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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tired But Still Breathing.. Hahaha..

I have just arrived home. I am so tired. I wish I could easily quit what I love to do, but sadly, I can not. Not, when it is almost the finals, and I have lots of students counting on me for their grades. I am not really complaining about what I am busy with right now. It's just that I hardly have time for myself anymore. I had a three day invitation, and at the last minute, I was not able to go for the three day tour because something came up in school. My boss already allowed me to, but I personally did not go anymore, knowing that I may be neglecting a few of my duties should I push with the trip. It would have been fun. (Sigh) 

Anyway, I am able to search for some store reviews of the shop my cousin told me about. At least today, I had an hour to do something online. But I so miss having so many tabs opened all at once, including all my social media accounts. Now, I am simply left with two. My email, and one very important site. Oh well, I think the weekend can wait. Or should I put it, they all can wait until I open them over the weekend. Thank God it's gonna be Friday tomorrow. On my way home tonight, we passed by a jewellery shop which is quite similar to Poh Heng Jewellery in Singapore. Oh how I miss Singapore. I wish to be back there this summer. I wish to get my luggage which I left at my uncle's house. It is filled with my precious Victoria Secret collection from the VS shop, when we went there. I wonder if they will still be as good as when I bought them. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Observe Silence

I found this one time while I passed by the school's grounds, upon going home from my college classes..

How many more signs should be placed to simply remind the students not to make so much noise???


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enjoying Performances

I passed by the community center on my way home this afternoon and I saw some band performing. Two sets of guitarists with Morley Pedals, and a piano,finely played by the pretty pianist who looks quite familiar, plus the usual drummer with the energy of three. I think they are practicing for some performance later as they are already dressed for one. 

I miss performances like concerts and shows. I had plenty of them in my youth. And I savor all experiences and exposures. I wish all people, specially the kids now, will have the same fun as we had back then, without the fear. Parents these days may be too cautious that some kids are not given the opportunity. But then again, there are those who go as stage mothers or fathers where their kids go. 

I should like to think that parents would enjoy watching performances and not just shrug every opportunity for their kids to show their talents and skills. 

That Scary Road Trip

I have never been so scared while traveling than that evening we went to Butuan for the last vigil and burial of my uncle. Last Wednesday, we almost died twice. And that is not an over-statement. First, a tree fell and almost hit our bus in Medina. 

When we reached Magsaysay, we almost fell off the ravine due to a very slippery road. It was a bumpy, scary ride, and we were all scared. Well, it would have been a tragedy if we did as with us are the two kids who are yet eight and seven. But then, we came out of the scary ordeals alive, and it's really a great feeling in the end. 

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Our department is the sole sponsor for the noon masses at the Fatima Chapel. My colleagues, Christine and Vince, are the active buddies who help in the choir. When Vince is not around, our department head is the one who accompanies the choir through picking the guitar while the choir sings. The guitar used is an electric guitar that uses guitar pickups musicians friend, so during mass, the songs come alive with the choir and its accompaniment. I sure miss being in the choir. But I do not join them unless we are being asked to participate for some special occasions. I may be a Buddhist but I do not mind helping them out, as I do with my family every time they need me to be with them in church. It is not just a sign of respect for my elders, but also for my family as a whole.

So if people say that I am a confused believer, I say unto them that I know where I stand and I know my faith, as much as my principles. Besides, I do everything for peace. 

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The Courtyard

This is the image of our school's courtyard during strong rains..

 I am afraid this will bring about a Dengue scare..
The muddy waters do not go down as fast as how it has risen..

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So Your Kids Will Hear Better

A student of mine has difficulty hearing. I would have recommended to his mother to search for some hearing aid reviews to find him the right design and type of hearing aid, but I realized that the mother is not at all interested due to the fact that it can strain her budget. Actually there are cheaper brands of hearing aids, but the mother doesn't really want to talk about her son's condition. 

We talked about some factors regarding the problem, and I found out that the child is music minded and is addicted to loud music. Loud music playing is a factor that highly affects everyone in our society today. If we want our kids to have a healthy hearing, we shouldn't subject them to the use of cellular phone using head sets and turn the volume to the loudest dial. We must also talk to them in a gentle manner. Shouting out loud to them makes them susceptible to not hearing whispers. Of course, proper care for the ears should be monitored at all times. 

