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Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Something to Share---

What do you think of this pic? This was shared through plurk tonight---

This reminds me of my best friend Glenn--- Miss him terribly...

The last time we saw each other before he was murdered, he was so kilig--- he was in-love, I guess...

I could almost hear him giggle now just by looking at this pic.. His giggles and his twinkling eyes...

I miss you Glenn Bors...

IP & Email Search

One of my friends here on the blogosphere posted a question one time at plurk asking if we know a certain email address and who its owner is. She was asking about and of course, no one from plurk world knows the email identity. But of course, today, I was able to share with earth the following information:

1. That the IP address of this fellow is
2. His location is Mountain View, CA
3. And the company that serves his email is Google (obviously, that is a dot gmail dot com)

And I found all that info when I searched in reverse at, a very good source when it comes to IP Search. So, whenever you want to know someone's IP or your own IP, you just dont ask, "What's My IP?" You can simply go to that website and do the works...


This song had been spinning in my head while I was still in bed early this morning.. now I found it and posting it here....

Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a repost from Sana's blog.. I know Queenie personally because she is my sister's friend. What they went through is not fair. I am reposting this in the hope that some US readers of this post can help them, in anyway...

The incident happened a long time ago--- May 25, 2006 but until now, the Velasco family still needs help to clear out their names. Right now they can't find decent jobs because of the case they were NEVER convicted with prior to the pediatrician's findings. Allan and Queenie Velasco were arrested and charged with child neglect for not seeking immediate attention for their child's minor injury. Queenie was arrested at the hospital where they took Carmela, their child, and Allan was dragged out of their Jersey City home with the full view of the neighbors - dragged out and cuffed without a chance to wear shoes or jacket, and wasn't given a chance to get his cellphone or wallet.

Read the full story here - a scanned newspaper article of their story: (click images to enlarge)

Here's pictures of Mela way before the incident:

Here's Mela at Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)

Carmela's first bday at DYFS.

Carmela with parents Allan and Queenie

Mela with dad Allan and granny Yen

The family wants to thank the following people:
Lynn Kressel, Jud Taylor, CAHN Family, and Lenovitz family for helping them all throughout the case and for Allan's new job.

To those who wish to help the Velasco Family, here are their contact information:

New Jersey:
Allan Velasco/Queenie Velasco
1109 Bergenline Ave.
Union City NJ 07087

Jersey Mobile Numbers:
Allan - +12013628544
Queenie - +12013628906

Princess (queenie's sister) - +63 9062764045
Niño (queenie's brother) - +63 9262488893

or email for more information.


Starting yesterday, CDO Bloggers have been busy with election related activities. Some CDO Bloggers went to the grand launching of ABS-CBN's Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo, an invitation by fellow CDO Blogger, Juvie Galve.

Below is a slideshow of what went on during the launching. Thanks to Pangitzter of AWATIRO.COM for sharing his pictures...

Today, I was supposed to go with the guys (Lili had fever since yesterday) for the MOA signing between Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan and his Register and Vote Campaign team and COMELEC, 10:30 AM at PJoe's Diner, Limketkai. Which was followed by a meeting/press conference at Pryce Hotel at 12 noon.

And tonight, the guys partied at the ROCK THE VOTE CONCERT! Starting at 6 in the afternoon at my Alma Mater, XAVIER UNIVERSITY's GYM. The concert was a great hit with Cagayan de Oro local bands and my favorites HALE & SPONGECOLA... ADMISSION was FREE.... Although, CDO Bloggers have a special media pass for the event---- to allow pictorials and stuff... wink..wink...

This video was shared by Lhawzer at you tube, and some of his photos, click here... sharing them here for Kagay-anons abroad......

Here are some links from fellow cdo bloggers...


