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Wednesday, December 31, 2008



As I opened my blog tonight, just 2 hours away from year 2009, I am greeted with a very good sign of prosperity for the coming year...Page Rank...yes, my page rank increased by 1, and by God's Grace, Ia m really's a good sign isn't it? And when I turned to close the door here at Honeysweet, a male customer walked in and is now using one of the PCs...that's another sign...but of course, PRAYERS is the best weapon of all...and MY GOD IS WITH ME IN ALL MY JOURNEYS...that I am certain...

We just occupied a new place for our learning laboratory. It was tasking and painstaking as the former occupants were not cooperative and utterly disgusting. When we moved on the 28th, we did not expect to be cleaning up a very dirty abode...and very smelly too---what with 3 dead, almost decayed rats in the cabinets. We spent from the 28th until this morning, cleaning and beautifying the place...and I also had the roof fixed and plastered, while the gutters cleaned and reinstalled to prevent year, ahehehhe on the 2nd, we are going to repaint and more...whew...sounds a lot of work, but hey, it's okay...I love the place, it's wide area and space is conducive for learning, we just have to set the ambiance, ahehehhe...see pics below...


Anyway, all transactions will still be done at the business it really isn't any problem...

Love life, well...God's Will---that's all I can say.

By the way, before I left, I took photos of the food we prepared earlier for tonight's New Year Table Offering...we actually do this as an offering for a bountiful year ahead...we have been doing for ages already---tradition...TRADITION!!! well, I like this tradition, so full of treat, ahahahha...

here they are, enjoy...




My daughter's milk. Costs more than all other milk in the market. But, I am assured that she gets the nutrition that she needs to grow healthier and wiser...ahahahaha, I am a believer that Milk has something to do with having bright kids...Why am I blogging about her milk? Ahehehhehe...nuh, I am not endorsing it for a fee...this is not a paid post okay! LOL...

Anyway, if you have kids who are difficult to feed, try this milk, I assure you, nothing could go wrong, and your child will be healthier...well, don't just take my word for it...ask your pedia...


Every person has different lifestyles, and preferences. In as much as every person have different personalities. I may not have gone to many places or met many people personally, but with every chat room that I get invited to by friends and family, I get to meet a lot of people with different personalities, lifestyles and preferences. Well, I really do not see any problem with that, mainly because, I respect people's identity, preferences and lifestyles. For as long as I do not get hurt in the expressions they convey, or their loudness or silence, I am okay. So long as they treat me with respect as much as I treat them kindly and with the respect I give unto them, then we shall be at peace, wink...wink... In my grandmother's very words, "As long as they don't do any harm to you, then you are will be okay". And definitely I agree.

Now, who among you here have journeyed the way I have through the chat rooms and social sites and networks? One time, a friend of mine invited me for a Punk Chat, and guess what? I had a blast at the site. There was nothing wrong with punksters to begin with. They are the same people like you and me. They just chose a different representations and presentations in terms of outfits and lifestyles. Among others, they are the same just like you and me. We talked about the same political scenarios and perhaps we may have conflicting beliefs, but they are problems whatsoever. They are not racists who discriminate me just because I am a Filipino...and I like how our conversations went. They of course showed me pictures and well, fashion may be a bit different, but hey, we dress as we choose to dress, right? Music is also not a problem. In fact, what I like about the chat is that I was able to learn more about them and the culture they represent. They are not harmful or bad people, as how "others" tell about them...The are happy, life loving people who just wants their own corner of the world as much as everyone does...

And Erik, thanks so much for inviting me to the site...enjoyed my time there...

Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey guys, guess what? I just got paid...remember the income generating free website sign up that I told you about? Well, I finally got the money...and it took me 2 weeks less only. I earned $40.00 by simply inviting friends to create their own website like the one created for me after signing up for free, So anyway, I am excited to invite more and more people to simply sign up for a free website, with a domain name of your choice...and voila, you get to earn too...

If you wish to join now, sign up here, or simply visit my affiliate website,, and sign up for your FREE AFFILIATE WEBSITE from there.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Click on Photo for a Clearer View

Here is one dish we had during our Christmas Party (December 24-25, 2008). I was not able to take pictures of the other food served at the buffet table because when I came back to take pictures, the Lechon was already in its skeletal remains, hahahaha, the Empanada's gone too--- only the plate was left on the table...well, there were a lot of people so it is expected.

The dish featured here is not tasty when it was served on the buffet table. However, when my mom did a FOOD 911 on the dish, it tasted good...thank God for mothers like my mom...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My friend MILO sent me this on my I am sharing this to everyone....feel free to grab...

---start here---

Can I get a deposit slip for this? – Not to worry the Money Angel will deliver your share of the money ASAP !!!.

Align Center

Money Angel

This is a money angel

Pass it to 6 of your good friends, or family
and be rich in 4 Days.

