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Monday, April 27, 2009

CDO Bloggers on MagTV na, Ato Kini...

Remember the post about CDOBloggers to go on air? I mean, we had a photo and video shoot at the Miami Inn, only I was not able to make it due to a bad tummy.. Well, here's a link for the said video shoot as it was aired on MagTV, Ato Kini yesterday(click here for the previous post)... Thanks to Lhawzer's video, I was able to see it... had dysmenorrhea, I missed it on TV..

Thanks to my Aunt Vicky of A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING for the first comment on this post. Do visit her blog...

1 comment:

Sugar said...

wow .. that's a really great achievement for you guys to be able to gather for something that you have in common -- a love for writing ! More power !