My cousins Jovic, King and Blue met today at Harrods for a some window shopping. That's the UK version of Aguilar cousins bonding moments, if that's how it really was, lol... Or one of them is on a look out for something grand... Some one's birthday is just around the corner, so that kinda explains it better, lol.. Jovic told me about that on our chat tonight. Me here in CDO and she in UK... Their family moved there when she was just in grade school, now, she is already almost done with University---

So we were chatting and all when she mentioned what they did earlier. I told her that if she or anyone of them would like to shop for something really nice, they can actually go to ShopWiki. Ha! Just sharing what i have learned online so far... But really, I wouldn't be recommending Wiki to my cousin if I do not see it worthy of mention. For me, Wiki is the most convenient site ever. It revolutionized online shopping since it finds every store on the Internet. I told Jovic that if she just wants to look for something, even if she wont buy anything, Wiki helped in giving out information regarding use, purpose and value of a specific item.. Traditional shopping sites will only show stores that have PAID for placement. In short, even if Wiki does not earn anything, it still gives out information that a would be customer would appreciate very much... Take for example, a father who wants to give his family fun in the outdoors. If he goes to Wiki, he will be getting all valuable information and suggestions, not to mention items that could help him achieve his goal of giving a good time for his family.. regardless whether he buys something or not... When I was pregnant, I had a difficult time preparing for my baby's day out into the world, lol... I became frustrated as I looked for nappies, but Wiki sort of gave me an idea. So now, every time someone mentions something, ordinary or special, from nap bags to baby carriers, tents to houses, anything and everything under the sun can be found at Wiki...

For a frugal mommy shopper like me, this means they can find anything and everything for sale on the web at but this isn't just about what you can find. Wiki is also about what you can save. First of all, since you do shopping inside your home, so you save on time, gas and energy. Not to mention all the risks and factors that may come harmful if you outside just to buy something... In this context, i am happy to say that Wiki has 30, 000 shops to help us in our daily does of convenient shopping... More products from more stores means better deals and savings for all of us. Won't you agree?


My relationship with my daughter is far too different from my relationship with my mother. My mom and I are not close. Ever since I was born, I was never close to my mom. I always felt that she hates me and does not love me. Although, that is not quite true. I know she loves me but she just has a problem showing it. So when I got pregnant, I made a vow to always show my daughter how much she is loved. From the time she was yet inside me up to now, I love you is a common phrase you will hear exchanged and uttered between me and Lili. When she wakes up she greets me good morning with a kiss and an "I love you mommy" .. and when I tuck her to bed at night, there is also the exchange of I love You... and a hug--- of course, in between, Lili, being a sweet little darling, will simply go near me and for no apparent reason, would kiss and hug and whisper her I love You.. and when she is extremely happy, you will get your share of never ending sweetness... I like the warmth of those words and the feel of her hug... Maybe, if my mom did the same with me while I was growing up, we could have been closer than close... Oh well, there are some things in life that we really can not control--- Each of us have different learning patterns and different backgrounds.. Different experiences that shaped and continues to shape our lives...

Anyway, here's a prayer for all of us in these times of crisis...

Somehow, it is not related to what I blogged about, but, I know it will help... (a voice is telling me to put it here, lol... )

One Stop for Graphic Designs, Programming, SEO & Marketing...

Hey guys, guess what I have discovered online today... I was doing my rounds when one of my friends here on the blogosphere mentioned Internet Creators Inc. on her blog.. I found out that it is a full service web development and marketing firm. Wow.. Pretty interesting! I read that their mission is not only to build and market websites for their clients, but also to educate them on how to turn their website into a powerful sales generating source... That's much more than just a showpiece for their company or organization. It got me excited because, as you all know, I am wanting to start an online business. I think they can help me very well in terms of marketing, right?

Internet Creators was formed with the purpose of combining the three main elements needed for a successful website. First, we have Graphic Design. Have you heard about the Denver Graphic Design? Well, that is what makes every site visually noteworthy. The aesthetic sense of every site is must be enticing enough to make people come back for more... Second, we have Programming or the core of every site. Lastly, Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)--- the major player in any online activity.

If you want to know more, simply visit for further information.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boto Mo- Ipatrol Mo

I have not registered for this cause but I will be monitoring this coming elections 2010. According to ABS-CBN, there are now 1115 registrants for Boto Mo-Ipatrol Mo and simultaneous with the registration in Cagayan de Oro are those in other places in Mindanao. I am happy to see that there are more and more citizens who are interested to protect their right, and are nonetheless interested in what is really going on the country. That is a good sign. At least we have students who are now open to social awareness rather than frequenting the malls and all other places...


