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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wanna buy shoes online? If it's Schuhe you are looking for, there's this wonderful site for all those deliriously delicious shoes. It's kinda like your German shoe shop online.. They have everything to your heart's content, including those sexy black Stiefel and the trendy and stylish Damenschuhe.. Ahh.. What a sight to behold. They have all top brands like Converse , Timberland ,Chucks and many more... I love shoes and theirs is what any shoe addict can call a shoe heaven, lol..
Browsing through the site is not at all difficult. Although I could not understand the words as they are in German, my translator has provided me the best help to decipher every word. So that explains the words used here, hahaha.. The site may be intended for German audience but because the shoes totally rock, I can't help but browse some more and more.. Funny, I could almost see myself drool over the beautiful creations on display.. I have not seen some of the designs featured in the site. Ahh.. makes my mouth water.. I am totally a shoe addict. Imagine? I could hardly understand the site, yet I stayed on to see more and more designs. As if I can go ahead and pick them up, pay for them and have them wrapped to be given to my own self as a gift for being a good girl.. Hmm.. Which reminds me.. Christmas is just around the corner..  I would be glad to accept any shoe style so long as it is size 10 wrapped in a box with a gold Christmas ribbon, lol.. I am not demanding okay.. Just reminding how it should be wrapped.. Whether it's from Santa or someone else, a big Christmas kiss awaits.. hahaha
Can you ever believe that? Whew.. or should I say, Schuhe.. Schuhe.. Schuhe.. They're not bad for Christmas presents.. In fact, I am getting my family a new pair each.. Waahhh.. I wonder how my savings will fare by December... Hmm..

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