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I am not joking. You will find an unexpected

---end here---

Let us all have a merry, peaceful and prosperous new year ahead of us...

Friday, December 26, 2008

CEIVA Digital Photo Frames

Perhaps the nicest gift to receive is the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. Not only for the holidays or birthdays and other special occasions, but also even on "off season celebrations" a going away present or a welcome present, or anything to your fancy. Now, why the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame? Why not any other photo frames? Surely it won't make a really think so? Of course it will make a difference...hmmm...okay, tell me how? How is it different from other digital photo frames?

Ooppsies...Am I going nuts? I am talking to myself, lol...and I am arguing at that...ahahahahha...Oh my goodness...Is this the effect of wanting the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame for myself? ahahahahha...seriously now, I am just doing a monologue..gotcha!! Not a basket case yet, ahehhehehe...See, I have been dreaming of the Ceiva digital Photo Frame since the day I laid eyes on it on the site. Ever since I saw how fast and convenient it works. Ever since I saw how fast the pictures get delivered directly to the frame via Internet/WIFI connection or through the camera phone...Ever since I learned of the 3 easy steps in setting up the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame...Ever since I learned of the Picture Plan and the lifetime warranty of the frame purchased... Imagine, if the frame breaks, they will fix or replace what's damaged? You can not get that from the other companies...this I know, because the moment I laid eyes on the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame Online, I sought the help of my best friend, "search engine", and I was taken to see other digital photo frames...and guess what? NOTHING COMPARES to CEIVA...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zarelle's Gift...

Align Center
I remember the other day, Zarelle was doing her water colors. Today, she gave me her finished work and told me that that was her gift... I am so touched... At an early age, my daughter knows the spirit of giving. And I am really happy because at her age, she knows how valuable labor of love could be..., what's more, she did not only prepare "gifts" for me but for everybody in the family, including our goldfish and our dog...ahahaha...sweet and innocent... Thank You LORD.. I am really blessed...

Jews and Christians Celebrate

HAPPY HOLIDAYS.... I was around this site and I had a Jewish Chat. hehehe..I am not a Jew...Ii am a Christian, but I was chatting with my Jewish friends who invited me to be in that site. I found out from them that Jews and Christians alike celebrate this season. While we celebrate Christmas, or the birth of Christ, they are celebrating Hanukkah, or the festival of

One thing I love about being in that site is that, although I am a Christian and have a different religion than them, the people I came to make friends with are nice and non discriminating. They even wished me a happy holiday. But the coolest part is when they told me, as part of their tradition in the celebration of Hanukkah, they are sending me gifts for 8 days...amazing...of course, I declined politely since I know it will cost them much to be sending gifts here in the Philippines. So anyway, chatting in the site gave me a new dimension of the Jewish community and culture. I got to learn more from them and I was really happy to be in that site.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A few hours more and we will soon be celebrating Christmas...we will be surrounded with gifts, family, friends and loved ones...everything merry and bright...

Let us not forget that there are those who may not have the same blessings that we enjoy, and sometimes we "waste" or take forgranted what we have in our very hands...

He hails from Surigao, worked as a house help, he got fired and was sent away without his 2 week salary by his employer...He came to Honeysweet for Free Food...and slept awhile, since he had been sleeping in the Barangay Hall benches for a week's time already, he left at 1:30 A.M. today...I am still here, blogging...He asked help from his sister in Davao, and she said help will come soon...he will be sent back to Davao to go home tomorrow...

The kid I blogged about in the previous post...he got his new toy car reaction yet (smile)...

The child selling lanterns, hope his wish will come true...

The couple who were begging for dinner money outside Miggy's...
I hope they will be okay this season...

Our recent carolers...May their Christmas be a joyous one...



Santa Baby

"Santa Baby, hurry down my chimney tonight"...such was the lyrics of the song I find sexy and cute. As if Santa could be treated that way, ahahahaha...Anyway, as our tradition of "luring" Santa Claus in the house, we always leave a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of my mother's cake baked for the midnight dinner or what is called Noche Buena. We would then fall asleep and wake up at 11:45 pm, minutes before 12 midnight. But of course, before we do the "thing" for Santa we express on a sheet of clean paper that we got a wish, and whatever we wish for we ask him by writing it on paper. My wish for this Christmas, aside from peace, unity and prosperity is something that could be useful and handy...How I wish I could own a CEIVA Digital Photo Frame...I could always use it in keeping memories alive, and communications open. Anyway, my daughter and I, aside form the traditional write a letter to Santa before Christmas have also done it electronically. We visited, and had fun sitting on Santa's lap..hehehhe...we actually sent our photo and connected with Santa...we also wrote our wishes and we saw it on Santa's wish book...what a marvelous experience that was. And seeing how wonder the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame worked in the process, I wanted one for myself too...

I also wish I could join the contest which is open only to 18 year old (and above) residents of the United States and/or Washington D.C., who would also engage in the Sit on Santa's Lap experience and join the sweepstakes, where 1 random entry selected for each day of the contest gets a cash prize of $500...that's $500 per winner.

