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Monday, August 29, 2011

National Heroes Day Today!

We do not have classes today. It's a national holiday. This day, National Heroes Day, commemorates the bravery and the courage of heroes who have stood up to fight for this country's freedom. This day is  declared as National Heroes’ Day by virtue of Republic Act No. 3827 of 1931. 
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While Jose Rizal is remembered every 30th of December and Andres Bonifacio every 30th of November, other heroes who do not have a legal day set as remembrance for them,  is remembered on this day. In choosing August as the month for this celebration, is actually based on the events that transpired in August 1896 such as the Cry of Pugad Lawin and the Battle of San Juan del Monte. 

In this day and time, we also have unsung heroes and the nameless heroes who continue to live among us, day by day.  This day is for them too. 


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Corrupt Post Office Personnel..

Yesterday, we received a couple of packages and some postcards at this new address. Finally, we got something from the post after a month. The postman tried to ask for money for each package, thinking that I am ignorant about their modus operandi. So I told him that the post man in Balulang does not ask for a fee for packages delivered, but him, the one assigned in Macasandig/Mandumol area asks me to pay P 50 for each? In the end, he was not able to victimize me. He was even trying to be funny, and said that a shirt is inside the package. So I told him that I have received a couple of shirts in Balulang too. I guess even if the shirt inside were funny tee shirts, I still would not be laughing at what the postman was trying to do.. Are these people working in the post office going hungry that they would corrupt every Filipino who have packages to claim? The last time, my father paid P 45 for a package that was supposed to be claimed thereat. It was a promotional item from a company from the US that was sent to me, but had to be claimed there. No receipt was given. The next package was sent and another post office personnel was the one who released the package, but no fee was ever charged. So I guess, not all of them are corrupt but many are! So we have to be on guard for them who are and who will always try to suck money from us.. I feel frustrated thinking about this really bad practice of post office personnel-- if only private couriers aren't expensive, I am sure the post offcie would have closed up already.. 


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Products for Men, Products for Women?

I have often wondered why there are products that are naturally designed for women, as well as those that are naturally for men. But then, other brands have their products working for both.. What's the fuss about it? I mean, is there really a difference between fat burners for women and those that are said to be exclusively for men? And deodorants also have schemes like that. But I know of couples who use  one kind of product for the two of them, and reports that there is really nothing to compare with-- 

Uhm, I am lost here! Anyone care to explain things further.. 


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Money and More..

The inflation has gone so bad that people these days are actually buying not just enough within their current needs and means but also hoarding some for their future. I do not know if buying CD type annuity rates of investments should count, but I think it is not just for basic needs that people who have money are hoarding on. It entails a lot of things.. But the marginalized few, remains untroubled as living life means living it a day at a time. 

Our house help asked permission to go to the barangay hall for her community tax, and she adds that it is necessary for their house that they are currently staying at.. I do not quite understand the connection, but I allowed her anyway. Then I realized that the house they are living in as well as the lot for which it stands belongs to the government.. Her family and the rest of the people in their community live on government land, So, I am thinking, the government itself need to aware of the properties it has and how said properties are used.. If all government properties are used income wise, I think the Philippines will not have any problems with paying debts and all.. But then, politics will always get in the way. I think you know what I mean..


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Travels Here and There

I love to travel. I love to see new faces, new sights.. And because I do, I have created a new blog with travel as its niche. Amazingly enough, within just a few weeks, it has started to grow, unlike all my other blogs which took some time before I could see development. My travel blog, Travels Here and There dot info is now a PR 2 blog. And I am really praying that I could visit some more international destinations, sample the food, stay at different hotels and review each and everyone of them. Perhaps visit vienna restaurants, or get a taste of art zurich or Zurich Art, and many others. I wanna go bungy jumping in China, or see the different animals in the wild Safari of Africa. Whew.. In the mean time that my trips are limited, I have my postcards for postcrossing. Somehow, with postcards, everything is a learning experience. I wish I could really see the many different places for myself, and take a snap of every corner of the globe---

That would truly be a journey of a lifetime.. But then, hey, we all have a reality to go back to every time a vacation ends..


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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Say Goodbye to Wrinkled Clothes with a Garment Steamer

Pressing clothes is a time consuming task and if you are a busy mom with a household to run and kids to take care of, you’ll need to find an easy and quick way to fix those wrinkled clothes. Gone are the days when you have to take out the iron and board to “fight” the wrinkles and lines on folded clothes, all you need is a garment steamer and this appliance will fix the problems.

Of course the traditional household would question the need to use and the benefits that a garment steamer could provide. Do you really need to have one? If you want a stress free way to deal with delicate fabrics and wrinkled clothing then yes, it is better to have a garment steamer at home. Business suits and other soft materials should be handled with extreme care; one wrong move with a hot iron could ruin your expensive outfit.

