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Thursday, September 03, 2009


TMI Thursday
Here is a meme which is new to me on this blog. I find this exclusively for the strong, bold and confident as this has some adult nature that some people would like to stray away from.. But let me just say that I have read a few TMIs and some of them are not really gross or adult in nature but in the spirit of the TMI, it makes fun of some experience a person has in his life...
My TMI experience would be that time, when I was yet in college. And I really felt humiliated but was able to do something about it--- 
It was during the time of our sports fest, PT Department.  We opened it with a cheering competition and I was one of teh cheerleaders. This is not the usual cheer leading that you guys may be familiar with.. All of us cheers squad leaders were on the heavy side of the scale, but "cute".. wink..wink.. And oh, this has nothing to do with my TMI experience, lol..
To cut the story, let me just give you a clear picture. The Physical Therapy department have chosen color white for this cheering competition.. All of us! We were only divided and subdivided into the different colors of our team.. We belonged to the yellow team.. So I wore white shorts, our white tee shirt and a nice classy hat with a yellow ribbon on it..  

After the competition, we walked towards Twinky's (it was still open at that time, now it is the location of Tapsi Time) and as we were walking I slipped at this mound of dirt that have turned muddy. I sat there, I didn't move.. All of our friends and classmates and school mates have passed me by and all of them with the same question.. "Eleanor, what are you doing there?" I told them I was too tired to walk, so I continued to sit there till everyone was out of sight..hahaha.. When everyone has gone, friends Tish, Chummy, Matet and Gigi came and helped me up.. And of course, with mud on my butt, with the white shorts and all, sitting on the mound was better than walking ahead of everyone else and be the talk of the entire event, hahaha.. We went to Chuumy's place and I took a bath and changed into something clean and we went back to the sports center like nothing happened.. But everytime I remember that, I laugh at myself.. 

1 comment:

rachaelgking said...

TMIs are always better when you get away with it. ;-)