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Friday, April 24, 2009


The dooorbell rung continuously at 3am, without anyone in sight. Ghosts? Not really... I was told that teh connection was grounded. That I need to consult with an electrician to do rewiring of the orange house... Whew... Another expenses coming ayt??? Anyway, I kind of searched the net to see how I can save with services from an electrician, and what google came up with is a link for Charlotte Electricians.. How about Cagayan de Oro Electricians? None, so far... Whew...

Well, there's really nothing much about CDO electricians because of of them here operate by worth of mouth advertising. How I wish I could simply find one online... sob...sob...sniff...

Anyway, hours ago, Richard, a neighbor came by and visited us here. HE also looked into the wiring. He is not an electrician but he knows a little about it. He did something too and did not ask for a fee.. Oh boy... The doorbell is now silent unless you press it at the gate...

Thank God for neighbors... It sure is nice to live in this City called The City of Golden Friendship..

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