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Friday, April 24, 2009


River's birthday is fast approaching. I think it's already the best time for me to buy him a new toy for his birthday present... One that he specifically likes... I can't imagine a birthday party without gifts. Well, technically, attending a kid's birthday party often alludes that the visitor brings with him or her a gift that the kid may appreciate. And if you ask me what that is, TOYS....

Several birthdays ago, River would always prefer the toys that he received rather than the other stuff inside the other gifts.. No matter how expensive a shirt is, or no matter how nice the design, every kid would really opt for the toys. Try bringing the kid to a department store and try experimenting. Remove your hand form his, and where will he go? The toys section, as if to find solace and security there... Isn't that obvious? Hehehe...We were kids once... a long time ago that is. And I know some may not have had the luxury of playing with toys, but for those who did, I am pretty sure you will understand that the toy for a kid means more than anything else in his possession.

I remember before, my then single, Uncle Willy bought me Jojo, a life sized doll. Jojo was always kept inside the cabinet for fear that she might not survive my childhood... lol.. But hey, I was always careful with my possessions. Jojo survived my childhood alright, but Playboy was the one who was really able to play with her the most. Hmm, my brother is not gay or anything but he preferred playing with my dolls instead of his electronic cars, trains and planes. By the time Honey and Sweet were busy playing with Barbie, my brother was already busy with his action figures- HeMan, Superman and I forgot the other one, so my sisters had their dolls to themselves already. lol... But you know, I was already in High school at that time yet I still found fascination over the dolls and I most of the time help my sisters in making beds and dresses for their dolls... Funny, but true.. But of course, in High school, we played a different game, my Friends and I. We shifted from dolls to Frisbees, jumping rope, jacks and the Rubik cube... whew... that was fun also.. Now these games and toys, my Lili has them all at a tender age. Why so early? Geez.. I do not know... some of them came as gifts. Others, I bought because my Lili asked for them at some point.. and some are games prices during children's parties... They come cheaper by the dozen you see, so they are preferred over other toys. Hmmm, but then maybe if the host is really super rich, he or she would have gadgets and electronic toys as prices... hmmm... is that possible? Hehehe.. I guess so...

As for me, I am still wondering what gift to get my baby brother. He has all kinds of toys you see. Maybe I'll just get him another robot or another action figure... Power ranger perhaps.. Hmmm.. May 2 is quite near... but I still have the time.. well, we'll see....

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