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For The Community

I just arrived from the groundbreaking ceremony of the Community Project of Alaxan FR in Purok 5, Barangay Puerto, here in Cagayan de Oro City.

The community will be taking care of labor as many have volunteered to help build the basketball court, but the food for the workers, the materials and tools, the engineers and foremen shall be provided by Alaxan FR. 

It was a hot day, but since it's the first day of work for all volunteers, no one seemed to mind. Not even us media who went there to witness the groundbreaking under the heat of the sun.

A pose with the volunteers are Alaxan FR's Brand Manager Justin Tung (middle front), along with Barangay Chairman Christian Rustico M. Achas of Baranagay Puerto (front Right) and Mr. Nilo Pagutayao (front Left), the man who allowed the project be built in their family's land.

It is truly inspiring that Mr. Pagutayao and his family made clear that the land can be used with no political or financial obligations and no strings attached. 

Purely, it is an act to unify the community through this effort dubbed as the "Court of Inspiration".

Shown above is the person carrying the food for the workers' lunch. He has to pass by the creek through a narrow pathway, as he carries his heavy load for the community. In twenty one days, the said project shall be unveiled, and hopefully, we'll be there  to witness it along with the PBA legends who shall play basketball with the locals. 


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learn To Drive

We just arrived from the burial of my uncle in Butuan City. We almost died twice when we traveled there last night. This afternoon, another incident has led me to think that something is going to happen in the future or that I should look for truck driving schools and learn the art of defensive driving. That way, I won't need to look for Dallas movers or any movers in Dallas TX the next time I move, or when travelling long distances.


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21 Gun Salute

My Tito Ben was a reserve officer of the Philippine Army (AFP Reservist). He and my Uncle Eric were both part of the army as reserve officers, unlike my grandfather who was a retired soldier.
 Hence, when they both were buried, they also received the same military honors that my grandpa received.

This is the third burial where we witnessed the 21 gun salute.
My Tita Gin received the Philippine Flag, and shall have the flag unfurled on Independence Day as well as my Tito's birthday. That was what the soldier said after the military honors were done.
What makes this even more special is that, Brig. General Charito Plaza, AFP Reservist, the first woman Brigadier General in the Philippines, a cousin of theirs, was present during the said militray honors. She is the one in blue in the background.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodbye & Thank You BEN.

My friend's grandfather died yesterday. His name is Ben. My uncle died Saturday night, and his name is also Ben. Unlike my friend's grandfather who fell when the saddle pads slipped, my uncle had been paralyzed for many years already. He had been joking about dying as a young looking man, that, which we don't really condone. Two weeks ago he had been in and out of the hospital for complications, and unfortunately, passed on last Saturday. I sure will miss my Tito, just as my friend will miss her grandpa. 

Well, cheers to the lives of the two Bens. They have left their mark in the very people who loved them. 


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Saturday, September 01, 2012

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake and The Blue Moon

Where were you when the earthquake happened? Were you busy looking at the blue moon? It rained here in our city so we didn't quite see the magnanimous beauty of the blue moon. But we did felt the intensity 3 earthquake that shook our apartment unit. I was scared, I couldn't move. I thought it's going to be another Sendong like tragedy. Thank heavens it simply passed after two minutes of shaking. No casualties here in our city, but I heard there had been black outs in some areas. Other say that they experienced things in their houses being broken and falling during the shake. Like the seat covers for trucks that fell from the swaying vehicles that had been parked, and many others.  

Then Tsunami Alerts came from everywhere. Social media indeed played a big role in information dissemination. And just a few minutes ago, Tsunami alert had been lifted in all areas. 

Until now, I wonder if there is a connection between the two occurrences.. the 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake and The Blue Moon.. 

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Join The Pink Run

It's time for another fun run here in our city. So ladies and gentlemen, prepare your running shoes and julbo sunglasses for the much awaited Pink Run... This fun run is for the benefit of women whose breasts shall be saved through mammograms checks  and information dissemination about preventing and dealing with breast cancer. .

My friend and fellow blogger is actually one of the organizers. This is for a good cause  therefore, worthy of our attention and support.. I know many men and women in the city would like to help too, and to run for fun and help save lives is better. 

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