Santa Baby...I wish I could win that too. Hehehhee....Oh I want both...Santa, hear me please...wink..wink..

If you are interested to join the sweepstakes too, or, if you just want to have the same experience that we had, visit the site at


Midnight Mass on the 24th at Holy Cross

The new priest in our parish have made a lot of changes in our church. He has changed a few rules and dates of celebrations, like changing the town fiesta from MAy 2 to September 16. He has also instilled a different kind of policy for female church goers. Wearing of pants is prohibited, and meticulously being observed by the parishioners, discriminating and humiliating those who go to church in slacks, no matter how decent they look.

This morning, he announced that for the nine days novena mass, or the 9 consecutive midnight masses, women are exempted, but on the night of the 24th, which is tomorrow night, before Noche Buena, the new policy will prevail again...whew...that means, not all women can go to church again...

I wish he would just give it as a Christmas Gift for all women to be allowed to go to church in slacks...sigh...sigh...sigh...


Another survey from Dneero... If you wish to join, click here.

Are You looking for a Lawyer?

Are you are looking for Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys? I certainly am not. Hehehehe...I am just fascinated with the site I am browsing right now. Well, it says here that the lawyers of Kestenbaum Eismer & Gorin LLP belongs to the top 5% among US Law firms who are specializing in criminal defense. Accordingly, I read that the firm partners are former Los Angeles prosecutors. TOUGH!!! I bet they never lost a case.

Anyway, I came upon their site when I googled for defense lawyers...huh?...This VAWC case I filed really drives me nuts. Imagine, I am the complainant and yet, here I am looking for something to help the defendant?... Am I totally crazy or what? Well, enough about that. I just had a very full day today. After the mediation hearing at the Philippine Mediation Board, I just feel so drained. But at least it was our last meeting there. Our case is going to be forwarded back to the family court. We just need to wait for the next subpoena for the schedule. With the VAWC case I filed against L, I am sure he will need the services of a good lawyer. His lawyer will soon be resigning, so that explains the googling for a new lawyer. Crazy or what? I filed a complaint and then I am the one looking for a lawyer for him? Nuh...actually, I just want to see if there are lawyers available online for our case. I have my own lawyer, and she's for FREE, since lawyers for the VAWC case filed are given free lawyers under there is really no problem with me....He didn't make it. He was stubborn and conceited today. And to free himself, he wanted me to sign a partial agreement? HUH! A partial agreement? hmmp... I may have made a mistake with him, as a blurry choice in the past, but I am no longer stupid and naive. I did not sign anything. Why should I? So he will be saved while I continue to live in despair? I guess he will need a lawyer who is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome--that is, for him to win against the criminal case filed against him. He failed in the civil case, now he has to face the criminal side of VAWC. He needs to hire a new lawyer ASAP.. My lawyer on the other hand, is said to be good at the case. She is also an experienced lawyer in VAWC Cases., and I do not have to pay for her services....(what I mentioned above). Just like the lawyers in this site I am browsing, Kestenbaum Eismer & Gorin LLP, where, many of their clients do not have much to pay for expensive lawyers. With the years of experience in the criminal justice system in Los Angeles, California, they are able to deliver a good defense in a budget friendly manner. And just like the lawyers on the site I mentioned, my lawyer is an aggressive criminal lawyer who will work diligently to protect my rights and my daughter's as well. To be fair, I hope he gets someone who will help him too. But of course, I hope and pray justice will prevail. I did not file the case to hurt anybody. Not even myself or my daughter. I am just looking for justice, that it be served.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I was bloghopping and I came by OUR FAMILY STORY this was what I saw there. Just this evening I took a photo of a dessert which was never absent on Sundays in our house. It's called TAPIOCA. Actually the reason why it is not absent is because it can be prepared with a variety of ingredients, and may have different presentations. The taste of course, will depend on the ingredients you use. So with the picture already available, I opted to join this meme. Besides, I LOVE FOOD...ahehhehehe...

For today's TAPIOCA DESSERT, the ingredients used are a.) Cubed Cheese, b.) Apple Chunks, c.) Cantaloupe Strips, d.) Sweet Corn Kernels, e.) Milk and Cream and of course the star of the show, f.) TAPIOCA.

Last week we had the Banana-Mango Combo...yummy!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Latina Chat

One very interesting chat site that really caught my attention is Latina Chat. Why? Because most of the members are gorgeous...I mean, they are not only physically attractive, but they also have great personalities...

I met one particular friend, Evangeline. She is totally ravishing. She introduced me to her friends and instantly we clicked..Now I have lots of Latina friends all over the globe. I love it. They are from all over the world. And the great thing about them is that, wherever they are, they still speak their language---Espanyol...Si? Speaking or rather typing in Spanish sometimes confuses me, but they are always ready for a translation or two...I just can't wait for another chat with them...


