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Sunday, September 14, 2014

All We Need is Vernel :-)

My sister and I are glad that it's not raining anymore these days. It had been really bad the previous weeks. We were not able to wash a lot of clothes for fear that they may be smelly, even after the wash. It's always good to have clean crisp fresh laundry, especially with huge blankets, pillow cases and bedsheets. The ones that we washed the previous weeks were just the important clothes like uniforms, and clothes that needed immediate action and attention. To make sure they remain fresh after the wash, we use Vernel. 

I first used Vernel in 1999, when I was yet working at the BI in Manila. There, I experienced terrible weather conditions and floods. I have learned to take care of laundry in that really bad situation from my Tita who has lived all her life in Luzon, and when storms come, she has become an expert in taking care of her household without worries. My Tita was even the one who recommended Vernel for me to try. Back then, we transformed the living room and turned it into a fisco of laundry being dried using the electric fans. Oh how the room smelled good, hahaha.. Years after, I took with me what I learned from my Tita and every time it rains here, I could just smile and work up the strategy of drying clothes indoors. With Vernel it is not really a problem.

Vernel Soft Fabric Softener has Soft Touch Technology. It easily disperses in water so you are sure that the fabcon is dissolved properly, thus, all clothes immersed will get equal dose of the fabcon, and not just a few pieces or some parts only. With Vernel, ironing  becomes easier, as the iron will simply glide through the fabric. The most wonderful part is that Vernel eliminates odor causing germs, because of its anti-bacterial properties. So you get long lasting fragrance, which is mild. The scent is mild that you can still use your favorite perfume and not smell like your fabric conditioner. Oh, and the best part, if you use Vernel on Jeans, it has this "hugging effect", like it will hug your back side, as enable you to make your posterior look good. As my daughter would chant, while wearing her Vernel fresh jeans, "I'm sexy.. sexy.. sexy.. love".. Hahahaha..

Usually, with soft fabrics, we wouldn't be able to tell if it's really the fabcon that works or it's really the garment. But with Vernel, jeans become soft that your curves can't help but show---

Anyway, with Vernel on clothes, it is not only the fabric that hugs you, it's also your family and friends that will love to hug you for your fresh, mild scent.. 

Wanna hug and be hugged too? Use Vernel, hahahaha


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