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Friday, April 17, 2009


I love shoes. When I was yet free from motherhood responsibilities, my income mostly goes to bags and shoes. They are my weakness. Shoes I specially like sexy heels and juicy couture flats, strap or thong sandals and slip-ons, simple or complicated designs, whatever tickles my fancy. I usually go shopping for shoes at the malls and most of the time I find comfortable shoes at discounted prices. That is a good find. But there are times that I find a pair or two that is not on sale, and because my money is all mine at that time, I am able to buy them anyway... Now, well, most of the shoe shopping experience is for my little girl. Which is funny because I usually look for shoes for me, but I end up promising myself to buy the pair on the next payday, especially if my princess has already found herself the pair/s she likes...

Anyway, I still like shoes. I love shoes. In fact, it is a known fact that women, including me, no matter how tight the budget, can still be able to collect a few kinds of shoes. What with all the varied activities that women do. From work shoes to party shoes, to malling or the carefree type. When I am online, I still shop for shoes. Window shop that is, hehehe... And well, when I find something I like and see that my budget is OK, then I am able to get myself something. Of course, if and only if the price is reasonable enough... I am really amazed that you can really find good quality shoes online. One time I browsed through, I was totally overwhelmed by their designs. I looked and looked at other places online and well, the reaction is the same. I must be addicted to shoes. Lol... Well, what do you think?

Point of the matter is.. I love shoes. I guess all of us women do.

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