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Friday, April 17, 2009


I have read something really good about Yamaha today. It says that the company has recently recalled more of its Rhino Side by Side (SxS) ATV vehicles due to rollover risk. The rollovers are said to have caused serious injuries to numerous riders which has prompted lawsuits. My oh my... That is really bad, isn't it? The common injuries include broken legs (tibia), broken arms, and devastating head and spinal cord injuries. It was said that the Rhino's propensity to roll over has been blamed on it's high center of gravity and narrow wheel base. Tsk.. tsk..tsk... and many Rhinos did not come with doors on the passenger compartment, so, when the Rhino rolls the passenger sticks their leg out to try and balance the vehicle. Sadly, the passenger or the driver will typically be unable to balance the vehicle and it rolls over crushing the driver's or passenger's leg. And you know what happens next...

It is truly remarkable when companies think about the safety and enjoyment of their clients. I think its a good business etiquette to see first what the client's can get, whether it's the enjoyment of the product or the safety of the client while using the product, or how the client will be productive with the use of the product that makes a good business work. Accidents can be avoided when companies take the same initiative that Yamaha has done. With that, I salute them for thinking more of the people rather than their business. Less accidents for the riders, lawsuits avoided. But I am pretty sure with its recall of the said vehicle, Yamaha will make something better and more accident free vehicles in the future.

The Yamaha Rhino Rollover issues may affect Yamaha's business today but I am pretty sure that the selfless act of recalling the said product will make them a better company, and will be known to its clients for its concern for the client's welfare and safety...


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