(Click Photo To Enlarge)

The photo here was taken one time while I was visiting the PEA in the St. Augustine Cathedral...I don't know why I wanted to take a photo of this fountain...must be because seeing it again with the water and all, I am reminded of how much we spent during my childhood, watching the waters of the fountain flow, and shoot high up in the air..I remember, my father even had this excused that if it gets really warm inside the church, we would go near the fountain as it is cooler there. It had been a long time since I saw the saw waters gush out and shoot in the air...I simply adore the simple view---


It's three days more to go before Christmas. Surely all of us have already whispered our wishes and prayers. All of us may have already expressed our wants and wishes for the yuletide season. All of us may have already told everyone our wish list. HAHAHA...That sounds like ME, lol...Well, of course. I have been hinting everyone and getting what I wished for. But still, I got a wish that has not been answered yet. Remember my Santa Claus experience in my previous blog post? Well, the experience was so great that it has bugged me up until now. I want to do it again, and again and again---and I did. hahaha...even my daughter joined me in the act. She too was so excited to be sitting on Santa's lap electronically. And she even asked for another set of dolls and dollhouse. Oh my goodness. We really looked cute and happy in the pictures we uploaded. But of course, there's more to the experience though. With my daughter liking the experience as much as I have, I want the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame for myself too. And since the transfer was so fast, as the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame receives photo's from the PC or Cellphone through Wifi connection, my daughter said that she will send Santa a gift electronically too. I could hardly believe my ears. My 3 year old has really picked up the pace. I guess with the experience, she was thinking, North pole is really just a photo away..Hahaha..

Anyway, since we are here in the Philippines, I can not do anything to own that baby for free, unlike 18 year old (and above) residents of the United States and/or Washington D.C., who could also engage in the Sit on Santa's Lap experience and join the sweepstakes, where 1 random entry selected for each day of the contest gets a cash prize of $500...that's $500 per winner. Wish I could win that too. Oh I want both...Santa, hear me please...wink..wink..


A Different Song of Christmas Cheers

Last night a deaf mute came to Honeysweet and sang Christmas Carols. I was happy with his confidence, for not all children with said condition can do that. I told my secretary to welcome him in and so he sang inside Honeysweet. Actually, he had been singing outside almost every night starting on the 14th. But it was only last night that we took notice of him. We listened to him sing and I took a video, he sang more songs than usual. And he even had a thank you song. Although I couln't understanding his singing, still I know they are all for Christmas Cheers..Blessed be the child...

Have a Blessed Sunday Everyone...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Movie for the Family

When we were younger, my father and mother would always plan Friday nights as Family Movies Night. It had been a tradition passed on by my Lola Viating to my father and his siblings. My father likes Fernando Poe Jr. so much that after dinner, on a Friday night, we would have Fernando Poe Movie marathon. Fernando Poe is known for action movies with a story and a moral lesson. And he is good looking too. Because my father likes him so much, we also feel he looks like the actor too..hehehe...well, my father is good looking. There's no doubt about that.

I remember my mother would always prepare for Friday nights like it is a party with guests. She would include in our grocery on Sundays, chips, cookies, pakwan seeds (white and black), raisins and anything that we could find edible to munch. And of course the drinks. Well, it was like going to the movies you see. Sometimes we would have pizza delivered but only when there's extra budget. After dinner, we would clear the living room for this purpose and position chairs, beanbags and cushions in the most comfortable position possible. I love the memory as I am walking through memory lane now...hehehe...Those were the days when we would only worry about our homework and crushes and stuff...Unlike now that we go through life and aim to come out as winners in our daily struggles. Our lives now are complex and needs the stronger "us" in order to survive and eventually succeed. I guess Fernando Poe's movies helped shape our beliefs in life. Because the kind of movies my parents allowed us to watch, specially those of Fernando Poe's, were all movies with a lesson, and a basic principle of having integrity wherever you may go. So too, most of his movies leave the audience light hearted and feeling good about having watched every movie. Hmm.

Anyway, now that I am older, or should I say, more mature, hehehe...I would also like to do the same to my daughter. Only, she is yet too young so we stick with the Barbie series: Rapunzel, The Princess and The Pauper, Fairytopia-Mermaidia, etc. To my daughter's level, they are understandable and they convey lessons that I would like my daughter to learn from what she is watching. I on the other hand, watch feel-good movies with my friends, or sometimes with Lili's dad...hehehe...Feel good movies just warms the heart, apart from the moral lessons they teach. I always make it a point to schedule that particular event, the date of the movie parallel to our availability. That way, we wont have to miss it. One particular movie that I am looking forward to watching is All Roads Lead Home The Movie. It's a family oriented movie that I am hoping to watch with my family again. But due to the fact that we all are very busy with our different lives and schedules, might as well watch it with Lili's dad. Or Franny and Egee. Or DTR and Gay...well, all these persons are family to me, so they are my choice as companion/s in watching that said movie. And of course, I think I will have to prepare tissue paper and handkerchief--ahahahaa...I know it will make me cry. Good movies always do that to me---



So finally I have decided to buy a third domain SUPPOSEDLY for Just The Tip Of The Iceberg... but, since Mommy Ruby informed me that it will be a new domain with new stats, I feared losing my PR2 and my Real rank which is below 2000 already...I decided to put that new domain in my VDAY Cagayan de Oro City blogsite.

Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online helped me with the process of linking my to the Honeysweet Learning Center blog, and I am so grateful for her having to walk me through the process...Daghan Kaau Salamat Mommy...

Yesterday also, I signed up for a moneymaking site with URL:

I am so excited because with it is a promise of more income. Hope you guys visit that site and sign up for your own money making site...


MARYJEAN RANALAN BACORRO was featured here in the past blog posts. She is a fellow Atenean suffering from kidney failure. And because life is hard, it takes a long while before she could get her kidney transplant.

How I chanced upon her sister outside the MOTHER'S HOUSE is God's will. She handed me a letter, Mary Jean's solicitation letter for financial support. I could not give her anything that day except the last P 50.00 I have in my pocket. So I told her I am going to help her in anyway I can. So I blogged about it. Luckily, Soul Anchor of The Balance Between the Soul and My Humanity read my blog and immediately, she sent for help. It was so good that God's calling is answered immeasurably. Mary Jean's need was answered with Soul Anchor's help. God bless her abundantly for that. And what I really like about it is that, she personally gave her help to Mary Jean. That adds up to giving Mary Jean the moral support she needs, apart from the financial side of all these.

As the official VDAY Community Organizer for VDAY Worldwide Campaign here in Cagayan de Oro City, I decided to include Mary Jean as one of our beneficiaries. I was so happy with the output of my blogpost. Unfortunately, with VDAY 2009 coming, we can not yet give Mary Jean the help she needs, as the process follows that I shall give out the beneficiary's share after everything is done--the shows and event activities, fundraising and information drive. That will still be middle of next year. Mary Jean's need is immediate. The one thing I can not address now. So I came with the $1 DRIVE TO SAVE A LIFE. A fundraising campaign for Mary Jean's immediate needs. I have designated a paypal donation button for that and ALL WHO WISH TO SHARE THEIR BLESSINGS will only have to donate $1.00. That is not too much, I think. I mean, we bloggers have our won means of earning online, speaking for myself that is. But seriously, it won't hurt a bit.

Anyway, if any of you wish to participate, simply click this link and make your donation there. And don't forget to LEAVE A COMMENT & YOUR LINK.

Thank You so much and May God Bless us All...


Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Christmas Survey on DNEERO

Another survey from Dneero... If you wish to join, click here.

Below also are the previous surveys I have done which have already been credited in my account balance.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My daughter learned to use the computer at an early age of 1 and and a half. Ahaha.. She practically grew up with the computer, in the sense that, she was exposed and continuously is exposed to the media for reasons that the computer is one of the necessities here in Honeysweet.

With the franchise from Everything Online Inc. (which by the way is NOT A GOOD IDEA), she has embraced just like how I have embraced the business. We may be a tutorial center but we do most of the tutorials thru the computer, for online review and stuff. We also cater to computer lessons for the kids from toddler to high school. What with the materials we also use in our one on one lessons that can only be found online or in the PC...

So you see, my daughter was actually my guinea pig for said lessons. And I am not ashamed to say that mainly because the results are good. She can even operate the computer properly compared with high school students from the previous school I taught in.

Anyway, the pictures shown here are print screen previews of her favorite game sites. www. and

Online Chat Rooms

Must be crazy that I am now always found in Online Chat Rooms...well, not really crazy. I love meeting people, you see. Contrary to what others speak of chatters, I just here for fun.Besides, I learn new things from the people I come across with. Not to mention new tastes and ideas. I am now able to understand a few more traditional customs of other nations than before. Thanks to online chatting. In one particular site, I am able to mingle with single moms like myself, and we got to share ideas on how to raise our toddlers. Hahaha...Now we chat from time to time to exchange for recipes...

I wonder, maybe in these chat rooms I will be able to find my soul mate. Someone far better than Lili's dad. Someone who will not make me cry and suffer anymore. Someone true and sincere...and so on and on and on...Whew...well, only God knows really...

My Two New Domains...

I bought two new domains, namely, and but I don't know what to do next. I should have bought through blogger, but I found that if i go directly to godaddy I could get discounts. And that was what I got... hehhehe... BIG discounts... Can anyone out there tell me how this thing works? Because I am a big newbie with this stuff...hahaha.. well, there is always a first tiem for everything...



Here are two badges and links that people reading my blog should look into. Click on them as this post is self explanatory. hehehe...