My friend Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online invited me to join Link From Blog for additional Monetary gain. What is good about this company is the fact that they give a sign up bonus for its new members in the amount of $5. Plus they give blogging and money making tips to help all bloggers in the world..

Click on the widget below for some tips, and join us too...

LinkFromBlog - advertise with my Blog

Something to Share...

I am so blessed to have a beautiful and smart daughter. And with every trial that comes, it is agreat blessing that with her simple smile, hugs and kisses I feel okay. I thank God for his gift... Anyway, she had been watching the video of our mañanita and she keeps singing " The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness. "... I wanted to get a copy since I lost my copy of the lyrics, so I searched but my search led me to this link, which is a copy of a sermon--- and it amazes me how beautiful sch sermon was presented... Thank you Lord. Truly, God speaks to us in so many ways---

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Are you looking for a place to get website hosting? Well look no more as I have read an article somewhere that tells us so much about website hosting. It was oh so good information that is why you are reading this post now. I wouldn’t bother writing about this if I find no relevance in our blogging lives… lol

Many of my friends are asking me where to get their sites hosted and I always tell them that I am not so sure. But now, I can point them to for Unix Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Collocation Hosting and Managed Hosting. Whatever hosting need, has the answer. And because they are so good, they have won for themselves awards in 2008. The awards are: Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best Forum Hosting, Best Unix Hosting, Best Windows Hosting, Best PHP Hosting, Best Email Hosting, Best E-commerce Hosting, Best Multi-Domain Hosting, Best VPS Hosting, Best Reseller Hosting, and Best Dedicated Hosting. So you see, if you get hosting through the said website, you are getting it from the best----

Do check out their site if you want to know more about them or their services. I assure you, you won’t get disappointed.

The Surprise Party

I mentioned in my previous post that there are so many surprises for Aunt Vicky... Below is a slide show of her surprise birthday party in the evening of the same date... The biggest surprise is the presence of her two angels, Stephanie and Abigail, who came home just to surprise their mom on her natal day---


My friend Elise is an article writer who works on freelance. She is also a blogger and a stay at home mom who works doubly on the world wide web... One time while we were chatting, I told her that I am looking for other ways to earn online. And she told me that I should try article writing. I told her that it would be a good chance but I have not tried doing it yet so I may have to start from the bottom, so she has to guide me. Of course it would only be a temporary phase. Once I get the hang of it, I will surely be on my own... She laughed and told me that it isn't gonna be much of a problem because article writing also use tools to lessen the writer's burden. Oh! And I felt at ease at the thought... She introduced me to a rewrite article software that helps to rewrite the article should there be changes that should be done. Of course, there's the mass article review for a greater number of articles and lastly, the article marketing tools, for it to have greater audience...

WOW! It's not so bad after all...

Monday, July 27, 2009

SONA 2009

I am listening to the STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS of our President now...

If you wish to do the same, click here.


Today our family has so much to celebrate. Aunt Vicky's 50th birthday, Cousin Ting's passing the NLE and my cousin Anna also has reason to celebrate. Her lawyer informed her that she is finally Annulled... At long last, she is single again.. The entire family is happy about this mainly because, not only is Anna rid of the man who does not deserve her (who did so many unspeakable things), but she can now get hitched to the right person who would give her and her children the happiness that they deserve.

Here in the Philippines, there is no Divorce Law that could easily break a marriage long gone to waste. Although there is annulment, but it takes years and much money to have it at hand. Sometimes, because of financial constraints, couples remain to be married in paper, but are already living separate lives.

To Anna, I salute you for being strong at all times. For bearing with everything. You deserve to be happy. The moment you have been waiting for is here....


