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Monday, October 31, 2011

Being Subscribed..

Technologists & Technicians Jobs are in right now. I mean, that is what is always emailed to me by one of the companies I am subscribed in for new updates on jobs vacancies. I have been subscribed to the said site since when I was in college, and even until now, I get updates. I like it because I could use said information in so many ways to help friends, young and old, who are still seeking employment here and around the world. Sometimes too, I get excited and tempted to use said information for myself, especially when there grants and scholarships for higher learning.

Being subscribed is truly good. I suggest that you guys try it. Been getting deals and good news from email subscriptions. 


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Starting Young..

When my baby brother was born, we were all too excited to trim his eye lashes. Although it was quite scary at first, but we have managed to cut them three to four times during his sleep. And the result was quite good. When Lili was born, she was also subjected to the trimming and all. Both were asleep soundly while their lashes were trimmed. Vanity of vanities, lol.. I guess it works because judging from how their lashes look now, we wont have to look for the best eyelash growth products in the future.

In India, they also have rituals for vanity which were done during the stage of babyhood, which of course, the baby will enjoy when he or she has already grown up. Notice their really nice noses? My friend from India told me about that, and there is a specific period only that it can be done. When missed, it can no longer be done when the baby gets older. 


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Excited for MBS 5

Just five more days and we are off to Iligan City to join the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5. I have yet to get that sony digital cameras my sister and I have been eyeing at the mall. But then, I have another brand in mind, so it makes it difficult for me to decide. But one thing is certain, I must get a new camera because mine has died a long time ago.. 
Anyway, I am excited to join the MBS 5 for two reasons. One, I have been away from Iligan for so long, I have missed a lot of the expansion and the wonderful sites that have improved over the years, and two, I will be with my sister and daughter, and daughter will have her first taste of Iligan by then. Growing up, my siblings and I would often visit Maria Cristina Falls and be amazed at its glory and wonder. Of course, it had been in the books what Maria Cristina Falls is for, but it is so different to be seeing it before your very eyes.. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Better Now!

Last week I had flu, and at the point of medical examinations, it was discovered that I had urine tract infection too. It was totally a crazy week with me on the bed most of the time as I was totally weak. The doctor gave me a prescription and some samples too. I was quite amazed because the sample packet came with product comparison chart for me to compare five different kinds of the medicine, including the generic one. Brand is all there is to it, the doctor says. But she gave me a better brand that is not to expensive. I'm on my 8th tablet, and I am feeling better. After my 10th day, I shall undergo urinalysis again. 

I made sure I got my dose of traditional massage, which by the way, turned out to be a great thing, as I think, it was what had actually helped me feel better. Then I remembered that Sunday, prior to getting sick, I was under the rain with almost 20 kilos of groceries inside a box, which I carried from our gate to our pad doorway. Twenty kilos included a 10 Kilo rice, and some other food stuff. 

So now, I thought, I am not super woman after all. Hehehe.. I got sick and it was the worst sickness ever. I am glad I am all better now!


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Travelling Soon..

Ah, we are going to enjoy a ten day semestral break and we are going to Iligan for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5 before the month ends. I wish we could go to Ireland and have ourselves booked for ireland tours. But wishing for Ireland is right now, a plain dream. If we have all the money and all the time in the world, Ireland or Australia, or even Austria and Machu Pichu would be on our list for a short break. To go for australia tours would really be a breather. I wish to have a chance to travel machu picchu, or the rest of the globe. But maybe someday. For now, a Philippine tour is best. It's better to get familiar and be a tourist among the other cities. That way, when it's time to go out of the country, we can be proud to say that we know most of the beautiful attractions of our country. Anyway, after Iligan, we are going for a trip South and well, enjoy the rest of our short break thereat. My cousin has just delivered a baby yesterday, and we three are excited to see her new baby. We are also going to spend All Souls Day and All Saints' Day there. Of course, Halloween will be spent traveling..


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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Apple announces the death of Steve Jobs, Today, Blog PRs Dropped Dead Too

Today, there was a commotion at our blogger's groups in Facebook because apparently, ALL PRs or page ranks of all blogs have turned N/A. A major drop from PRs 4 or 5, 3 or 2 and even PR 1 have become N/A.. Even Pr 8 and Pr 10 have dropped to N/A. So I checked mine and found that in my blog network, I have only 7 remaining with PR. All the rest, N/A. Then I checked again, and all PRs gone. 

So there were discussions of a glitch in the system, so too, that Google may be in mourning because apparently, the world has just lost Steve Jobs. 

Could it be that his death has something to do with the sudden death of some of our blogs PRs? I wonder. I was doing a ghost writing stint for a fellow blogger and she told me to stop as somehow, all PRs dropped. In the blogging world. when one's PR drops, one will readily lose a contract.  Good thing I have finished with all my tasks yesterday so now I have nothing to lose. But, apparently, all future tasks are doomed if my PRs wont come back. 

So far, the observation is that, there may be a glitch somewhere, and it may take days before this changes gets reversed. Maybe this is just one way for us to also mourn as Steve Jobs has passed on. For those who may not know him, Steven P. Jobs Apple is the chairman and former CEO who made personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital animation mass-market products. We owe him so much for his brilliance.  He passed away on October 5th, 2011 after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer, and he was just 56 years old. Younger than my dad.. And just some wild thought here, someone who never needed rv financing because of his overflowing moohlah from his genius. There's got to be someone after this icon.

image from wikipedia

To the Family of Steve Jobs, our sincere condolences. 


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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Living On Medical Beds

In the six years that Lili had been alive, I could count four times that she was in a medical bed. Nothing serious really. But in the 35 years that I am alive, and have gone to a hospital I have worn diapers for adults once. That was when I gave birth to Lili. Hahaha.. I hope not to be using handicap scooters ever. Anyway, why this talk about medical beds, adult diapers and handicap scooters? Well, I have read about this lady who for fifty five years of her life, have spent them generally living in the hospital bed as she was sickly and needed care most her life. Yet she reached fifty five years. Amazing. I could not imagine myself to be in that position. I find that really difficult to live with, or live, if it is living at all. Surely, it would be very expensive and impractical. But then perhaps because they have the means so it is just okay for their family. 

But if I were part of that household with a sick individual, I would suggest house medication and having doctors and nurses come from time to time. But then, perhaps because they didn't want to be bothered with that and somehow, getting medical help right at the hospital is most advantageous for them. But really, if they are a huge family like most Filipino households, then some members can take turns in caring for the sick. That, I guess, is what makes Filipino families unique in the world. We completely abandon duties and tasks just to care for sick family members. Or, okay, not all, but most will do that. Good for a grandma who has grandchildren who are all medically inclined that she will have her own nurses, doctors, nutritionists and all other medical hand.


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Sunday, October 02, 2011

So it's October! Soon will be the New Year!

So it's October! Another two months to go, and the year will be over. How time flies when we get so busy with so many thing on our hands. It seemed like we just had the New Year's dinner on our table, and now it's gonna be a new year soon. Well, life is short, so the saying goes. And foes, and friends should take note of this.

Anyway, here's to a bountiful New Year ahead.. Too early New Year's greeting eh?


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