Having a garment steamer also means that you’ll have fewer visits to the drycleaners.  Imagine the savings that it can provide you in the long run especially if your family relies on the cleaners a lot. It does not only save you money but time and energy as well. If you are considering buying one for your home, there are a number of brands offering garment steamers in different sizes. You could even get one that is perfect for travel at an affordable price.

Jane currently works as a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics include travel, current events, technology and fashion. She's enjoying her current task writing for gulvsliber a project which is all about floor sander.


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On Essays and Essayists..

Are you fond of writing eassys? Well, I have read somewhere that essaywriters are earning big time even just to write a bibliography for other people. I guess the online world is making it possible for essayists to find something useful of their talents online that gives them instant monetary equivalent. But I wonder if these essayists really love what they do, should they find themselves in heaps of essay orders.. hmm. Just thinking.. 

Anyway, I read too that aside from blogging, a fellow mommy blogger from the other side of the world, is earning not just from her blogs and its advertisements, but also from writing essays. So it must really be a good way to earn, huh? I wonder where that specific website is. I will soon find out about it, and I will share it here, my dear readers, so do not fret. I am sure some of you are asking where to sign up and start writing essays too. Am I right? or Am I right? hahahaha.. 

Just chillin' here in my crib on a lazy Sunday.. will go to church later.. Have a blessed Sunday everyone.. 


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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Cellular Phone

I remember the time when Audio conferencing was yet new, and cellular phones are yet too few, those cellular phones which cater to the purpose of Audio conference. was fun. And funny, because we were all so conscious of what we were doing, my friends and I. But later on, as cellular phones have upgraded to better technological devices, not only audio conferencing was possible, but a whole lot more. This opened to new needs and wants from its users.

Today, the cellular phone is not only used for calling but storing important data. Not to mention, transmitting data through the Internet, or even capturing and making data before storage or transfers. It can even allow for security functions as well as allow financial aspects of one's life be organized with the use of a cellular phone. For most people these days, the cellular phone has become a necessity, and not just a simple gadget used to make or receive phone calls.

These days, even children as young as five can use a cellular device as it also has functions that make them enjoy moments they are holding the gadget. But some parents, for security reasons, allow their children to carry cellular phone for tracking purposes by installing tracking applications on their cellular phones. Saves lives in so many ways.

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Online or Not

When I was working at the contact center, I learned that buying flip cameras are much more expensive online, than calling to order from customer service. However, buying filp cameras online makes the buyer do the act of buying all by himself, unlike in buying through the customer service personable who actually places the order for the client. Hmm. If I were the customer, I would rather buy from an actual store located where I am at. That way, I get to sample how the camera works and have it replaced at that very instant when it is not working accordingly..  

Anyway, there are other things that we can actually decide whether to get online or at the store. For me, gadgets are not one of the many items I would get online. I would perhaps buy clothes, shoes, accessories or what-nots online, but not gadgets. Oh, but it's just me.. 


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Sunday, August 07, 2011


If  I have a chance to travel in all the different places in the world, I would consider to travel machu picchu, or join canada tours, or wander around asia in an asia tours.. I would gladly promote what is there to promote, and have fun in the process. Take pictures, sample the food, immerse with the culture. It is so nice to be visiting places that is different from where you are from. This way, you are actually walking through with your history lessons in mind. Well, if you get to read so many things about so many places and the culture as well as the tradition of people living in different places, surely you will learn about them in your travel too.

I like going through the different food stalls whenever I am in a new place. It is said that one's culture is reflected in the food that one prepares, so too, in every place, a specific food is reflective of its culture.. So if you go to Singapore, and you find many food stalls that sells Indian or Indonesian dishes, then you will know that Singapore is a bastion of mixed cultures. And the person in front of you who is serving your food is somehow sharing a part of himself, his culture and his country.

That is what one can expect in all other tours, be in in Asia, Europe and all other places in the world..


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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Show Must Go On..

My friend, Joy, is selling her printer cum copier. Anyone here who is interested may leave a comment or send me email at the contact details at the sidebar. And guys, I am actually plugging that for free. I would not be doing so if I shall be the one to buy her machine, but unfortunately for me, I am kinda out of budget for that extra expense right now. I do not have the budget to buy the machine which I plan to use for poster printing, leaflets and all other stuff it can make. It may be a good capital of sorts to start a small printing business but budget is tight. We just moved in this new place and I kinda exceeded my expenses because we had to buy so many new stuff that are quite essential to daily living. Apart from the weekly food supplies and the fare, plus all other expenses that may be deemed necessary. But I really do not mind this current state. It shall come to pass. But the opportunity to buy a printer at a very minimal cost is not at all permanent. Someone somewhere may be able to purchase it at its current price and it'll be too late for you. Hahaha.. Do I sound like a marketing agent now? Well, I am actually just practicing too. I may become a virtual marketer one of these days, lol.. Who knows? Right? Kinda hitting two birds with one stone, lol.. But hey, I am serious okay.. PM me for questions, I shall pass them to the owner, my friend Joy.. 


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