YM call.. We had to stop at 4:57 am since we were both sleepy... It's nice to talk and not know how much time passes as you go along with conversations... I am happy that he and his wife are finally talking things out. I have tried to convince him that he should save his marriage above all things.. And maybe, they should not pursue the annulment, though it was already in court... I feel for their children, who are young and innocent about the goings on of their family life... And the risk of almost having it fall apart...

As his loyal friend, I would be more than happy to see that his children will still have a mother and a father intact.. That their family will still be together. See, that's where me and the monster differ.. A woman just have to set aside her happiness if it means saving and serving a lot more people than herself... And the good part of it all, Ed and I have managed to retain our friendship, and his family's respect for me... After telling them what I feel and think, his mom and his sister have become good friends too.. So now, everything is smooth and straight.. Life is totally amazing..

Friday, January 08, 2010


Anyone heard of sono bello before? Hmm, actually I have. I even had a chance to do a chat session with their customer service representative. Shh.. It's our little secret. I actually inquired about Sono Bello’s Laser Assisted Liposuction and Body Contouring technology that is said to permanently remove fat cells in order to enhance and shape most areas of the body. From the tummy, thighs, chin, back, hips… and anywhere and everywhere where there is a problem, Sono Bello’s highly-trained, board certified physicians can help. They offer procedures that tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite and diminish stretch marks to give the body that is always wanted.


But of course, I have to be either in Austin, Beverly Hills, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City or in Seattle, to be able to have the treatment... Unfortunately, those were the only places where you can find a Sono Bello clinic. Here in the Philippines, we have Calayan or Vicki Belo's...

Oh well.. I always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that it is merely skin deep.. But with a four year old and a health history to fight with, it is also a good way to challenge myself once in a while... And having the chat session with the Sono Bello representative was really something...

Thursday, January 07, 2010


The news tonight featured a story about a child with special needs being asked to leave the aircraft of Cebu Pacific, a flight bound from Hong Kong to the Philippines. I was crying when I saw the news. Well, actually, I was already crying because of another misunderstanding that me and the sports dad were having and such misunderstanding was mainly focused on the little princess. So when I saw what the news was about, it broke my heart all the more.

Such Cebu Pacific crew should enroll herself in Special Education. If she can not afford to do so, she should at least learn the virtues of respect. Even children have rights and even children with special needs do... Such action and ill treatment can do more harm for the child and the crew or the airline can not even pay for such trauma... Bottom line is, ignorance excuses no one. If I am the mother of the said child, I would sue the said crew and the airline for damages...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A new dinning room furniture is what we need. Yes, you read it right! Ours have served us for more than a decade already. It's made of Palo China, and it used to look great. Now, it simply looks awful.. What with the wear and tear that it had gone through over the years. And this year, it will simply accept its retirement like it is meant to rest for good. The decision was unanimous. The need is magnanimous... And the people desiring the change is more than willing to look for a replacement. Yes, you read it right again. We are still in the process of looking for the right furniture to replace the old. You see, we, as a family, are careful about what we take in and take out. Material or people deserve long term relationships.. So that explains why my father still keeps the old pick up though it is now parked in my garage here at the orange house. Why we keep friendships and special people close. We simply can not and do not throw away good relationships... And if our belongings could talk, they would agree with everything that I have written here.. Perhaps it's nostalgia. Perhaps it's respect. Perhaps, it's giving back the very meaningful service each has rendered, that with persons. But with each piece of furniture, perhaps it's the thought that without anyone of them, our lives would have been difficult... Ah.. They do not breathe, nor talk nor feel.. After all, they are non living things.. But still, we give them credit for what their purpose have done with each our lives.. Believe me.. This post will never be enough to explain everything...

I am just glad that we will soon have a new dining room furniture...

Monday, January 04, 2010


This is one of the many foodies on our New Year's table.. Milk Fish or Bangus symbolizes a healthy start...

Friday, January 01, 2010

My family. We always have our family picture taken during the New Year. And as we welcome year 2010, the photo above is the first photo taken for the year... And our family will continue to grow as the years will go.. How about you? Have you taken your first photo for the New Year yet?