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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training Modules Found

I couldn't believe my luck today. I found some training modules used when I was yet with one of the contact center companies I worked with through - fileshare search. OMG! That is really useful. But, if it will go in the wrong hands, it will be used for more economic upliftment. Hmm. I opted not to download it though, as I feel it is not right. Besides, I don't think I will be needing it as I have fully mastered it already.. hehehe..

Anyway, with this site, I think I will be able to find lot and lots of things that I may need. As a matter of fact, I am searching something right now.. Hehehe.. I will not tell you what it is. It's a secret.. But of course, I will blog about it when I find it.. So that will be the day I reveal my secret.. ahehehe

On the lighter note, I have also found some old songs to download, some e-books and some more important matters in pdf format. Whew.. I love this site.. How about you? Won’t you try it out? I guess you may have something to look for.. Hmm.. Don’t we all?


We had this yesterday for our snack. It's sweet corn and it costs P 15 only. Actually it has already increased since before it can be bought at only P 10.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Electric motorcycle

OMG! I just saw an ad in the magazine about an Electric motorcycle. That is really something new for me. Imagine, that is an Environmentally friendly vehicle there.. I wonder who will be purchasing such a unique concept..

Friday, February 19, 2010


Spottt is a good way to advertise your blog for free. It goes like an exchange and by rotation. However, lately I noticed that everything that's been on the widget are naked women, so it bothered me. My site is intended for women empowerment, not to show naked women, so I studied it closely. I decided to delete it altogether but when I turned on rich text edit and deleted some crazy characters and codes, and saved it, I didn't realize that they were the codes that perhaps made my Spottt show naked women. The original codes in the html view are still intact, so my spottt is still there, without the naked women now.. So I guess I have only removed the codes that made them show up.. I wonder how they were placed there... Hmm.. Anyone know how? Please tell me..

Best Deals on Bathroom Suites

Honey called earlier today about her new house in Iponan, this city. She was asking me to look for the best offer for cheap or affordable BathroomSuites. The house already has a toilet but the comfort room is not complete at all. It still needs some reviews and revisions. So to help my dear sister, I searched the net, sought the help of Mr. Google. Eventually, I was led to, where many designs and colors of bathroom add-ons can be purchased at a minimal cost.

The above samples are just a few of what i have seen. I saved the said images and sent them to my sister for approval. And speaking of bathroom add-ons, I think we need to do something about our shower here at the Orange House.

Having the right accessories and stuff in the wash room or the comfort room is such a big deal. It is after all, your comfort zone. The place where one can find relaxation apart from cleansing and cleaning up one’s body. And every bathroom experience should be a good one as it is vital to one’s upkeep. A healthy body after all starts with a clean body. Everything else follows.

So anyway, if you are also looking into bathroom suites and such, do visit the site.

Lili's Accidental Photo

Lili took this photo using the webcam. I don't know how she did it, and she has forgotten how she did it too so we an not recreate this work of art.. Well, maybe one day she will remember..

Discount Codes

In these trying times, some people have found solace with Discount Codes as they have allowed for more saving that can be translated to getting more than any one's money's worth. Imagine getting what you want or need at half the price just because you have applied discount codes prior to check out. Wouldn't that be grand? I just wish there are many options for us here that are living in the Philippines. Good for the people who are living in the UK, as they have discounts almost handed to them like pancakes in the morning. You could just imagine all the extra money you can buy other items with.. WOW!

Anyway, I found this really cool site that gives discounts to anyone who visits their site. Go to and see what I mean. There is almost a discount code for anything and everything. My, oh my! I want to live there if only discount codes keep pouring in, lol.. Seriously, that is a very big help, especially those who have lots and lots to think about in terms of budget and stuff….

Oh well, I am going to let my cousins living in UK know about this site. This is totally helpful.. Amazing, isn't it? So if you know people who are currently in UK, do inform them too.


We joined last year. I do not see why not join again this year. Guys, I am inviting you to do the same..

On Mud Flaps..

I adore mud flaps when they serve their purpose well. Here in the Philippines, they go by the name, "mud guards" but others also call them as "splash guards". As the name suggests, its attached to the rear of the tire to protect the driver and the other passengers from splashes or mud that can ruin one's day. It is perhaps an accessory that can help improve functionality and appearance of your vehicle.

It is usually made of a thick rubber and is usually available in a large array of designs and logos. Sometimes too, they can be customized according to how the client prefers it to look.

At, one an find so many exciting designs to choose from. They also cater to many different vehicles available today. Their many styles are sure to fit with any body's lifestyle. So if you are looking to get the best mud flaps, do visit their website today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Election Buzz & Kids..