Anyway, one of the companies I work for online requires that I put this up here in my blog. I checked and I found that I lost the original which I had placed in my blog template previously. What with all the changes that my blog had to go through..hehehe... change is good, but sometimes we forget to add what we previous placed that are important. So today, before one of my opps could be approved, I had to have them placed. Well, it was kind of them to remind me...Thank you so much. Now I am sure my opp will e approved, ahahahaha... Thanks again, and merry Christmas...

Interracial Chat

Have you ever gone to a chat room for a Free Interracial Chat? Well, I have. And guess what? I am enjoying it. It's not the lousy kind that most "money-sucking" chatters go to..Nor is it the answer to a desperate woman's attempt at getting a's far better than that. It is actually a place to mingle, make friends, exchange thoughts and even recipes or two--hahaha... Of course, if you find love there, then good for you.

I always had this notion that if you go to a chat room, you are a person who is bored...or loveless...but then again, when I joined chat, it changed my perception on things that go about inside the chat room. It is actually a fun environment of intelligent and non discriminating individuals...We are people of different races and culture that I am beginning to think that it is a better alternative than foreign exchange projects..hehehe... I just love it there. I cant wait to come back again...


Here is a tag from Cookie, which took me a loooooooooong time to post. Ahehhehe... Would have forgotten about it but I saw this same tag in another blog I was reading...
hehehe... then I remembered. Oh my goodness, am I getting old or what?...hehehe...

So, here are the RULES:

1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW!

2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.

3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.

5)Tag 10 people to do this.

Now, I'm tagging according to the rules:

Karen, Pau, Trixie, Del, Ram, Choi, CDO Traffic, and all my blogger friends out there...

Russian Stock Market

Hey, have you heard of the Russian Stock Market? Have you ever tried betting on stock market before? Maybe you wish to try it...Yes? Ahehehe...Well, I wish to try it but I have not had any experience so I am kinda afraid...

What with people saying stuff like losing in it. While there are others who say they have gained much in it...whew! What a mix of experiences. I wish to know more about how to go about doing business with the stock market and Mr. Google led me to this site, how a newbie like me would grasp all that information in just one sitting..hahaha, but hey, there's always tomorrow and the next...right?

What's important is that there is a site to help us in the you agree?


Here is a photo of a child outside Honeysweet who was playing with his toy car. Well, almost. What could pass as a toy car is actually a piece of wood strapped together with a rubber band, and a string is attached to it so the child will have something to pull it with.. Hmmm... He is definitely getting a new toy car from us at Honeysweet...

So anyway, why am I blogging about that now. Nothing really. I just want to remind all of us, including me because sometimes I forget...that no matter what problems we have in life, still, we are blessed with what we have, and others are simply doing their best to enjoy what they have...just like the boy who do not have a real toy car.


I have been chatting everywhere, from Asian to Mexican to American to Swiss Chat rooms, and the list could go on. Here's one particular site or chat room that I like to stay in. It's a site dedicated to the friendly black neighborhood. With a Free Black Chat that enables all its participants to have a one of a kind chatting experience where no one will feel left out or discriminated or intimidated by the people in the site. Unlike all other chat rooms I have been to, where people are rowdy and conceited. In this room, I have met mostly gentle and kind human beings who do not carry their heads on a cloud. We discuss important issues and they seem to get a positive attitude towards me as a Filipino. That is what i appreciate very much. They treat me as an equal and that is certainly the most important thing of all. Why don't you join me and my friends there.


Above is the photo of the Holy Cross Church In Balulang...I could not get a good view because people are everywhere...maybe tomorrow night...I mean, tomorrow morning.hehe..

Anyway, I just arrived from SIMBANG I am blessed. ahehehehe. I have been meaning to go to church for the dawn mass at 3 in the morning on day 1 and day 2 (December 16 & 17) but that is yet the time that I fall asleep. Last night I went home early. 12 midnight. Hahaha... yeah, that is early. I usually go home at 2 or 3 in the morning, sleep at 4. And I thought I have rid myself of the call center life...the only difference now is that I do not have metrics to maintain, just blogs to update and opps to do to make money. Oh well, we own the place too, so it is an's just that, it's walking distance from our house. I hope to get Internet connection in the house as well for this purpose. That way I will just have to set up alarm when it's time to get opps...which is usually 1 to 3 in the morning...can't complain, I am still blessed....Merry Christmas everyone...


Have you ever participated in a chat room discussion? Well, I have been in one or two chat rooms mainly to meet friends. One particular room I like to go to is the Asian Chat Room . There, you will be able to chat with people with different nationalities, particularly Asians. I am Asian so it gets me excited to get to know more and more people from the Asian region.

Asian Chat Room makes it possible for all of us to have good clean fun in the forums and chat rooms. Unlike all other sites that make me feel harassed sometimes. I just feel so at home mainly because both chatters and admin are all nice and friendly, and non discriminating. So why don't you join us there...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Got this Christmas Spirit from Cookie of Cookie's Corner... Well, six days before Christmas... people are now busy with the season's activities...

