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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Business blogs are created by persons who have a business to promote, be it a small business or a large scale business. In the case of Honeysweet, I have created a blog which I prefer to be a general blog but is mostly related to our activities in the center. We may have small business products to market, but I find that word of mouth is the best to promote them. Products like school supplies and all the other services we offer, apart from tutorials, are best promoted by word of mouth. Besides that, our community lives in clumped housing divided by a fence only. Over the fence, you can even talk to the neighbors See, not all people of Balulang dwell much on the Internet, much more so, read a blog or two. Although, I also know that there is quite a number of bloggers from Balulang already, still, I do not really rely on the blog to do the promotions. I guess Balulang is not that high tech yet. But for most parts of the world, a business blog is much more appreciated, especially if the houses in a specific community are far from each other. Not to mention, each household already communicates mostly online. Get my point? hehehe...

Enough said about Honeysweet. Let's talk about business blogs in general. So far, if we talk about countries like the United States or the UK, then a business blog will really be raved about. Businessmen will have a business blog and follow a Day trading robot review for updates and such. Surely, it will be a competitive venture in the marketing arena, no matter how big or small the business is...

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