What's the fuss about all these candidates? They all seem the same to me. Anyway, I read from the blog of my idol, Apo Hiking Society's Jim Paredes,"If Presidential candidates were ice cream flavors…" and it sure did make me laugh..

Jim, the writer that he is, truly knows how to put his words and paint them a picture for us to see. A clearer one perhaps? I told my dad about it earlier this afternoon and I was not minding the two kids at the back of the car, until River laughed too and asked, "Ikaw mommy, unsa sad imuha flavor?" (Mommy, what flavor are you?).. We ended up laughing again..

Go ahead and read his post if you are curious about it. CLICK HERE.

Hostel Accommodation

Now a days, Hostel Accommodation has become so widely accepted and appreciated because of economic reasons. A lot of Hostel Reviews would always point out how much a tourist can save if she or he would go and be accommodated in Hostels rather than the big and expensive hotels. Amenities vary slightly but you get to enjoy the same thing. That is, the opportunity to be in the place that you are visiting, and enjoy every aspect of it.

On Research Papers

A friend of mine was looking into sample research papers over the Internet and was surprised to see nothing unless a payment has to be made. Of course, IO told her that there are actually cheap research papers available if she finds the ones she is looking for too expensive. She said she will try to look them up again and decide..

Oh well, if there's one thing we need to realize, everything now a days are considered having a monetary substance. So it is really best to learn things ourselves so we wont have to buy them from someone else..


My sister and I went shopping one time and she met an old friend who was also looking at the same line of clothes that we were looking into in one of the boutiques at LKK Center. Of course, she introduced her to me and me to her. Then they started talking about some things in the past, present and some future plans. Then, all of a sudden, her friend asked her what my occupation is and my sister could not quite figure about what I do, lol.. Anyway, she told her that I do tutorials under our Tutorial center as well as online stuff.. It took her quite a while to fully explain my occupation, yet her friend's reaction was still unconcerned with a hint of doubt, lol.. So anyway, I told her three things that I do to keep it short yet understood.

I said:
  • I am a Teacher by profession, but I do teach part time only.At Honeysweet Learning Center and at Bukidnon State University.
  • I am a full time blogger and online netrepreneur. My bread and butter is in the web..
  • I am a solo parent/mother who organizes events for women empowerment.
Her response was, ohhh.. And she smiled... I smiled too. End of story yet her eyes told me she wants to know more.. I went to the next boutique and told my sister I will wait for her there.. Bade her friend adieu and we parted from that scene.

So what's the fuss about people's occupations? Nothing really, but when someone wants to know, they better ask the person concerned and not someone else for better understanding.. I was not annoyed or anything rather, I was quite amused. Because no matter how much my sister explained it, her friend couldn't quite get what she meant..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

chevy truck accessories

Arnold was always happy with his daddy's birthday gift. He has dreamed it, now the wheels are on his hands. A truck is always what he wanted. Anyway, he tells us that he wants to make additions to his new baby.

By that he means adding chevy truck accessories to it. We all went and explored the website to look for Chevy truck accessories and Theo images you see above is what he found to be the additions.

Of all the Chevy Truck Accessories, I think the Chevy Navigation is the coolest. Imagine, you do not have to have a map to go places or if you get lost. You simply use it and you find your way.. Oh lala, amazing isn't it?

A Photo Contest Entry..

I saw this on the website of the chocolate you see in the photo. Currently, they have this photo contest to feature chocolate lovers sharing happiness or expressing happiness by simply enjoying moments eating or sharing the chocolate in the photo. I will not mention the chocolate nor give you links here as I am not promoting anything about the chocolate or about the contest.

What I would like to share here though is the feeling I have while I saw this photo as one of the many contest entries. One can draw lots of conclusion in seeing this photo. As a matter of perspective, a story can even be derived by simply looking at this photo. Two people in their prime age sharing chocolate is something.. They could be lovers, they could be estranged couples who have just made up, they could be brothers and sisters, they could be strangers.. Or, it could be that the man is courting this woman.. we don't really know the truth behind the photo.. We can only guess.. But for me, it speaks positively about sharing happiness.. Look at their faces..

Thanks Ronald Delima, for sharing. I voted for this entry.

short term insurance, anyone?

Would you be interested in a short term insurance? I heard that HVG insurance offers that to all its patrons and clients. Hmm, I think I wanna get one too. We couldn't be so sure of what will happen anytime. Might as well have insurance for leverage.. At least something will keep us sane when all the world goes rumbly..