To all unhappily married women out there, you need not be tied in a bad marriage. Set yourself free. Do not be afraid to take the first step ---- You are a woman, the stronger, more mature, more consistent, more loving, more passionate, more aggressive creature of God... You deserve the best in life, the best out of life... You deserve to be happy---- ajah!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rapidshare Search Engine

Hey guys, guess what I discovered today... I know that there are many of you here who likes downloading stuff online. From free games, videos, clips, music, programs or even movies. And I know that Rapidshare is not alien to you. Am I right? Well, my friend Dana told me over chat that there is now a Rapidshare Search Engine where we can freely search what we want to search and eventually download them without taking so long for download time. Isn't that great? We can save time in our download that way... Whoever created the site is really very wise, don't you think so? Visit the site to know more about it--- that's

Mañanita at Auntie Vicky's place...

Auntie Vicky turned 50 as of 12:01 a.m. today--- That explains the Mañanita Songs and the foodies we prepared at dawn today. Here are the videos of our performance, lol...

That's the first song..if it is a program, that's the opening number--- hehehe...

This is the middle of the program, and the next video is the closing number..

Of course, the finale would be the eating part, lol....

Auntie Vicky had no idea what is in store for her today. Another surprise is waiting tonight.. That will be in another post, okay. Starting yesterday, she celebrated her birthday by visiting and giving to The House Of Hope. Today at 9 am, she is also set to do a soup kitchen (feeding them with her prepared fruits and lechon and all other foodies she had ordered for them there) for the patients at the City Hospital, her former workplace while she served as a nurse before her business woman stint...

We are also blessed as two board passers have joined us in this family activity, hours after the June 2009 results of the Nursing Licensure Examinations. So I guess you can call it a triple celebration... Aunt Vicky's 50th birthday, and the successful passing of the board of our two new nurses in the family MA. THERESA SALCEDO AGUILAR, R.N. and MARY GRACE CARDIÑO FERMALINO, R.N.(Best Friend of cousin Pinky, adopted by the Aguilar-Baguio

Below is a slide show of our pix...

Waste Management Software? COOL!

Have you heard of a Waste Management Software? Well, technically, I have no idea what it is. My friend Israelle was talking about it and I went blank.. Hmmm. So I searched and google lead me to a site that talks about just that...

As I read it at, the waste management software helps ever company as they can save up to an hour per day per driver, it can help dispatchers manage more skips & trucks. It also allows to know where skips, jobs & trucks are on the map. Not to mention, it can send and receive jobs to & from sub-contractors easily. It allows for integrated billing, thereby reducing pricing & billing errors. And ultimately, it takes control of your business data.

The system that are pushing in the market is built to fit waste industry needs. Their waste management software is available for a low monthly subscription fee, and it is highly affordable as it is on a pay as you go basis. And to make it available anywhere in the world, it is hosted online so there is no complex install needed for the web based software. The web based functionality of their software is compatible for PDAs (Portable Digital Assistants) and self installable also.

I think that is the key to have less garbage. A paperless office.. But of course, they also cater to other Waste Management Processes like the one below:
  1. Casual Skip Hire
  2. Regular Waste Collection
  3. Sales Rep Prospect Visits Tracking
  4. Residential Services & Complaints
  5. Medical Waste
  6. Liquid Waste (Grease Trap & Septic)
  7. Recyclables
  8. Security Destruction
  9. Transfer Station Weighbridge & Disposal Operations
Anyway, if you want to know more, simply visit the site and I am sure you can get something that will work to your advantage.

Mañanita Song

Today is someone's birthday.. We had our first and final rehearsal last night for this morning's mañanita... we had fun practicing and discussing about last minute preps--- hahaha.. everything is on a rush... I wonder how it will be hours from now... I am no longer sleeping as it would only make me miss this family activity ---- more pictures later... for now, here is a slide show of what we did during our rehearsal...

Hope you liked the slide...

By the way, below is the lyrics for the Mañanita Song...

How beautiful is the morning
As we come to waken you
With God’s early morning blessing
With pleasure we sing to you.

On the day that you were born
All the flowers came into bloom
And at the baptismal font
All the saints broke forth in song

The dawn is now appearing
The rays of the sun break through
Arise, early this bright morning
As we sing hello to you.

