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Thursday, April 23, 2009


My friend Larry's dad is a coin collector. He has lots and lots of different kinds of coins, different minerals, different currencies, different sizes and different eras, different designs. He even has a very old coin dating back from the 18th century. Oh my goodness. That is quite a treasure there. But the family is not interested in its monetary value. They have the coins collection framed and it hangs on their wall at home. A lot of people like Larry's dad would opt to buy gold coins and any other kinds of coins to add to their collection.

Collecting gold coins is rather a very expensive hobby. But for those who can afford, it is even worth more than the gold itself. Some buy gold bullion and keep them safe in a vault. While others buy gold ira and keep them in a safe place also.

Anyway, I came across a site online that sells gold coins and to my amazement, they are really rather expensive. Imagine, with just one coin, if you have it exchanged for monetary value, it can already be used to buy a car here in the Philippines... whew... How I wish I could also have a coin or two...

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