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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Fitness—and wellness—the perfect gift for the man of the house

We have always tried to think of many things to give the man of the house—Father, Daddy, Dada, Papa, Tatay—that one perfect gift every time there’s a special occasion, whether it’s his birthday, Father’s Day, wedding anniversary or Christmas. Mostly, these are functional items like clothes, leather goods such as a wallet, belt or footwear, and in this age of digitalization, digital devices, if the budget fits.
But how about taking the gift-giving thing up a notch, something that the man of the house can truly appreciate? Like fitness, for example. He can’t eat or use it just like traditional gifts, but he can certainly reap tons of benefits from it.
Our Dads are the ones who usually tire themselves out just to be able to work and provide for the family and as such, may be prone to certain ailments because of lack of exercise, an activity that will help fortify his body in the most natural way. And this is where Kwun Tong, Taiwan-based Johnson Fitness comes to the fore.
Taiwan Excellence Award winner Johnson Fitness is certainly not your ordinary line of commercial and home fitness equipment. Yes, they resemble the most common of fitness apparatus in the market, but what Johnson Fitness promises is to make exercise to achieve fitness in body and mind more fun, hassle-free and totally enjoyable for that complete workout experience at home or at the gym.
The Johnson Fitness line include various fitness and wellness brands such as the Matrix, Horizon and Vision, all state-of-the-art training equipment composed mainly of treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and other strength and functional training systems like climbmills (for the commercial equipment category).
The Johnson Fitness treadmills, for example, are true sights to behold, definitely a must-have for home or small neighborhood gyms or robust training centers. The treadmills come with built-in Bluetooth speakers to make running totally enjoyable, whether playing music, movies and TV series even without headphones.
They also come with clear and precise workout feedback information that includes distance, calories, time, speed, heart rate and incline, and also allows connection via Bluetooth to heart rate monitors and popular fitness apps. For Dads who want to track the progress of their exercise regimen, these features really do come in handy.
Or if Dad has his personalized entertainment fare, the Johnson Fitness treadmills come with a smart device holder to keep smartphones, tablets, even water bottles, and more in good view and easy to reach.
Best of all, when not in use at home, the Johnson Fitness treadmill deck folds vertically to save space when not in use.
Selecting gifts for a loved one like Dad on important dates used to be nerve-wracking, but not anymore. Thanks to Johnson Fitness, and the decision-making just got easier.

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Shopee expands hubs in Visayas to deliver a better shopping experience to Filipinos

Cebuano shoppers can now enjoy faster delivery and better deals. Hear about the highlights of their e-commerce journey with Shopee.

MANILA, JUNE 7, 2022 - For many Filipinos, online shopping has become an integral part of their daily lives, as they continue to enjoy the numerous benefits of e-commerce. Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, recently launched a slew of initiatives with the aim of bringing a fun and seamless online shopping experience to even more Filipinos across the country. Part of Shopee’s efforts includes the continued expansion of its Shopee Xpress hubs across the Visayas region. By establishing more hubs in Cebu City, Bogo, Moalboal, and other areas in Visayas, Shopee has expanded its serviceable areas, allowing Visayan shoppers to  enjoy a wider product assortment, as well as faster and cheaper delivery. 

Through this expansion, Shopee was also able to introduce Visayas Barato Deals—special offers, shipping discounts, and more promos exclusively for Bisaya shoppers, in line with the launch of its 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale. “We have always believed in the transformative power of technology to connect buyers and sellers within the community, no matter where they are. By expanding our serviceable areas within the Visayas region, we aim to give our Visayan shoppers a seamless online shopping experience at Shopee, as we go through every step of this exciting e-commerce journey together,” shared Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines.  

In line with these efforts to improve the overall online shopping experience for Filipinos across the country, four Cebuano shoppers shared about the benefits they’ve enjoyed throughout their e-commerce journey with Shopee.

A rewarding shopping experience that offers great value for money

Grashelle, 35, became an online shopper  when she found out she was pregnant. As an expectant mother, online shopping made things more convenient, and with Shopee, she was able to get the best deals. “Cebuanos like myself generally look for products that offer the best value for money. With its lower shipping fees, cheaper prices, and wide variety of products, Shopee has become my e-commerce platform of choice. Compared to when I first started shopping on Shopee, I noticed that shipping in Cebu has gotten faster, and that makes everything even more convenient.”

Online shopping made easy and fun

With his tight schedule as a physical therapist, Vincent, 27, needed an easier way to shop, and that’s when he discovered Shopee. “Once I got the hang of using the Shopee app, everything else followed. Apart from shopping, I got hooked on the games, especially Shopee Bubble and Shopee Candy. Shopee not only gives me a convenient way to shop, it’s also a fun in-app experience with all the games, flash deals, and more.”