How I wish I were St Peter
How I wish I were St Anne
As we bring this salutation
In the very early morn

With a bouquet of carnations
We have come to sing our song
To make your day full of color
So that you may carry on.

Refrain 2
We wish you happy birthday,
Today and the years to come
God bless you now and forever
May your dreams come true dear one…

How I wish I could get you two
One to tell you ‘Good Morning!
And the other to bid you ‘Adieu!

[Refrain 2]

spa accessories

One of my classmates in Swedish Therapy is planning to put up a spa or a health clinic. And because she knows that the people at the Lady of Fatima Therapeutic Foundation Clinic are the best source for manpower, she need not worry where to get additional therapists. Her problem now is center on spa accessories since she will not have any other problems because the place she is going to have it is their family property. It is newly renovated and ready for whatever it will be used for. So when we met the other day, she pointed her main concern and asked us if we could give her any idea. Hmm.. That is totally a big concern since it will bring about the presentation of the entire spa... Well, I will try to search and see what I could find. In the meantime, we are busy preparing for our graduation this August 2, 2009... It will be another busy week for the clinic...


this here is our new nurse....





oh lala

On the way to the house of Auntie Vicky at 3 am today, my brother Playboy was the one who drove our car. My father sat beside him for guidance. It was an uncomfortable ride for me as I was scared the whole time. My brother knows how to drive but he does not drive often. Practice makes an experienced driver, so to speak. But this post is not to discount my brother's capacity or anything near that. In fact, I do not think that way at all. And I am really glad my father was with us the whole time. It was like a refresher driving course for him, and a new course for me and Sweet. They talked about a lot of stuff relative to driving, car parts and driving techniques. Sweet and I just listened on. My brother mentioned that the car needs diesel turbocharger but my father disagrees and says that we should just leave it as it is. For someone who knows nothing about cars and stuff, it was best to keep quiet and simply listen. But quite frankly, I am more inspired to take driving lessons after this round trip ride with my brother on the wheels...

I guess now I have an additional must have in life...

Previously, I have specified that all of us must know THE LAW.. Now, I am adding that all of us must know how to drive and TRAFFIC RULES... whew.. I was fully relieved when we arrived home safe and sound after the ride back home. Thank you Lord...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


My friends in college, back in Liceo de Cagayan, PT days, were mostly members of the Iglesia ni Cristo. And this year, they are celebrating their 95th foundation day celebration, specifically on July 27, 2009. My friend Charry Roa Abaigar have actually invited me to join them in their celebration as they are actually inviting non-members to join them also.

Back in college, Nortelina Tolentino, Roselie Dagayday and Levi Flores were the ones who always invite me during their "Pamamahayag".. I always went because I knew I was in good company. They were my very good friends and study partners... In fact, most of my friends and acquaintances who are members are actually good standing, law abiding citizens of this country-----

So to all members of the Iglesia ni Cristo, mabuhay kayong lahat! Congratulations..

Last minute holidays

Last minute holidays are not fun to prepare if you do not know where to go for last minute preparations. But, if you have one place to get everything done and fast, then it sure would be fun and hassle free. My cousins Abigail and Stephanie are coming home for their mom's birthday. Actually it is a surprise planned on the last minute with last minute preparations, lol. They have no bookings yet but they are sure to be arriving on the day they are expected. Good thing a family friend runs a travel and tour agency so getting airline tickets is not that of a problem.

How about you? Do you have last minute requirements for an emergency travel or so? If you do, I would like to tell you about this wonderful site I found while surfing the net, --- a place where you get airline tickets booked, hotel accommodations, travel guides and advisories, and everything that you will need for a last minute holiday that is not heavy for your pockets. And the best part is that, you can even get your travel insurance ready, in case you will need it in this journey. All in one wonderful place.

So what are you waiting for? Get your fingers ready and surf the site. Have a blast on your last minute holiday dearies...



This is something I do not want anyone of you to experience. I have been scammed by by not paying me what's due for all my hard work. Not to mention, all the expenses I have to put up with, just to keep up with posting the posts they have approved, but NEVER PAID...

