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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics 2012 - London

A lot of Filipinos are now in London for the 2012 Olympics. Some of them are athletes while others are spectators and supporters. Some are also there to sell 2012 Olympics memorabilia. Whatever reason they are there is the same as the reason of all Filipinos who watch the 2012 Olympics in television at home. 

Thanks to the persons who shared this photo in Facebook.. 

We support all of you guys!!! GO GO GO!!!

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Business Cards

When meeting people, especially those you have just met and would be good to exchange numbers or contact details with, it is always a good idea to have ready calling cards or business cards to give away. That's why, before I leave for this big conference in November, I should also prepare my cards. Actually, I am in the process of printing my own business cards again. I used to have this business cards plastic container, but I guess I gave it to someone so I am also looking for a business cards container that is handy and easy to use.

I used to make them according to the organization that I have. But gone were the days that I have actively involved myself in civic organizations. I would rather do something else. Although charity work is always there. So now, I am actually going to print a universal business card that I can give away, regardless which affiliation is intended. I am sure it will be much more economical and less tasking.. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


If you want to indulge in your culinary cravings this weekend, you’re in luck! The Mezza Norte night food market opens in Quezon City on Thursday and the Ulimate Taste Test holds its ninth round in Alabang on Sunday!
From the same organizers of the popular Mercato Centrale food market in Bonifacio Global City, Mezza Norte in UP-AyalaLand Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City brings together the best in home-cooked foods and pastry and dessert finds that the North has to offer, along with your Mercato Centrale favorite food stands! Mezza Norte opens on Thursday (July 26) and will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:00pm to 3:00am.
Organized by Anton Diaz, the man behind the popular food and travel blog, the Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 is an opportunity to try out and personally critique different specialty foods and new or soon-to-be-launched dishes straight from the kitchens of up and coming and popular food entrepreneurs from all over Metro Manila. 

Among the winners of the previous Ultimate Taste Tests are Dulcelin Gourmet specialties, Supreme Brazo, Angus Beef Tapa, Risa Chocolates, Carmen’s Best Artisan Ice Cream and Merry Moo Premium Ice Cream.  The Ultimate Taste Test Version 9.0 will be on Sunday (July 26) starting 6:00pm at the Soderno Night Food Market in Molito Commercial Center, corners of Madrigal and Commerce (in front of Alabang Town Center), Alabang.
If you are interested to enter your food and/or drink product/s in the Ultimate Taste Test, please contact or 09175318949.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Wish at Forty

My cousin is turning forty next year, while I, in a few more years. However, the two of us wanted to share ideas on how to celebrate our fortieth, when it comes. Then I realized, no matter how much 40th birthday ideas I pour out, it will not be as exciting as how I have imagined being fifty will be. Hahaha-- That is quite a number there! When my father turned fifty, we had lots of 50th birthday gift ideas, but only managed to successfully take on a few. Sure my father was happy at that time, but somehow we knew that what we gave could have been better. When my aunt turned fifty, we had a better idea and a better execution of plans. We hit it at the target and my aunt was crying and laughing at the same time. I guess reactions are quite different with men than women. Women get the flair, fabulous and the emotional way of reacting. While men simply smile or tell you what's on his mind about the surprise.

But, at the end of the day, the well wishers will know that the celebrant appreciates all endeavors. As for me, I have only one wish for my fortieth. By then, my daughter will be eleven, and she will finish Grade 6, or the elementary level. I will not  write my wish here for fear that it will not come true. But I have always wished it in my heart.. Clue: it's all about Lili and her education. Anyway, it's still a long way to go.. More years to pray and prepare... You'll know because I will post about it here.

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Duyog Ramadhan

Photo shared by Cris Gaerlan on Facebook

Greetings to all brothers and sisters in Islam. May you have a peaceful  Ramadan.

My Alma mater, though it is a Jesuit University, has a program under the campus ministries to educate non-Muslims as well as enjoin those who are practicing this month-long tradition. After all, it is with knowledge and respect that people of different religions can co-exist in a community-- in peace. 

