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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

Mom Conversations

Who wants a new COACH Satchel Bag? I do.. I do.. I do..  And it is for the taking should anyone, including myself, join the  $300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest at Umma's new blog, Mom's Conversations. Are you interested too?

Well who wouldn't? That kind of bag costs a fortune already. And adding that to your collection is really something extraordinary. Imagine getting it for FREE! But of course, that wouldn't be possible without the sponsors below:

Main Sponsors:

For more information, go ahead and drop by Umma's blog for the contest mechanics.. Click Here..


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where have all the Vachevals gone???..

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever seen an extraordinary creature that is quite rare, no history could even track down its existence?

The video above is of a Vacheval, a mix between a horse and a cow, which was shot in 1963. Previously, this was an unseen report footage from Belgique Television, and it speaks about the story of the strange animal you see on video. Although it was reared on a farm just outside Leuven in Belgium, and was reared as a new form of CO2 reducing transportation. Hmm.. I wonder if we can still have it these days. No one really knows whether they actually exist today. Rumors has it, that they all now live on a special retreat in the Alps. Other people report that they all fled Europe in search of jobs. With little or no known record of their existence, no one knows what actually happened to the Vacheval..

Well, maybe one day, if they do really exist or if they really have existed, some real records would surface to guide as as to how or what happened to the Vacheval.. I guess if someone out there can make the truth surface, it will be supported by evidence and not just a simple video.. 

Visit my sponsor: The CO2 Reducing Vacheval


Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Biko

This is Biko with toasted and caramelized coconut on top.. For more of Food Trip Friday, click the badge below:


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy a blog review for $10 and help Baby Bella

Yes, I am calling on all kind souls out there. Buy a blog review for $10 and help Baby Bella for her Hernia operation!

The mother of the child you see in photo is a friend, a fellow blogger and a fellow Kagay-anon who happens to live in Bacolod. But she is a Kagay-anon in spirit and by heart. In her own way, she has contributed much to the world. As a mother, it pains me to see that her youngest, Baby Bella is in pain as she has hernia. We do not want the same thing to happen to our own kids, right? Surely, there must be something we can do to help, not only in prayers but in finding a solution to their problem. Technically, Baby Bella will have to have her Hernia operated, and money is needed in the process.
We can help raise the expenses needed for Bella's operation by purchasing a blog review from her Mom, Mommy Rubz. A blog review from her PR3 blog. The review will consist of 150 words (all positive) with 2 links (home page link) and an image of the header or screen shot of the blog to be reviewed. One link with the blog title as the anchor text and the other link is on the image.
Please send an email to with the url of the blog you want Ruby to review.. and she will reply with the url of the post and the paypal id where you can send the payment and if you are generous enough, you can even add more to the $10 price.
I hope whoever will read this post will,  in one way or another, be giving enough to share.. Either repost this request or tell people who you think can help.. And lastly, let us all pray that when surgery comes, Baby Bella will be alright..
Thank you and blessings be upon you..
Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust. Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.
These Eight words the Rede fulfill:
"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines Update: Week 2

Here are the latest batch of nominees and participants in my blog hosted promo in connection with Alaxan FR's Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines 2010.. The above participants and nominees are my 6th to 9th entries.. Hope they will make it to the finals.. and win in August.. For Tough Jobs #1 - #5, CLICK HERE.

I am still hoping for more entries.. You can still make it-- If  you wish to participate or nominate someone, CLICK HERE

Goodluck to all Participants and Nominees.. 


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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Deals & More at Charter

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's father's day yesterday here in the Philippines, and since it was a Sunday, more families were able to celebrate it together. The night before, Lili and River have prepared their father's day cards. Previously, in the afternoon,  I was busy shopping with Sweet for the right Father's Day gift. We went to the mall and looked for the best present. Something Tatay can use. And so I decided to get him a new Pill Box.. Just right for Tatay to remember what pill to take what time of the day or night. So yesterday, when we arrived at the Yellow house, Lili handed our gift and it actually made Tatay happy. Simple joys that means a lot.. Well, that's my Tatay, he never really requires expensive stuff. I remember, when I was younger, I would buy him underwear, handkerchief, socks, wallets, colognes or perfumes, tee shirts or whatever I can think of giving, but I always get the same positive acceptance. It's never about the cost of what I give him, but the act of remembering that Tatay appreciates. I always like giving personal stuff mainly because I find it worthwhile seeing them being used or worn by my father. 