Here is an update about and its modus operandi. As of today, I still have not received the $191.00 they owe me for all my approved posts, which have been due months ago... Notice the print screen above? They have moved the payment date again to August 1, 2009 - which I doubt would ever be made...

The print screen here is from my email, a copy sent by paypal to notify me that payingpost have cancelled the billing I sent for them to pay me the amount they owe...

Related Post, click here. Full story here.

Videos and More

My friend Donnie was asking me the other day if I know someone or some place where he could seek services for their company's Corporate Video. I told him outright that I do not know anyone or any place to go for this purpose. So Donnie left... This morning I learned from Jeremiah that his problem is still unsolved and his job depends on it. According to him, Donnie would rather quit than get fired. I felt guilty so I called all my other friends for help. Unfortunately, no one knows where to go. Hmmm.. Last minute directions--- Mr. google!

Google led me to this site that caters to video production services. They also give hands-on training for corporate, training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, TV or promotional video or just to document process and procedures... And the coolest thing of all, if one needs actors, lighting or studio time, they have it! Wow! They can shoot in any format from any location. And if one already has the footage, but need special post-production touch to bring out the magic, they can also help... Imagine, if one's corporate presentations need extra touch, they can do the job in no time! Amazing! I think Donnie should really get in touch with them as his company is trying to win that large bid at the electric company... No wonder Donnie feels so bad and says he is going to lose his job if he fails. Such pressures!

Richter Studios has been creating presentations for more than 10 years now. So I guess they have helped many companies earn their millions also.. Wait till I tell Donnie about this...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lili's Firsts...

Lili's first activity in school. This was during the Independence Day activity at Lifetime.

mommy moments

This here is her first time at the Night Cafe... The first time she was outside of our house as late as 8 pm..

And lastly, this here is her first time to leave our house to go to my father's house for an emergency errand, all by herself... I was watching her walk towards our house and back --- Our house help locked us inside the orange house and we needed the keys to open the gate. I had to send her alone as I cannot leave her alone in the orange house... So she successfully did her mission, building her self confidence in the process...

Mommy is proud of this simple accomplishment....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweetie's Capping---

Last Saturday, at 7 in the morning, my sister Sweet had her Capping... I was not there because I slept at 5 in the morning and woke up at 11 am...

below is a slideshow:

Satellite TV or Something Else?

Have you heard of the latest Direct TV offers? Their offers are so good, I am sure you will have to to choose them over another. Which reminds me of an article I read a few months back, about a man who has to decide whether to get Direct TV or a dish. So it had been a full month of deciding, Directv vs. Dish. Dish here refers to satellite dish where your satellite TV gets its functionality.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, it is a choice between satellite TV and the cable company.. But for all movie lovers, and TV buffs, the choice depends on their location and coverage. Some find it extremely expensive, the satellite dish. But some would prefer it over cable because it will be cheaper to get a cable connection. I am sure that if Direct TV is here in our beloved city, people will flock over it instead of the two...

Friends and some relatives abroad who have tried Direct TV would vouch for its affordable costing rather than maintaining cable or a satellite dish… In fact, they were the ones who kept talking about Direct TV as if telling me to follow them there so I can also get Direct TV, lol… Oh well, I am sure someday, somehow, we’ll have Direct TV also--- I am positive about that…

This is my 1112th post---

Amazing enough, this post is my 1,112--- I have already posted 1111 posts as of today and today, I am also happy with the news my cousin Bogie told me through my CBOX...

I am so happy. My PR is BACK! Praise the LORD! As much as I do not want to admit it, I was depressed. I knew perfectly well that I was depressed because I lost all interest in making money online. I had a few opps and although I had so much stories to tell, I can't help but be depressed when I look at my site. I resorted to playing farmtown, sorority life and yoville at facebook... Such temporary joys--- And when I am not online, I sleep like a baby through the night--- No more long nights since I had no work to do---

And now that my PR is back, I am alive again. I will be alive again---- Thank you Lord! I know you know what my needs are... Thank you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Guys, if you need help with Leaflet Printing or any other printing jobs, I would like to inform you that we at Honeysweet Learning Center, are open for those types of services again. Previously, Leaflet Printing has been one of our fast selling services at the center. We have two Flyer Printers that could definitely do the job. Ever since we transferred, our clients have not seen us, except for those who had my number, mobile and land line. So I am calling all our previous clients, we are open for business and I am just a click away...

