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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wanna meet with a biker?

Here's an interesting site that I have just visited. I am sharing it here because I had fun going through the Biker Personals that Google accidentally showed me. I am not a biker but I have three male friends who are bikers and they are quite loveless these days..

In my aim to help my three musketeers, I have signed up to check out the site. And what better way indeed, if your passion is biking, to sign up for free to this very unique and friendly site. At least, if you are finding your way to love or finding your way back to love, and you know you can't live without this passion, might as well find someone who shares this with you.
I checked out the photos and OMG! the people who have signed up in this site are super! Hmm.. Now, I am beginning to wonder.. Maybe Google is now showing a different course for me, hahaha.. Maybe a biker is what I need, lol.. 
Kidding aside, Ben, Jerry and Russ will surely like this site. My biker friends would surely find love here.. I can't wait to tell them tomorrow.. If you are interested also, visit and sign up.. Who knows, love is simply there waiting to happen, with just simply clicks.. 
Well, goodluck...

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