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Thursday, April 16, 2009


My friend Uriel loves to collect credit cards. He says, for him, it is the most convenient and economical way to spend. Hmm. I partly agree. But only if your source of income is stable. And not one which is unstable. Having a credit card is really a convenient way to shop or purchase anything and everything, where credit is acceptable. When my grandmother, Lola Viating died, I was overdraft. I had only arrived in Manila in the morning, went to the office, came home and slept half the night, when a phone call was received by my Tito Ben and at dawn I was informed that Lola Viating passed away. What I did? I gathered enough clothes and headed to the airport for the first flight. I did not have money. I had my Citibank Visa so I was confident to get my ticket for Cagayan de Oro again. I arrived and went straight to Greenhills, where she was to have her wake. It was as easy as that. The ticket I bought was roundtrip, so I was already saved for my return flight to Manila aweek after.

Credit cards are really very convenient. But if we talk about the economical side, hmm.. it depends on your monetary power. My Tita Gina and Tito Ben usually buys stuff using their Metrobank MasterCard and they pay before the due date. Tita Gin says, they are able to save that way. Because paying before the due date does not entail a burdensome interest.

Personally, what I did not like about having a credit card is the temptation. Everything is just a swipe away... Hmm.. but of course, a wise buyer will always know when to buy...

The fun part of having a credit card are the rewards. Hehehe... That part I like best... I was able to get myself an electronic diary with Citibank... I just love it... But finally I had to cut it down since, I find it easier to save if I do not have a credit card. Poor resistance to temptation? Not really...I just did not have a stable source of money to pay up for it, so I had to let it go...More practical right???

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