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tips for Keeping Your Coupons Organized

Couponing is a great way to save some money while still getting what you want and what your family needs. For many people, it becomes a fun hobby. For others, using coupons can actually be a tool for philanthropy. But you do have to be careful, or couponing can start to run your entire life. 
The good news is, you have many different available resources to make your couponing efforts easier. With a little bit of planning and the use of technology, you can become a great couponer and save a lot of money. While you can always use lotto history facts to attempt to make your fortune, the effective use of coupons can help you save your fortune. But you have to stay organized.

Binders and Boxes

When you get drink coupons or coupons for food items, you need to keep them somewhere. Believe it or not, a lot of spouses and other family members will have a problem with simply turning your floor into a giant hopscotch course of coupons, despite how cool that might be in your opinion. So you can use a binder or a box, depending on your preference.
Boxes are great when you want to quickly shuffle through your coupons like cards. However, it can be all too easy to miss something useful when you go through a box, particularly when you are trying to keep your shopping trip fairly short. Couponing is difficult for people who are not naturally blessed with an abundance of patience.
A binder is a bit more expensive to start with, but they are great for keeping your coupons in an easy to view "book-like" format. The trick is to decide what size of coupons you are the most likely to use, and then get plastic pages sized accordingly. You can generally find six pocket pages online, and these tend to work very well.


A spreadsheet is a great way to keep almost anything organized. Once you create your spreadsheet, you can update it in a few minutes and you can check on any product, the coupon's expiration date, and any other information that you consider important to include. You can also do a quick review with your shopping list to make things downright easy.

The Web

Going online is one of the best things to ever happen to couponers. When you download and print coupons or just transfer them to a card, it saves you a lot of trouble on the search and organizational fronts. However, it can be harder to check out your list of coupons to maximize their effectiveness.
Couponing is a great way to save money, but you need to be organized, or you'll quickly find yourself struggling. Keep it in perspective, use what you have available, and you will do fine.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Miss Kagay-an 2012 Official Candidates

Below are the official candidates for the Miss Kagay-an 2012 beauty pageant in line with Cagayan de Oro City's city fiesta. These eleven lovely candidates will vie for the title. Winners will represent the city in goodwill and friendship. 

More details about the pageant later.. Keep posted..

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Marketing and Advertising Aid

My bff in Manila has just switched jobs. She is now heading the marketing department of her new company. One that she always wanted to do, in a position she is most capable for. Well, talk about fliers, posters, tarps, opaque vinyl stickers and many others-- she had been very active in promotions even before she even sat as a promotions officer at her previous workplace, and now that she heads marketing, I am sure she will go all the way just to get her imagination soaring, if only to get the targeted goals. 

Now, if there is one company that she has always loved to patronize, it's Stickerworld.Net and all its products. So far, Stickerworld is one of the largest digital printing media suppliers in the Philippines, and my friend can attest to that. When she was yet in promotions, they had Stickerworld as their supplier as they get everything on wholesale. Stickerworld, for the information of everybody, is a distributor of printing, plotting and advertising materials. Their products went through intensive quality testing before launching them in the market. They have been serving the printing, advertising and signage industry since year 2007, providing a wide selection of self adhesive vinyl films with 20 years experience in the paper packaging industry.

With such business history, plus testimonies from one who is close to me, I guess I can say that I am sold to the company. I will go ahead and check them out when I go to Manila.. 

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Kagay-an Festival 2012

I know everyone's excited for what's in-store for August 2012 here in Cagayan de Oro City. Of course, this year, CDO Bloggers Inc. is again media partner for the fiesta celebration, just like the previous years. 

Below is the schedule for activities/events that is line with the Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta. I am sure there will be other activities not listed here. So just keep posted for some schedule of events to be added. 

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Making Art Affordable

Everybody would love to have a masterpiece or original piece of art. The distinction an original can add to a home or corporate office is something special and is definitely a worthy investment, but it isn’t one we can all afford. Visiting an art painting gallery can result in little more than a sharp intake of breath.  There are ways however, of obtaining an artistic treasure if you know where to look for bargains and reasonably priced objets d’art.

End of Degree Shows

End of degree shows are where all the art students showcase the work they have produced during their degree course. Most of these pieces are up for sale for more than reasonable prices and can make a great addition to any home. Buying a student piece is an investment in new art, and you never know, you may well be buying a piece from a future superstar.