Passing this on to all my blog friends...Merry Christmas guys...


Here's a beautiful mom poem I simply grabbed from Sharing with you guys this poem that touches the heart...


This is a truly BEAUTIFUL piece.
Please read this at a slow pace,
digesting every word and in leisure…
Do not hurry….this is a treasure…For those lucky to still be blessed with your Mom,
this is beautiful.
For those of us who aren’t,
this is even more beautiful.
For those who are moms,
you’ll love this.

The young mother set her foot
on the path of life.
‘Is this the long way?’ she asked.
And the guide said: ‘Yes,
and the way is hard
And you will be old before
you reach the end of it..
But the end will be better
than the beginning.’

But the young mother was happy,
and she would not believe
that anything could be better
than these years.
So she played with her children,
and gathered flowers for them along the way,
and bathed them in the clear streams;
and the sun shone on them,
and the young Mother cried,
‘Nothing will ever be lovelier than this.’

Then the night came,
and the storm, and the path was dark,

and the children shook with fear and cold,
and the mother drew them close
and covered them with her mantle,
and the children said,
‘Mother, we are not afraid,
for you are near, and no harm can come.’

And the morning came,
and there was a hill ahead,
and the children climbed and grew weary,
and the mother was weary.
But at all times she said to the children,
‘A little patience and we are there.’
So the children climbed,
and when they reached the top they said,
‘Mother, we would not have done it without you.’

And the mother, when she lay down at night
looked up at the stars and said,
‘This is a better day than the last,
for my children have learned fortitude
in the face of hardness.
Yesterday I gave them courage.
Today, I’ve given them strength.’

And the next day came strange clouds
which darkened the earth,
clouds of war and hate and evil,
and the children groped and stumbled,
and the mother said: ‘
Look up. Lift your eyes to the light.’
And the children looked and saw
above the clouds an everlasting glory,
and it guided them beyond the darkness.
And that night the Mother said,
‘This is the=2 0best day of all,
for I have shown my children God.’

And the days went on,
and the weeks and the months and the years,
and the mother grew old
and she was little and bent.
But her children were tall and strong,
and walked with courage.
And when the way was rough,
they lifted her, for she was as light as a feather;
and at last they came to a hill,
and beyond they could see a shining road
and golden gates flung wide.
And mother said,
‘I have reached the end of my journey.
And now I know the end
is better than the beginning,
for my children can walk alone,
and their children after them.’

And the children said,
‘You will always walk with us, Mother,
even when you have gone through the gates.’
And they stood and watched her
as she went on alone,
and the gates closed after her.
And they said:
‘We cannot see her but she is with us still.
A Mother like ours is more than a memory.
She is a living presence…….’

Your Mother is always with you….
She’s the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street;
she’s the smell of bleach
in your freshly laundered socks;
she’s the cool hand on your brow
when you’re not well.
Your Mother lives inside your laughter.
And she’s crystallized in every tear drop.
She’s the place you came from,
your first home;
and she’s the map you follow
with every step you take.
She’s your first love and your first heartbreak,
and nothing on earth can separate you.

Not time, not space… not even death!

Beautiful Mom Award started by Posh Post.

Safety in Encryption

Have you ever tried communicating in encrypted messages? Kinda like Nancy Drew on a mission or Sherlock Holmes. Ha? Okay, let's put it in a more comprehensive, understandable tone. What is encryption by the way? According to our dear friend Mr. Webster, and his cousin, Ms. Wikipedia, "encryption is the process of transforming information, which is referred to as plain text, using an algorithm, or also called as Cipher to make data unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key". The outcome of the process is encrypted information. One where in only a few are able to decipher, or to make known using some special formula. (We used to play this game back in grade school, lol..)

Now, if for example you have a business, and the business is thriving or doing well in lay man's term. There is now the great risk that someone from outside or even from inside your company who may be interested of the many important "secrets" to the success of your business. Of course, if they will know your formula for success, they will do what you have done in order to copy the process and become successful themselves. That's the reason why we have the anti piracy law or the copyright laws. To make certain that people will have only what's genuine to them and to the world.

So anyway, since we are now in the era of computers and the fast moving Internet media, chances are, it will be easier for hackers and big time scoundrels to take what's not rightfully theirs. And perhaps sell the data to a significant buyer or two. That soon will entail your loss and even the death of the company you have spent longs hours, weeks, months and years to cultivate for its growth and development. That will mean, bankruptcy or worse, you will have a heart attack...hmmm... let's just not think about such morbid thoughts. Just like what my OB always tells me, "prevention is better than cure". So today, I would like to share what I have gathered from a very interesting site I bumped into. But first let me ask you what the medium by which you carry or transport the said very important information about your company? Of course, with the PC and the Internet, we have the hard drive and of course our emails to protect. It's similar to putting up burglar alarms and security systems. Only this time it will be hard drive encryption as well as email encryption that we need to give focus to. If someone breaks in and is able to get your files, that's it---you're dead.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce, PGP Corporation. The leader in file encryption software for individuals and businesses. The company offers a full suite of encryption software which includes email encryption and hard drive encryption for Mac and PC laptops and desktops. Like what I said, it is similar to securing your investments by putting up alarm and security systems. If you wish to try their products, you can do so just follow this link.

