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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Wonderful News from C'elle

Here's another wonderful news from C'elle. And I thought is is just limited to umbilical cord banking. Before I discuss this, lemme first ask you guys some questions. Did any of your family members ever get sick? Do you have a family history of stroke (whether mild or severe), diabetes, heart disease or cancer (breast cancer or any other type)? Do you worry about the future and its concerns when it comes to health problems? Well, I guess, even if we wont say it aloud, deep down, we worry. We worry about the costs, the loss or the time that will be wasted... Am I right? Now, what if you could change your future by doing something in the present?

Do you know that menstrual blood stems can actually help preserve life? And what other applications could menstrual blood stem cells serve to benefit? There are many... Cryo-Cell International is proud to be the only company in the world that allows women the exclusive opportunity to preserve menstrual stem cells. And for a limited time, C'elle is offering an affordable way to protect our future. If we enroll now for only $299 , which is actually $400 off the regular price!!!, with Promo Code CN400, C'elle will collect and save potentially life saving stems found naturally in the menstrual blood.

With C'elle's patent-pending technology, and easy to use collection kit, we have the reassurance and peace of mind for a healthy future.....

For more information, do visit the website,, and learn more about this information.


1 comment:

Sugar said...

that is indeed great news ! =)