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Friday, September 04, 2009


We opened Lili's piggy bank today and placed the money in her bank account.  I told Lili that whatever money we will be able to save will go to her college fund. So she can go to school and be whatever she wants to be.. And she agrees all the time and will add that she wants to be a doctor like her Ninang Darlene, not a lawyer like her grandpa Bastian. Lately, she tells me that she wants to be a teacher like me and a doctor and a dancer--- that will go to another post, lol..
Anyway, saving on piggy banks or opening bank accounts for children is a nice way of instilling in children the value of money and what they should be used for. Of course, because I work at home and that I sleep late, she knows how hard money is to find, so she is not like the other kids who do not know what mommy or daddy does to make money. She knows that mommy blogs and one time she typed some crazy letters and pasted her pictures taken from the webcam on a wordpage and called me. She then told me to use her blog so she can help make money---- With the thought, I am grateful, I simply smiled and told her that when she is older she will have her own blog to make money also.. 
FYI: She has two piggy banks..the one in photo was the one I asked her dad to buy her at SM.. the other which I gave is not full yet so we will not open it yet... 

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