PGP Corporation's thrust is protection for all sophisticated firewalled networks and device protection that will keep sensitive business data secure once it’s on the move. Only Enterprise Data Protection from PGP Corporation secures the data itself, wherever it goes.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Many Filipinos' celebrations are not complete without the National Food...LECHON. Lechon or Roasted Pig is the number one delicacy here in the Philippines. Most of my foreign friends back in the call center days say that it should not be patronized by us because we are a nation prone to have high blood pressure and heart ailments. Hehe... Tell that to the marines. People here just can't get the hang of it. From birthdays to weddings to parties, there is always a lechon. Gone were the days when having lechon in the table denotes that the family is well off. Almost everybody can go to the nearest lechonero and order. How much it costs will depend on how big or small your live pig is. The last celebration we had lechon and it cost P 4900.00 pesos, that's about a hundred US dollars only. You can have a cheaper one but it will certainly not go down P 2000.00, which is just Lechon de Leche, or a small suckling pig.

Anyway, I went to the bakery one time and I was really amazed they have the Lechon Bread. It is BREAD shaped like lechon. I laughed upon seeing the bread. And it costs only P 30.00, or less than a dollar. haha...So anyway, if you have problems with high blood or cholesterol, then do not buy the Lechon, buy the Lechon Bread instead...Merry Christmas everyone...


Nine days to go before Christmas. I am sure many are already prepared for the holidays. What with all the Christmas Sale in the malls and the bazaars that sprouted like mushrooms if only to give Christmas its commercial abundance parallel to its necessity to the gracious and sincere giver. Ha! I await my share under the Christmas tree. Hehehe... Anyway, here is what I want for Christmas. I am sure many will agree with me that personalized holiday gifts are better than the commercial mass produced stuff. Right? Well, if it has your name engraved on it, what does that tell you of the giver?

So to all my friends (or would be givers), here's the good news. From now until the end of the year, Pexagon is offering 20% off for 4 awesome personalized holiday gift ideas. They have the Personalized Thumb Drives which are available in 14 colors and up to 16GB in capacity with FREE custom laser engraving! You can actually choose from one of the 32 exciting themes such as "#1 Doctor" or "Merry Christmas" and engrave two lines of personalization text on the reverse side! That starts at $7.99, of course, after discount. For me, I think you just have to engrave my name "Eleanor M. Aguilar", then add, on the reverse side, "my best friend in the whole world!", hehehehe....Hey DTR and Gagay, I am not saying that I do not appreciate what you have in store for me, but hey, you guys told me I need one of these, ahehehhehehe.... Thanks in advance though. hahaha...On second thought, maybe you would like to give me the Personalized Pens instead...They come in 3 unique styles, multiple colors and a FREE line of personalized laser engraved text! NICE!, and it's actually cheaper than the first one because it starts at $1.59 after discount. But of course, since you guys told me I am a business person who needs to keep up with the business, why not give me the Business Card Flash Drives. It's actually the perfect gift for the business persons like me. Or for both your moms, who work as administrator and Head of Office. Its looks will deceive you, as it looks like a business card but actually, the back side hides a small USB cable with a huge 2GB capacity. The front side can be engraved for FREE with 3 lines of personalization text. It starts at $15.99 after discount.

But of course, here's the one I really like since it boosts my personality as an environment-freak, ahahaha...Wooden USB Flash Drives. It's environment-friendly with a wooden design with attached cap and two color choices. It is available in 2GB and 4GB capacities with 2-sided custom laser engraving absolutely FREE. And it starts at $15.99 after discount. Below is how they look.


Hahaha...seriously now, even if I would really like to get any of the four gifts above, I still think you guys are the greatest gifts God has given me..Thanks much for your presence in my life...but then again, I wont mind receiving the four on our get together come December 24, 2008....see you then...


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Christmas Cheers...

(Please click on the picture to enlarge. Thanks)

Tonight, an old couple sang songs of Christmas cheer in our door front. Good that they did not just pass us by, like most carolers do. I was so happy I gave them a bigger "Pamasko"(Christmas giveaway), of course, the money was taken from our "Red Bag" collection. Kinda like tithing, only we do it every after closing, where a portion of the day's income is given for the RED BAG. One which we intend to give for charity and perhaps the church as offering at the end of the year...

Anyway, the couple must be in their early seventies... And they really sang good songs, unlike those who obviously sing for money... I also gave the lady some of Honeysweet's freebies... I hope God will bless them always...