I remember, before, when we were yet at the old address, people would come even as late as 12 midnight just for the rush job order... Ahh.. the pressures of work. I kinda miss that part of the business, lol... Anyway, if you want us to help you with anything, we can always deliver...

Leave a message here if you are interested...

National Children's Book Day at SM Cagayan de Oro

Today is National Children's Book Day, and four schools here in Cagayn de Oro City celebrated it with music and dancing and book reading at the SM Cagayan de Oro Activity Hall. Lifetime Study Center students together with students from Brainlinks Learning Center (2 branches) and Shekinah Glory were there with gusto as they watched and listened to the meat of the program. One of the intermission number was given by CHLOE, sexy mommy Cookie's little darling. If you wish to see how it went, click here. There were cute little boys and girls who gave dance numbers, and even declamation pieces... It was really a very good learning experience. Below is a slide show of the day's events, followed by a video of Teacher Karen, as she started the book reading for the students...

I learned also that today, July 22, is said to be the day our beloved hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, wrote "Ang Pagong at ang Matsing", that according to the emcee, Uriel Quilingging....

Christmas Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner. You may think me crazy for mentioning this, but I think the person who played a Christmas carol on his car stereo is more crazy than me--- No offense meant, in fact I am grateful for the free ride tonight, lol, but I heard my first Christmas carol in his car stereo while we were driving back home--- A first for Christmas 2009.... wink.. wink.. Do you want to know who he is? Not Santa Claus, of course. But the dear friend of mine who always celebrates Christmas Holidays Abroad, being that his family are all there. If you can guess who he is, you will get an advance Christmas gift from me... oh, that is open only to all my close friends and family... I have not blogged about him ever, so I am telling you now guys, this is the first post about him. Another clue would be that he loves coffee a lot--- his favorite is Starbucks Caramel Macchiato... We always had that in Manila.. (CDO do not have Starbucks yet so no coffee tonight...) Oh, and he loves to wake up very early for his gardening tasks. Got any idea now? If you are totally clueless then give me a call... lol...

Anyway, about Christmas and Christmas carols, what songs remind you of a pleasant Christmas celebration? Me, I have a lot. But nothing could ever compare to this thought about me and my friends celebrating Christmas even before or after the month of December... Crazy? Yup, we do that, my friends and I. We have our Christmas party, complete with food and kris kringle--- I miss those times, and my friend brought me back to that point in time simply by playing the Christmas carol on our ride home--- I miss Glen a lot, and both of us ended crying and laughing as we talked about everything that had gone---

Oh, before I went out of his car, he gave me a red envelope with something that is bulging through.... He said I should open it on Christmas day. I will, and I will blog about it---- Thanks my friend, I will always treasure that for as long as I live----

Sunday, July 19, 2009


My mother's sisters arrived today from Butuan City, together with our cousins. They discussed about their inheritance from our late grandparents and how it should be managed. Their discussion ended with the decision to go to the Divine Mercy Shrine at El Salvador. All of us were excited, specially me, since it will be a first. Except of course for my mother and Sweet, who had been there many times already.

The photo at the left was taken after we went up and down the shrine...

It was nearing lunchtime so we decided to bring our lunch with us and put all the foodies and drinks at the back of the van. And sure thing, after we got down from the shrine visit, with all the walking and talking and perspiring, we were all so hungry. After that, we headed towards SM CDO...

Before we left Divine Mercy, we got ourselves water from the water well-- or should I say, water faucets... The water is believed to be miraculous. Most sick and sickly persons got their share of the water... All three sisters got themselves a container... Two of the containers below will be taken back to Butuan City for our Tito Ben...

Below is a slide show of everything we did during our bonding with our relatives from Butuan City..