Last week though, I have seen lots of promos online for Father's Day gift giving. I joined some of them and well, I didn't win any. This morning, I read about Charter'special deals for Father's Day, All you have to do is "Enter now to win an iPod Touch". I read that Charter is giving away iPod Touches to show off it's new mobile app for iPod, iPhone and Blackberry. So it is a great deal to join. And well, it is still father's day after all. It may be a Monday here in the Philippines, but in some parts of the world, it is still a Sunday.. so people still can get a gift card to The Home Depot or other retailers when you bring home one of Charter's best bundles. That is actually worth up to $300. What's more, 100 winners will get an 8GB iPod Touch, and the best part is that no purchase is necessary for entry into the contest.

This giveaway of Charter will not only orient us with the new mobile app, it makes the world of Charter is literally accessible at our finger tips. This way we can discover charter services, check TV and On Demand listings, and even view on demand trailers, access news, sports and weather, even get charter support and bill pay info, right on. Isn't it an exciting deal? Another amazing discovery is that we can also get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page. Better go ahead and check them out at Facebook. 

Visit my sponsor: Charter is mobile Father's Day


By My Father's Example...

This is Kiping. This is a paper thin delicacy that you can buy where kakanin is sold.  Technically, this is made of Cassava but some make their Kiping using Corn flour. The manang who sells her kakanin in our neighborhood sold this to my father yesterday, Father's Day.. And my father came inside during lunch holding with him huge Kiping and we asked him where he got them, which, even without asking, we already know the answer. 

Wherever we lived, be it in the old neighborhood or here, Tatay is known to be very helpful to others. Helpful to the point that some of them, abuse his kindness. For 34 years that I have lived seeing my father's kindnesses to people, and I have seen how simple helping others is to him. Just like the manang who sold the Kiping you see, Tatay would often think of the person's condition and without asking more than what he needs to know, he will buy items sold to him to help the person selling them. Sometimes we laugh because we do not always eat what was bought and my mother would often complain. But before they could argue, my father would always tell her that at least none of us get to spend time peddling or vending just to make a living.  Then we would laugh as how the discussion would move on to the manang's burnt skin, which was caused by her daily routine--and my sister would talk about her favorite whitening soap or beauty regimen. Then my father would emphasize that we are lucky, thus we have to help those who are not as lucky as we are. Tatay always said that it does not have to be money that is the basis of how we can help. Nor are we obliged to give them more than what we can afford, but he tells us that not having so much is still so much for others really have nothing. So in our own little ways, we can still help. 

The manang also passes by the Orange house and from time to time we buy kakanin from her. She was luckier when my refrigerator was not murdered by the rotational brown out yet, but now, I only buy enough for the day.  No more cold kutsinta, darn! When I see that her basket is already half empty, I am glad that she does not have to carry a heavier basket anymore while going around the village. I am happy that Tatay has instilled kindness in us. But I guess what Tatay has not successfully instilled in me is his example of forgiveness. Day by day, I pray to be forgiving and more understanding of others, especially those who have hurt, wronged and abused the kindness I have shown. Oh but I know I will get there, as I strive to live by my father's example.. 
Tatay, I thank you for always being patient, loving and kind.. I am so proud you are my father, and Lili's father-figure and grandfather..

If only all fathers are like him..tsk tsk tsk..  But of course, we are lucky, my siblings and I as well as Lili---  with my father's kindness to others, we have benefited much.. 


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Goodbye Pimples, and Thanks Proactiv!"

That was what my cousin Steff said when her pimples totally vanished. You too can get rid of pimples using Proactiv. Perhaps it was a blessing that she and her siblings, along with their parents, had to fly to the US 2 years ago, for a very important family emergency. After three months of staying there, they all came home and we were all amazed at how flawless Steff had become. Her problems centered on pimples on her face, but more on her back. But when she was introduced to Proactiv, by her cousins there, all she could say was that "Proactiv works!"..

