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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A chat site for differently abled persons

A friend of mine who I met at one of my chat sites, invited me to be in a handicapped chat room. At least that's what he called it. To me, being a person with a background in Special Education, I prefer that he call it a chat site for persons who are differently-abled. Oh well, the important thing is that there is a place for them online, to mingle and make friends, and find romance and all other necessary networks of support.

Personally, I do not see them as different. I live in the premise that all people are created equal, hence, all have equal opportunities. It is in the person now how he or she will find means for his possibilities. But of course, we have to find where we will grow, where we will learn. Signing up in this chat room helped me in knowing persons better, regardless of their special need. I am learning and growing. I am thankful for having signed up in the site. I could say, life is fuller and I am more inspired to live my life, and give the world what I could share. I guess life is like that. It's simply a matter of give and take...

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