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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My Manang Bebing or known here in blogosphere as Neonila of the blogsite, A Perfect World is still single at 36. Since she is a Christian, I always tell her to visit and join a christian singles chat. I do believe that she will find her soul mate there. She tells me that she is still enjoying her single status now but would very much like to settle down with a man who is God fearing, self reliant and responsible. I always tell her that she can find all that in the site.
I have met a lot of friends there and all of them are good people. And what's nice about it is that you will really have a common ground with them if you are a Christian just like everyone else. But of course, the site does not discriminate those who belong to other religions. One thing I like is that all the people there are truly God's gift....
Contrary to what others think, it is not a boring chat site okay... People there are also blessed with their own humorous antics. So what are you waiting for Manang Bebing... join the site now... As to the rest of you guys, try visiting the site... I promise you, you wont be disappointed...

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