Well, according to most information found:

Proactive treats your pimples now and prevents future breakouts. This has been tried and tested by millions worldwide, formulated by Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katy Rodan and Dr. Kathie Fields, and is the choice of Hollywood superstars!

Proactiv is different from all other available pimple or spot treatments, as Proactiv does not just minimize or  treat pimples. Not a temporary cure, I must say, but  it gives the user clear skin forever! Since 2 years ago, Steff has been pimple free... I asked her if she can allow me to post some pictures but she asked me not to. So guys, I can not show you anything to prove Steff's pimple story. But, do you know that Hollywood celebrities like Mandy MooreKaty PerryAvril LavigneJessica Simpson, Julienne Hugh, and even Jennifer Love Hewitt choose Proactiv?

Anyway, I would have forgotten all about Proactiv, but last month, I met a friend of mine who had a similar problem, and when I saw that she was already glowing with smooth almost no blemish skin, I asked her what she used, and she told me about Proactiv. Then I remembered that my cousin used the same product in the US, while she was there. So I asked her where she got her Proactiv, and if she bought from someone who resides in the US.. and  that's when I got to learn more about Proactiv.. Guess what??? People in the Philippines can now purchase Proactive and say goodbye to pimples. See, Proactiv is now available online and is ready for delivery within the Philippines after online purchase.  To verify this, I had to search online for some proof, and I found some videos at youtube to support this info.

And the good news is that we can now get Proactiv, the world's number 1 anti-acne solution, at discounted prices by simply using the Proactiv Promo Codes below:
  1. Code is PA309 - Get P150 discount from the 30-day kit. 
  2. Code is PA609 - Get P300 discount from the 60-day kit.

This discount can only be used through orders from the website, whether payment is made through credit card, bancnet, or Cash On Delivery.

To take advantage of this offer until August 31, 2010, here's what you need to do. 
  1. Sign up or register at :
  2. verify registration from the link sent in your email
  3. Sign-in and click on the Products and Promos Tab
  4. Choose between the 30 day and the 60 day kits, and click ORDER NOW
  5. Verify Delivery Information as well as the Promo Codes to be used
  6. Confirm Delivery Address and Check out...
It should look like this:

Once order is confirmed, and processed, all you have to do is wait for the delivery of your items.. 


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CATS! Live in Manila Ticket Promo!

I was browsing FB and I came upon the page of Cats in Manila! And guess what? They have this really exciting promo. They will be awarding Two lucky winners,  who will win a pair of  tickets each. Hmm.. tricky as a cat! How to win those tickets?

All you have to do is answer the questions below:

1. Who is the Jellicle leader?
2. Who is the Curious Cat, contrary by nature, who some consider a bore?
3. Who scattered the Pekes and Pollicles with eyes that were like fireballs fearfully blazing?

Answers should be sent via Email  to! And of course, winners will be announced on June 21! Hope it's me who will win, I joined!


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

CEPALCO Rotational Brown-out Scehdule

Here is the schedule for June 13 to 21, 2010
Dates: June 13, 16 & 19
9:00am to 1:00pm - Group B
1:00pm to 5:00pm - Group C
5:00pm to 9:00pm - Group A

Dates: June 14, 17 & 20
9:00am to 1:00pm - Group C
1:00pm to 5:00pm - Group A
5:00pm to 9:00pm - Group B

Dates: June 15, 18 & 21
9:00am to 1:00pm - Group A
1:00pm to 5:00pm - Group B
5:00pm to 9:00pm - Group C

Also, CEPALCO has advised that power supply will be interrupted on JUNE 20, 2010 as shown below:


Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interruption Time: 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM (30 minutes maximum);  6:00 PM – 6:30 PM (30 minutes maximum)

Affected Areas:

1. Greater portion of Carmen proper along Lirio St. from Trinity Tree St. towards Oak St., Max Suniel St., Vamenta Blvd. up to corner Jasmin St. including Waterlily St. and Carmen Market area.
2. Along Mabolo St. from Lirio St. towards corner Rosal St. including portion of Marigold St. from Mabolo St.
3. Portion of Carmen: vicinities along Vamenta Blvd. from Fernandez St. towards greater part of Ilaya including: portions of Ipil St. and Mahogany St. from Fernandez St.; Madonna & Child Hospital; and; SeriƱa St. from COA towards Gumamela Ext., Guani Coliseum (former O.Roa’s) and Maharlika Police Station.; and
4. All of Macanhan, Carmen towards all of Lower Balulang.