UPDATE: PAYINGPOST PAID ME AS OF AUGUST 23, 2009 POSTED ABOUT IT HERE. The post below was written because PAYINGPOST never communicated anything to all bloggers. In fact, they are not the company who knows how to take care of bloggers. With that in mind, I have removed all my blogs and hopefully delete mg account too. I just don't know how to do that now.. I know there are still a lot of bloggers out there who were not yet paid or who will never be paid.. and there are also newbie bloggers who will fall sign up for payingpost, now with its new name, "blogmarketingstore"... Well, changing the name does not change anything at all--- it will take months or years to clean up this mess.. I think they should just pay up everyone they owe, close the company and open a new one, and hopefully be a better company than what it previously is.. Well, I don't really care that much. The bad experience was enough..


I am happy many bloggers are now writing about their bad experience from unpaid tasks from, which is quite alarming. I have blogged about it previously with copies in all my other sites. Now, if you search for on google, you will find that many are already doing their part. We bloggers have a social responsibility to the blogosphere. We need to inform others in order that they do not fall prey to the very company that have scammed us and exploited us in their greedy way of making money online. Besides that, advertisers at payingpost do not know that the money they pay for, pays only payingpost and not the bloggers who spends time to create the posts (It is no joke! We do the job, we pay for internet connection, electricity bills and all, and we get nothing???). Thereby, the links gets deleted by some as they prefer no follow links when they are not paid.

Below are two posts I have read that sums up their payingpost experience. I shall add more links when I discover other similar posts online.

***Amy says "I was ripped-off by Payingpost"
***Helen says "What have you all been looking for?"
***Memphis saya "Paying Post Never Pays You"
***Dinah says "Have You Been Paid by PayingPost.Com?"
***Dani shares "Her thoughts regarding payingpost"
***Nadine's Experience & What SHE HAD TO DO TO BE PAID

And here is what I did to BE PAID...

I say, this has to stop now! We wrote positive SEOs for paying post before, we should now take them back---- wouldn't you agree? If we do not do anything, another blogger, maybe even your very own brother or sister, will be another victim of



Lili and I do not sleep side by side on one bed. In fact, we sleep on two separate beds. Then one day she told me we should buy a big bed just like the bed she sleeps with "Ina" in the yellow house, because she wants me to baby her again while she sleeps, lol... My little girl wants me to baby her again? Hmmm.. I was alarmed at first, but my friends from my Psychology group told me to give her time. They said it is a normal reaction because Lili was independent at a very early age. Since the set up of our bedroom at the orange house is atypical of modern bedrooms, it is by far unhealthy. Hmm.. So far, I have trained Lili to be independent in everything so she wont have to be very needy of mommy... I think I have accomplished that part very well, when I am not around Lili is okay. But when I am around, she is not.. To baby her as she sleeps is a good way, says Joy. But only when she sleeps, so that I can be firm with her "independence training". So, does it mean I need to buy a new bed? Well, we'll see----

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Finally, I met Miss Janette Toral in person. She is the famous Janette Toral or otherwise known as THE INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER. Our group, the CDO Bloggers joined the Digital Filipino Club & Bloggers networking event last night at the Philtown Hotel together with all the other IT people in Cagayan de Oro City. This event was made possible by Syntactics Inc. whose CEO, Stephanie Caragos, is a fellow Montessori de Oro Alumnae.

It was a very exciting event since it was a first for me. I also met Mommy Phebie for the first time (cousin of Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online). And met Mommy Laine again after so many years (gone were the days of the Xavier University Campus Chapel Aides, which means that technically, we are OLD--- lol)...

Anyway, I was really very happy, although I did not win any of the contest freebies... Learned so many new things from fellow bloggers and with the meeting too, I found courage to start over... I also learned about, which is an advocacy of our event's sponsor.

Here are pictures from the said event: (Thank you CHIQ MONTES for some of them.. CLICK EACH TO ENLARGE)

The food I got from the buffet:

With Mommy Laine and Mommy Phobie

With Madam Janette Toral

With CDO Bloggers

More pictures here.