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Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey guys, do you know that there is already a computer training software to help you learn more about anything and everything? Computer based training (CBT) and online computer training videos are the specialty of  K Alliance. Remember them? I blogged about them a few months back. They offer a complete e-learning solution in the form of either dvd, cd, intranet, or online training video courseware. That will definitely save more money than organizing for a formal training with a very expensive coach and trainer for a half day session... No matter which method you prefer, K Alliance has online software training courses to help achieve anyone's e-learning goals. Its self-paced computer training videos include hundreds of choices in topics such as IT Training, Certification Training, Desktop Office and Soft Skills. All that and more.. They can even work with a company's specific team to develop custom e-learning courseware. Isn't that neat???

Ha! If I am the owner of a company, I would definitely choose that kind of training. After all, when people are subjected to a  2-3 days training on the spot, there is still no guarantee that they will be able to get it right then and there. With the dvds and all other K Alliance forms, teh learner can repeat learning or review what he or she has learned in the course of time..

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