1. Portion of Carmen along Yacal St. towards Lirio St., Vamenta Blvd., Waling-waling St. up to GSIS area including Ferrabrel St., Mango St. and portion of Rosal St. and Marigold St.
2. All of Kauswagan proper, Bonbon and Bayabas.
3. Isla de Oro.
4. Along Montalban St. from near Tiano Bros. St. towards Burgos St., del Pilar St. and Magsaysay St. including portions of Macahambus St. and Abellanosa St. from Burgos St.; and
5. Portions of A. Luna St. from corner Corrales Ave.; towards vicinities along A. Velez St. up to corner Mabini St. including portion of: Makahambus St. from A. Velez St. and Tiano Bros. St. from Macahambus St.

Power will however be restored immediately without further notice when line works of NGCP are completed earlier than scheduled. Also, areas scheduled for interruption due to load curtailment might still experience their scheduled interruption, depending on the NGCP load curtailment levels on Sunday, June 20.

We hope the affected customers and the public in general will be guided by this announcement. Thank you.


Senior Manager
Customer & Community Relations Dept. 

Hope this information is helpful for all of us.. 


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Friday, June 18, 2010

Beating the Odds: A Must Read

Beating the Odds is a new book by Renato S. Velasco and Ricardo L. Saludo. Technically, it is a book written about how the Arroyo government was run, and how the former president of the Philippines dealt with all the problems and challenges that faced her administration. An analytical book and perhaps a good venue for us to really see whether she was after all a good leader or not..

Each chapter tackles each of the challenges that the  Arroyo administration faced,  and provides a detailed summary about how each challenge or problem was given a rightful solution or action. For example, Chapter 1 was about "TERROR", the war on  terrorism was not only an issue or a challenge for the Philippines, but all the other countries as well.  But we were heavily affected by it. Affecting, not only Filipinos in the country, but also those OFWs who work abroad. Chapter 2 focused more on "PEACE" or should we say, the peace process all over the country. Chapter 3 angled on the problems on "DRUGS", while Chapter 4 talked about the deadly epidemic, "SARS". Chapter 5 was about "OAKWOOD". Remember Oakwood Mutiny and its aftermath? Well, who wouldn't? And lastly, Chapter 6 explains how the administration dealt with "BUDGET". All these and more if you read the book.

What I am specially curious about is how the Mindanao Peace Process is explained in the book. I am from Mindanao, and therefore, that part of the book I will have to verify whether its true or not. So many books are written for the purpose of making some untruthful events and circumstances become true by simple twists of facts, while some truths are made to look untruthful in the same manner.  That is why we should not believe everything we read. Books of this nature, we must always read and verify. When you read something, it does not necessarily mean that you believe in it, but mainly, you read them because you want to gather facts. To say that the book is truthful or not is your decision, coupled with rationalization and the determination to seek the truth behind what was written.

About the part of the budget, well, we all know that from the start, and even from the administrations before the former president's term, the country was already known to be budget deficit. But as to how the country moved in this regard, we shall know some facts from the book. That is, if we consider them as facts..

This book will soon be available at Powerbooks, Fullybooked and  the National Bookstore. So make sure you get a copy, okay..


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FFI we go!

1. Lili woke up excitedly today at 6:58 AM, but we had trouble making her eat her breakfast.She says Teacher Luz said that she should not eat so much so she wont go to the CR at school.
2. It was the reason, of course, and I must warn and tell Teacher Luz not to talk to children that way because her telling Lili not to eat so much during breakfast made Lili conscious so she won't visit the CR in school again.
3. To buy a generator is something I no longer feel the need to do. It seems that the rotational brown outs are no longer a problem these days.
4. I have another errand to run, then I will go to school and start my class for this semester, school year 2010-2011.
5. I hate it when people use their mouths instead of their eyes in looking for things...just go find it... people!!!
6. What were once vices are no more.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my first night of class, tomorrow my plans include shopping for father's day present for Tatay  and Sunday, I want to go to the beach! It's a father's day celebration...