New Artists

Keep an eye on your local art paintings gallery and watch for shows for new artists. Artists new to exhibiting and to the market in general, will have lower price expectations and something may catch your eye that you can happily afford.

Global Wholesale Art

Global wholesale art is an online retailer of reproductions of the masterpieces that sell for millions. Prices are extremely affordable and their database is unrivalled. If you have a hankering for a Van Gogh or Turner oil painting you’ll find it here as all schools of art are well represented. You can also commission paintings directly.

Limited Edition Prints

Ok, so it’s not an original, but it is also not mass produced. A limited edition print is special because each one is usually numbered and signed by the artist. Look for prints in small runs rather than those where numbers in the high hundreds have been produced. Having print number 26 of 50 is far more preferable to having number 376 of 1,000.

Charity Shops

This can apply to anything at all, but charity shops are the place to be for getting some cracking pieces for absolutely nothing. When pieces of art come into charity shops they are simply priced and then put out on the shop floor. On the large majority of occasions the volunteers working there will have no idea about the true value of the item, and even if they do they still put it out at a much lower price than anywhere else. This is a very hit and miss tactic and it really is all about being at the right place at the right time.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales have all of the same benefits that charity shops do. The only problem is that car boot sales are only around for a certain amount of time. In addition, the sellers at these sales tend to know more about pieces like this, so it’s hard to find a good piece of art for absolutely nothing. However, it’s still possible to find some pretty good bargains here.

Online Auction Sites

On websites like eBay and Craigslist you’ll find all sorts of art for sale – originals from artists selling their own work, to people selling pieces from their own collections. There should be no snobbery in art and what does it matter if someone has owned a painting previously.

Author Bio:  Shaly Criston is a New York based interior designer who specialises in decorating the city’s homes to an individualistic and distinctive style.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pinay Mommies Community Charity : Distribution of Goodie Bags

Monday last week, July 9, 2012, we met at Pinay Mommy Online Head Quarters for the preparation of the goodie bags that we gave last Friday, July 13, 2012 at Zone 6 and 8 of Barangay Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

The Sendong survivors here have their temporary shanties which served as their sleeping and private areas. They have a cooking area as well as a washing area to keep the place in order. And that's a common scene in both Carmen covered court in Zome 6 as well as that in Alco Homes covered court in Zone 8.

Aside from the P&G products we packed as sanitary packs, we also gave them packs of used clothing with noodles, canned goods and cupcakes courtesy of some mommies who gave funds for the charity event.

Thank you to all members of Pinay Mommies Community all over the world, especially those who blogged about P&G's e.Estudyante, which gave us all the P&G products to give away...

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A Little Prayer Helps

I watched a few crash videos of motocross competitions in You Tube and I am really shocked at all the damage. It must really be very strenuous. No mother would want to see her son go through such painful experience. Though some would proudly say it's death defying for as long as good helmets are used. To me, that is actually outrageous. Just thinking about it makes it so. On another hand, a good helmet must really be a life saver.
I hear that good helmets can be found at all leading sports hubs and also at some websites like for motocross helmets. But of course, a little prayer helps. In fact, a little prayer goes a long way.. So instead of freaking out, mothers should just give their sons some positive vibes and lots of prayers for a safe landing.. 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinay Mommies Community Charity 2012 : Preparation of Goodie Bags

On July 9, 2012 members of Pinay Mommies Community in Cagayan de Oro City, met at the Pinay Mommy Head Quarters to repack and segregate P& G products for the families of Sendong survivors who are temporarily sheltered at the covered courts in Barangay Carmen. The schedule for distribution would be this Saturday, July 14, 2012 and there shall be more than fifty (50) families who will benefit from these goodie Bags..

With us is Mommy Jessie who came home all the way from the USA...

Mommy Phebie with her little boy in tow..

Me, Mommy Jacqs and Mommy Ems...

Then there's Mommy Karen, and of course Pinay Mommy herself, Mommy Ruby...

The bundles of Love Packs from P&G's e.Estudyadte.. Thank you so much to P&G and to all the Pinay Mommies Community members who blogged about P&G's e.Estudyante...

Oh and Mommy Ruby, thanks so much for the yummy dinner...