Cool Tag Photo

This is a fun tag photo I was tagged with in Facebook. I think this is better than those obnoxious photo ops that degrade other people or those that have campaigns in them. Surely, if you wanna use this, go ahead and copy the image. Sharing this here for its positive value.

Would you go for Breast Enlargement?

Breast Enlargement is one of the long-standing option for women with breast concerns and challenges. Sometimes I think about it also. But, with everything I hear about the after effects and the trauma, I say to myself, my breasts are fine. Wired brassieres help sometimes, lol..

Seriously though, if one is to decide whether to undergo plastic surgery or breast enhancement or breast enlargement to be precise, the experts on the field should be the only option. No other people to consult, except the experts. Why? Because it's no joke that these miracles take shape. If you go to the inexperienced, there is a great possibility of failure or negative effects and you have no other way of correcting the mistake, God forbid!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


These are YUMMY Fish Fritters made from Tuna cutlets.. To make these is simple. All you have to do is season your fish and prepare the batter to dip each in before deep frying. For my version, message me for the recipe..

I wanna Fly to you, Denver Colorado

I was told that Denver Colorado is such a beautiful place to be if you are a nature lover. In fact John Denver also had it all in his songs about the place. It is, according to many, a very beautiful city, and it is surrounded by the peaceful Colorado mountain ranges. Ahh.. "Rocky Mountain High".. sings John Denver. Well, who wouldn't like a peaceful place like that? It is a perfect destination for those looking to relax and for those who are desperate to explore. That's me! Hehehehe.. But I guess for now, I can say, I am still in the desperate level, lol.. Denver offers many exciting activities that will make anyone's vacation, one that will always be remembered.

Anyway, there's this site that I visited recently and it talks about everything about Denver Colorado. That's, where I learned more about the heaven that Jon Denver sings about..

Lili's Valentines Card

Yesterday, Lili and River made their own Valentines Card in school. She showed it to me yesterday and kissed me.. I love how simple yet heartwarming it is..

Tonight, while daddy was on the phone, she read her message on the card.. The card is actually for me and her dad..

Well.. What about you? What did your kids make for you?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Tomorrow is actually a double celebration. It's Valentines Day and at the same time, the Chinese New Year. And since it's family day and a Sunday, it is perhaps the best day in the whole calendar to celebrate it heartily. Hmm.. I am thinking of a dream vacation that I have had for a couple of months already.. It's not as grand as a stay at any of the many Myrtle Beach Resorts. Mine is a simple family get away in mind. But of course, if God permits it, a Resort in Myrtle Beach would really be very nice... But as far as my readings have taken me, I learned that when in Myrtle Beach, it is best to stay in an Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel.. Ah.. lovely, isn't?

Imagine yourself waking up with the ocean breeze embracing you with its totality. A walk on the beach, and breakfasts by the pool area that overlooks the wide ocean.. Hmm, I can almost feel it.. Not to mention sunrise and sunsets that paints a lovely scene while you sip a cup of coffee or a margarita.. Ahhh.. I wish..

Anyway, my family and I will be celebrating simply. We are going somewhere, but we have not finalized our plans yet...

LUNCH: Veges on Rice

This was my lunch. I loved how the taste of all the vegetables came together.. Truly yummy...

Friday, February 12, 2010


In the olden times, Gold had been useful in trade and the increase of a society's wealth. In fact it served as the mode of exchange of goods and services, until money was made as the official currency and Gold is considered as a luxury to some, while it is still considered as part of a nation's wealth. While money is the star in the market, Gold continued to play along as one of money's sources of existence.

Online, Gold also exists. They play vital to some online marketing businesses and even in games. So, if you are wondering where you could buy cheap wow gold for warcraft games? Well, Teddy, one of our former clients back in the gaming days of Honeysweet led me to, the site where he buys all the stuff for warcraft. And that includes the gold.. These days, it's already the gamers who teach us where and not the store owners.. I find that utterly ironic..

Hmm, on the lighter note, it is always best to know where to get said Gold as there are also people on the wide web who will scam and lie and get all the Gold that your money can afford.. So beware. Trust only and buy them only from trusted sites…


Craving for this Suman now..

polymeric material to replace plastic bags

Self-healing polymeric material that is both reusable and durable is now discovered and developed in the Netherlands. They are said to replace plastic bags which are harmful for the environment. Well, if it will make our lives better then it must be good and worthy of our attention and support. Hope we get a chance to use it here in the Philippines..


My friend Juliana loves Marvel Comics. She has perhaps the grandest collection I have ever seen. whew.. I wonder, did she ever think of herself as one of the characters she reads from there? Perhaps when she was younger she thought of being Wonder Woman or whoever she wants to be.. Ha. That must really be exciting. I mean, having read all those comics, surely she must be getting some pleasure out of it..