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Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) - PBB Teen

Are you watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition? If you are, then you must know Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner).. The yayas in Lili's school talk about him all the time as if he was just a boy who lives next door to all of them. Last Wednesday, I went to my school thinking that classes will already start, but since the classroom assignments were not yet fixed, I had to stand outside and well, talk to my former students who were also there. And guess what? It's Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) again. Not him talking to them, but him, being the topic of their discussions. One of my former students was even campaigning for me to Vote for Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner).. This time, I got curious. Why would everyone be so crazy about this PBB Teen? What's in him that makes people want him to win? For someone who doesn't really watch the PBB all the time, I wouldn't really know the whys and some other facts. But thanks to the Internet, I have been able to gather all resources together to convince me somehow..

There's You Tube for all the videos available, including PBB scenes which was missed. Some live performances that was videotaped by fans and many others. An example would be this below:

And Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) is also on Facebook. So that also added to my series of info-search about this kid. 

Now,  why should we let  Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) become the "Ultimate PBB Teen"? Well, based on what I have seen, a PBB Teen winner should be someone bankable in terms of talent, confidence and of course, the looks would always matter in his or her success later on. Look at Gerald Anderson.. The fans should love him enough to be  an effective, if not a good product endorser.. At the same time, he must have the charisma to bring all teen fans to do what he is going to promote, be it an educational cause, a health advocacy or any program that will be beneficial for the Philippine teens and the Philippines in general. PBB Teen Winners are like beauty queens who, at the time of their reign, are expected to do some good for the country, apart from the careers that they will be building. And people, having a part in their winning, should be sure enough to make the deserving candidate win. After seeing all the resources I have gathered, I think IVAN is deserving to win... Hmm.. I guess I am now a fan, lol..Ivan wowed me, the same way as Gerald Anderson has done.. Oh, I could just imagine another cutie rescuing people during the flood--- Well, that is not a good wish but, if that will happen again, am sure Ivan will swim the waters as well.. So Ivan, I am convinced! I am voting and campaigning for you..

If you wish to help IVAN win, you can actually VOTE  for Ivan through text, simply text PBB IVAN send it to 2331 FOR GLOBE.TM.SUN OR 231 FOR SMART AND TNT SUBSCRIBERS.

You can  also VOTE ONLINE just visit the PBB Site: and follow this Simple steps:



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Food Trip Friday: Halo-halo at Chowking

This Halo-halo is the only dessert I like at Chowking. That is when we eat there. My sister likes the Leche Flan in it, as well as the Ube Halaya. But the ice-cream? It's mine,lol.. We usually just share a serving because we are not able to finish the entire serving.

For more of Food Trip Friday, click on the badge below:


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Catching Up..

Leroy, a co-worker at a previous company I worked with, found me on Facebook and we exchanged hellos and eventually caught up with the latest news in each others lives. I learned about his new business venture, and his new family in Indonesia. He has cute kids. And Nareema, his wife is so pretty. These are the times that I appreciate Facebook so much as it really builds bridges for people to meet again.  I miss Leroy and his Tikoy and Hopia from Binondo. Then we found Anna and Sashie. The ultimate head-turners.. And, who could ever forget Oswald and his dreamy designs for car body kits.. And Harry, the Luke Perry look alike... 

Oh, it was a reunion at Facebook. What a wonderful vehicle for friends to meet again.  Another development is that, I have now found some lost Titas and Titos and I am really fortunate that groups at Facebook are active. It help a lot to join these groups, especially family groups.. It does not just work for school or organizations, but families as well. Now I am getting more and more information for our family site..

How about you? How did social networking sites work for your advantage?


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get an Orange You Glad treat from Chloe.

Guys, do you know who the girl behind those doughnut-covered eyes is? Well, if you love Krispy Kreme am sure you know her as your new BFF Chloe,the doughnut queen and your official Krispy Kreme girl.

This father's day, she is giving all of us a treat..

She says:
"Your Orange You Glad is on me! Get an Orange You Glad by being part of the Circle of Krispy Kreme Friends! Click here to join! Add me in Facebook! Watch out for me because it's going to be a start of a really, really sweet friendship!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have always joined contests online and by far, I have won twice. The first, I did not get my prize of $5 and the pair of Havaianas because apparently, after the said contest, the blogger vanished into thin air.. The second was a blogging contest which won me Hasbro toys that Lili and River are enjoying already..

