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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am a plurker and a twitter. I get news and information faster with the two. Most of my plurk friends are also twitters. One time, friend SanaSanz informed us that Oprah Winfrey, my Idol, has a twitter account. I did not quite believe it until I saw her profile and followed her.. Oh boy! I can't wait to get a twit back from her... I am so excited...

The Internet is truly amazing... Anyway, if you wish to follow Oprah also, go to Oprah's profile at Twitter. Or go to your address bar and enter

Well, If you are also interested in following other celebrities, you may visit enter and find out if your fave celebrity is on twitter too...

If you wish to follow me on Twitter, click here. And if you wish to add and follow me at Plurk, click here. Maybe one day our favorite celebrities will also have a plurk account, lol...

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