This song is not in alignment to what THE SECRET teaches.. I shouldn't be posting it here today, but then again, since I liked this song very much here it is.

To note: I believe FOREVER exists for as long as we work towards attaining it.. Infidelities can be avoided but if it is the reason for anyone to lose faith in his or her partner, then perhaps the partner is not worthy of FOREVER... so he or she must LET GO... or you LET GO of him or her...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

trading options

Anyone here have any trading options to share? Any idea how to earn big with trading? Lately, I have been thinking of going into that direction as I hear many people telling me of the profits... According to most of those people, they get 200% profits from their investments. So is it really that big? Hmm.. I have asked many people, friends and family, alike to shed some light here, since I really want to know... But, since no one was able to help me, I sought Mr. Google's help instead. I was led to the website and boy did I find honest to goodness information regarding the said topic. Now I think I am ready to rumble, lol..

Seriously now, I am all in for the profits that is promised. Hmm.. I guess I will have to learn it slowly at my own pace. How about teaching me more, anyone??? Hehehe..

Well, it is but understandable that if you are new to an endeavor it will not be perfect as how you deem it to be, but I guess for as long as I follow the guidelines set, I will be okay..

What do you think? Are you with me?


Ever since I was able to afford it, I have had the tendency to buy myself a pair of FEEL GOOD SHOES whenever I feel down.. A break up, a frustrating grade, a sad goodbye, an ending, a sour mood, and all other reasons for the purchase. It's always a RED pair that changes my mood. And usually, if it's a RED pair, there is always a story behind it. In fact, every time I see my old pairs, I am able to distinguish the time and the people or the event associated with each pair. Am I crazy or what??.. Not really.. But I often wondered why this is so. Perhaps, it's my way of coping. Ordinary shopping or buying anything else other than a RED pair does not have that effect.

Today however, I purchased my first pair of FEEL GOOD SHOES after a very long time.. I just knew they will make me smile. Technically, I am feeling okay in the last few weeks and still am.. I was no longer tired or exhausted like I usually am since I started my walking and dieting again.. I have no reason to be sad as I am happier than happy. Everything in my life now is in place... Perhaps I just needed affirmation that everything is right on track again.. I love my RED shoes.. so timely, VDAY is two days away...


I am looking for some information about the different kinds of data card when Allisson, my chat friend from Nebraska shared with me a very helpful website,, where I learned a lot about them. It's only when I explored the said site that I learned that there are so much to learn about data cards. Can you imagine that? I thought they are simply for storing files and such, but, that is not just the only purpose they were created. whew...

Now, as enlightened me a lot, I have begun to see every data card here and in my work environment as some special little gadget that gives the world a huge contribution. Wanna know what they are? Well, I figured, it will be more exciting if you found out for yourself, so visit the site and see for yourself..


My sister and I went to David's Salon Chavez-Velez Branch and I had a haircut/trim. And guess what, I loved it there. Afterwards, we went to Jollibee for our favorite foodies.. We had fun..

A simple haircut and simple foodies costs a lot already these days.. Imagine, in just minutes, I spent P 346.00 already. I am not complaining or anything, but this is perhaps a point to reflect on.

P 112 for a haircut, to some, may be too much since you can actually get a P 49.99 from Carlo Reyes or other lower than P 112 from any other salon. But at David's Chavez-Velez Branch, the entire experience is different. I like the professional feel of the services they render. Not to mention that the staff do not talk trash and nonsense... I think I will be going there more instead of going somewhere else for trims or haircuts. But of course, if it's for other applications, except make up which I do by myself, I would still go to Vincent's. I always go to Maylinda's for footspa and pedi-manicure, so that too may not change. Beauty is indeed expensive, but if its worth it, then never mind the cost, so long as you can afford it.

About the food, well, a simple snack at Jollibee cost us P 234, and for two people, that would be too much if one is on a tight budget. But hey, if you enjoyed the food and the company, that is not so much.. These simple eats have provided me and my sister a chance to bond more.. So it's actually priceless...

But then again, if we think about the many hungry people and the fact that P 346 could already feed more than two people for the said amount, then it is indeed a fact that it's too much.

Hmm.. Sometimes, this Atenean spirit is killing me, lol.. But really, it has more sense, don't you think so?

Realization for business: Food and Beauty never goes out of business, so perhaps it is the best business option. People eat and beautify themselves, and are willing to do so for as long as they can afford, regardless of the world financial crisis...