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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Thank you for our New Year Cake

We were all given 1 layer of New Year cake by our school. 

Because all 3 of us live in one house, we have 3 and I am also in the process of baking a Chocolate Monster  Cake,  so I gave mine to our tuktok driver for his family.  

Thank you HCIS for our yummy cake.. 


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New Year Salubong Fruit Offering Table

We are preparing for New Year's Salubong and we need more tables, but we only have four small ones, so we have used this ironing board and turned it into our New Year Salubong Fruit Offering  table.

How's that for Filipino ingenuity? hahaha.. 



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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Keeping the Connection Alive

Every year, my friends and I will always have our reunion around Ella's birthday, where we'd meet and have dinner and an overnight party. But since this year I have not been able to go home for Christmas break, we did our reunion online.  

We each prepare our own food, and eat together while we are doing our online party. Talking while all four of us are in one room. We always chat but often we are not complete at the same time. We just manage to catch up because the messages are left on the chatroom. 

We had fun posing with the different looks we got from  the app. It was incredible how after all these years we have kept our friendship. For that, I am thankful.. 


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Friday, December 25, 2020

An OFW's Christmas is Just an Ordinary Day

Milk in wine glass while watching a Netflix movie.. and preparing for our Christmas lunch that we are hosting for our co-teachers. hehehe

Merry Christmas everyone.. enjoy your holiday.. 

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Thank you Wellness Market

Thank you Wellness Market for this early Christmas present. I always buy my Quinoa and Flax seeds from Wellness Market. It is an online shop that sells all health food you can't find in the grocery. It is based in Yangon so orders always come with a delivery fee to be delivered here in Mandalay.

This order included coconut oil for cooking my food. and in my box, I was surprised to find another box.

And it contained a lovely juice cup with a straw.

Thanks again Wellness Market :-)



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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Midnight Snacking

Freshly baked fudgy browny.. Oh so good. Tr Grace made this after we failed many times to light up my DIY jam jar light bulb.

I.guess you could say, we are putting our frustrations on this yummy treat.. Hahaha..
Sooo good.. Thanks Tr Grace.. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Returning a Purchase

Since the pandemic started, we have been careful about going out, that we usually buy everything online and delivered to our home. But sometimes buying online has its disadvantage. Either the product is defective, lacking in number or is not as advertised, we can actually return them and get a refund. 

There is a procedure that needs to be followed, and when it's time to give it back to the delivery guy, I usually take a selfie with him as added proof, aside from letting him sign a receiving copy. hehehe..

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