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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was at McDonalds LKKS yesterday to finalize the kitchen tour for Lili's and River's fieldtrip in school. After I spoke with Joseph Marcos, and I was left alone to enjoy my food, including the twister fries that he gave me, I noticed that a guy was smiling at me. I was facing the counter and he was facing me from the counter corner... I didn't mind at first because I was busy enjoying my time alone and my McFlurry...ha.. When at last the face of the cute short guy became visible enough in my less trance-like state, I realized I was also smiling at Micky.. OMG! It was him smiling there for almost eternity.. And I couldn't help it, I just smiled at him in recognition of his smile.. As if we did not end our relationship in the worst way.. and that will go in another post... Then I realized he was with some friends, an older guy and another younger guy. I think they were their for some business talk because of all the brochures spread on their table. I never bothered to talk or say a word. He was smiling, I was smiling.. And that's it! I looked at my watch and it was almost time to fetch Lili and River so I gathered all my stuff and left..

I left still smiling that I gave away the free twirl I got from using my McDonalds Card to the first stranger I met outside..hahaha..was I funny or what? .


Angela MP said...

I happened to be in a similar situation a couple of weeks ago. We just smiled at each other and had awkward talk...then he introduced me to his wife! Very awkward but I had a smile plastered on my face for a week!

Mommy Dharlz said...

Until now Ange, I am still smiling--- Can u believe that?