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Meet & Greet Senator Chiz Escudero

Friday last week, we had our meet and greet with Senator Chiz Escudero.. we proceeded with lunch at the Kagay-anon Restaurant with the staff of Senator Chiz Escudero, as he left for Davao City immediately after we met him at CU.  We have yet to finalize the date of our volunteership for Habitat for Humanity, and hopefully by that time, Senator Chiz would be able to join us too. 

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Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Final

This morning, I thought of bringing Lili with me to Pinay Mommy Head Quarters for tonight's event. Well, it's not every day that she will be able to meet other kids, apart from those who she meets in school. But now, I have finalized that I won't be taking her as she is not yet done with all her assignments. 

I am sure there will be another opportunity for her to bond with the other kids.. In the meantime, let me go ahead and take a break from the net.. 

Bye for now people.. I have an important task to do.. 

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The Modern Craftsman

Most of the wood carvers that I’ve seen here in the Philippines are using the traditional methods in making functional or decorative household items. But modern technologies right now are able to emulate the same results what the traditional tools can manage to create whether it is just a simple or complicated design.
The cabinet door router bit set is one good example as a solution to your molding and edging requirements and needs. It has more or less the same results if you are going to compare it from the handmade finished products. And to some who are really skilled worker and who may have a lot of experience already, you may not be able to determine if it was made from traditional tools or modern machinery already. But nonetheless, it is still a matter of pride to the artist or carvers if the finished product that they have created is made by hand.

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Meeting Tonight

Hello Monday! It's gonna be a hectic week. Tonight we are going to meet at Pinay Mommy headquarters to pack the loot we are to distribute on Saturday.  I am sure it's gonna be fun. Mommy Jessica will be there and it will be our first time to see each other in person. 

Mommy Ruby has planned for us to take the kids with us but I am not sure if I will bring Lili tonight. I am afraid it will rain, plus she has to study for her lessons. 

Oh well, I will cross the bridge when I get there.. 

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Facebook Helps A Lot..

I wonder if my friend's friend have already sold all musical instruments that he is selling. I saw that it was posted on her wall and so I simply shared it in mine. An FB friend of mine inquired and I left the two talking. Glad something came up with the share. Another friend of mine is seeking help for his roland fantom g8, but he told me not to share it at Facebook. He said that I should just tell people but not post it Facebook. So I find it difficult to be telling so many people when they could just read about it on my wall.

I have been sharing information in FB and somehow I see that it does reap positive results. I guess I need to educate my friend a little bit more. 

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Hello Monday!

It feels like I have not had a good weekend. Or no weekend at all. Worked thirty seven hours, with less breaks. I guess you could say Online Boss is a tyrant, hahaha.. But really, I just had so much on my sleeve. I had classes Saturday afternoon, and I have committed to some events Friday. So that my tasks from last wee have backlogged. 

Anyhow, Monday seems to be a little bit friendly. Hello Monday! Time for a cup of coffee.. hehehe

But above is what I want.. hahahaha

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Wish..wish.. wish..

On days like this I sure wish that we have a pool here. We don't have to install raypak as it is not necessary, but I would love for the water to be cold instead, lol. A break that will be easily accomplished without leaving the confines of the home. Whew... I wish!

On another thought, I wish I have a clone. One who will finish all my tasks while the real me will go and enjoy a really nice massage. Crazy wishes ei? Anyway, I will have Alana come after I am done with all my tasks. 

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Breakfast Please...

I am quite hungry.. This is what I am craving for:

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Words elude me. I have been doing my tasks for more than twenty hours, and I feel now I am lost for words or topic. Sure I have a topic to write in a 500 word task but my brain is now wanting to crack. Well, let's see, I am right now taking a break from my 27th article.. My head hurts. I am so sleepy yet I need to wake up today just as I do wake up every day for my obligations to my daughter, with no complaints of course as I do that with love. I want to go back to sleep now but I can not because I have to finish, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to submit my articles on time. I am not really complaining, it's just that sometimes, when all the world seems to crack me, I allow it. It's like having your brains printed on paper using thermal transfer printer. Oh how I wish I do not have to type them but rather, have them printed directly from the brain. Hahahaha..

Good morning everyone! Have you had your coffee yet?

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