And now, again, I have won. Only, I do not know what I have won, lol..I trust that it will be given because it's my Aunt's blog's contest and my Aunt lives in the neighboring subdivision, so whatever it is, it will be given, and I am excited already..

I know it's one of them in that photo above.. I hope it's one of the bags since I love collecting bags, but then, really, it doesn't matter. I am one of the 4 winners among 108 hopefuls, wow.. Amazing!

Thank You and Congratulations, Amazing Grace..


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweetness and Women

In keeping healthy worthwhile relationships with women, whether its a mother-daughter, father-daughter or sibling relations, and even boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife relationship, or even just plain friendships, there's always a degree of sweetness that is needed to keep the relationship going. Usually, with women, sweetness is already as easy as a free flowing river. Usually--- but not all the time. See, there are also reasons why a person, even women themselves, lose the sweet touch. In the case of puberty, menopause and even during those quirky and annoying days every month.. women lose the sweetness due to hormones, and the physiological changes that may cause it too. But then, if the person on the other end of the relationship understand such temporary state, then it's okay. Sisters or brothers may be the ones to try and be sweet or say sweet things to this woman sibling who may be in the rot, husbands may show a little more patience and understanding add with humor and sweetness too. Parents may be well adjusted already to their daughter, and may readily understand. But, if you are the boyfriend of this woman who is not in the mood to be sweet, then by all means, find some or try to learn some sweet things to say to your girlfriend, and you'll see how the mood may be changed by it.. But if all else do not work, sometimes it is best to keep a little distance until the sweetness comes back.. or whatever is necessary because women, after all, are different..


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Friday, June 11, 2010

Search for the Toughest Jobs Participants and Nominees - Week 1

My Search for the Toughest Jobs Participants and Nominees. The first 5 on my first week of promo..

They are as follows:

  1. Jessie Andallasa
  2. Gloria Sulit
  3. Ednie Villacorta
  4. Carmencita Maniscan
  5. Kenney Kent Garcia
Check out the links to their respective pages and VOTE for them as well as GIVE THEIR JOBS MERIT..

Of course, the 6th is My Entry.. lol.. That entry is not valid for the blog hosted promo, but only a hopeful entry for the national level..If you wish to join, CLICK HERE.


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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines

  What is your toughest job?

I have here a contest  in line with Alaxan FR & DOLE's Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines 2010,  that will surely make you guys think about the kind of job you have... and in one way or another  make you proud of  yourselves as  you have managed to survive it no matter how tough it is..

For those who want to participate, all you have to do is submit a photo of  yourself on the job, and explain why you have a tough job. Please indicate your full name and occupation in your entry.

The top 3 tough jobs  for this blog hosted contest-promo shall be chosen by me, and will win Tough Jobs T-shirts, cellphone cleaners and Alaxan FR’s sample packs which can be claimed from yours truly  : =) ...

Deadline of submission of entries is on July 15, 2010. I shall be announcing the winners on July 16, 2010 in this blog.

All my contest participants shall automatically be uploaded as entries to, and will have the chance to win in the national competition for more exciting prizes ..see below:

To submit entries for my contest-promo, please send them over at and and your entry for the national level shall be entered for you or you can actually go ahead and register at A registrant can be either  nominating a friend/relative or partner to be  a tough job contestant or the nominee himself or herself. The registrant should upload the image and enter all the necessary information, and send the link of the entry at for me to acknowledge your blog hosted contest-promo entry.

To give you an idea, here's what I have done so far:

I joined the Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines 2010 and the above image is a print-screen of the said page. This is to give my participants an idea how the entries will look in the participant's page at the contest website.
Since the winner  shall be determined by the most number of votes online in the national category, you need to be aware of the link  of your entry, and share it with your friends and family for them to be able to vote.  For example, the entry above has the link That is the link that my participants should be sending me should they go directly to the contest website. Most importantly, anyone who wish to vote for any of the entries need to be registered at the site, So, even if you do not get chosen as one of the three, you still have a chance to win in the national level.
Updates, entries and all information regarding this contest shall be posted on this blog, Just The Tip Of An Iceberg.   Winners shall be notified by email.


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