Patricia, 26, started shopping online in  2017 after hearing about all its benefits from her friends, and she has been a Shopee user ever since. From pet care needs to fashion finds, she always has a great time shopping on Shopee. “My favorite part about Shopee is the excitement you get when you’re waiting for your parcel. I check the status of my order every day  because I love the feeling of anticipation when waiting for my Shopee parcel to arrive. It’s also fun to window shop online, and add items to my cart that I can’t wait to check out.”

Bigger discounts and better deals on Double Day sales

As an enthusiast of custom PC building, Ernest, 19, purchases all his PC parts and tech needs on Shopee. Since most of his orders are electronics, he often shops during the Double Day sales so he can get bigger discounts and exclusive vouchers. “With the upcoming 7.7 Mid-Year Sale, I’m looking forward to the lower shipping fees in Visayas, since it used to be more expensive in Cebu. I’ve always been a big Shopee fan and with my experience through the years, I’ve been able to find everything I need and save more with Shopee’s deals and offers.” 

Don’t miss exclusive shipping discounts, 10% off vouchers, ₱66 and ₱77 deals, and more at Shopee’s 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale!

Friday, June 03, 2022

Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021’s Manila Leg to take Place on June 4 to 6, 2022

With its aim to empower women from all over the world to discuss and solve women's issues in a non-political way, as well as to honor women champions, showcase women's skills, and motivate more women of any race and color to win all challenges in life and become an inspiration to mankind, the Global Women Empowerment Summit (GWES) 2021’s Manila leg is set to take place on June 4 to 6, 2022 at the Manila Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.
The event is set to showcase “The Best of the Philippines” through a series of forum and activities including immersive pocket events highlighted by the presence of Her Royal Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, who will be the Royal Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker.
Honorable Pasay City Mayor Ms. Imelda “Emi” Calixto-Rubiano will open the event joined by Marriott Hotel Manila’s General Manager Mr. Bruce Winton, and GWES Overall Chairperson and CEO Ms. Love Charmaine Uychoco.

The Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021 was officially appointed to Afro Asian World Events, the MICE Division of Afro Asian Travel and Tours, Inc., a leading DMC in the Philippines. They will be the Philippine Ground Handler and Business Event Management Company for the 2021 edition of the Global Women Empowerment Summit. This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Philippine Airlines, Informatics, Ralphs Wine, Le Charm Suites, and Distelleria Limtuaco.
For the latest news, updates, and other information, you find Global Women Empowerment Summit's official Facebook Page at

Surviving The Trip

Since coming home last year, I have lived on our farm because it felt safer for me. I was "Praning 100%". I was always afraid to go out. When I do, I would almost always stay in our car. To me, it felt like the safest place I could be when I am in the city with my family. This year however, I have slowly walked in and through the grocery and other stores, but still with double masks and a hygiene kit in hand. Then a few days ago, my sister and I flew to Manila and returned home two days after. I survived the trip. I wasn't scared that much anymore. Before the trip, we had our RTPCR tests and coming home too. On this trip we rode a bus, taxi, airplane and boy, people can be very scary with their habits, but we survived. Thank God!

Almost all of the countries in the world have opened up for tourism but there are still risks and people still worry about their health and security especially that Covid 19 isn't totally gone. It was a hard hit for the economy as lots of businesses closed and declared bankruptcy. During the lockdowns, many lost their jobs and some became homeless. Others opted to live in their cars to save on rent and amortization. While some sold their extra cars and vehicles, others started buying new or used cars just to make sure they can survive. While there are some help from NGOs and the government, it still is everyone's desire to be able to stand on our own. That gives us dignity despite the circumstances.

Moving forward, we are now at a phase where everything is slowly going better than 2020. Businesses have started opening again, and the jobless now found jobs. With this new happenings, and with Covid 19 still waiving hello everywhere we go, it is a good idea to have your own ride to anywhere you want or need to go. And with this in mind, can help a lot in everything related to buying cars, especially if we are not buying them cash. The site has  instantly appearing calculation results, the ability to calculate car price that fits a monthly payment or loan payment amounts, plus printable amortization schedules, and many other features like figuring your MPG, exploring the cost of underwater trade ins, and saving money on biweekly payments. I am sure when we talk about payments, you'd like many option to choose from that will suit your needs and capacity based perhaps on your income or resources. I know I do. There are other features that you just have to check out to find out more.

Now, if buying a car isn't your thing, you can just visit the site and play arcade games online. That's actually what kept me sane while waiting. The queue at the airline checkin as well as the taxi queue drove me nuts plus the heat. Playing games online made me calm until we had our turn.